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Ancient Hunts

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Ancient Hunts

Ancient Hunter achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

Ancient Hunter

Defeat 15 different ancient mobs.

Ancient Hunter-9.0
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How to unlock the Ancient Hunter achievement

  • xx Kenshira xxxx Kenshira xx1,404,357
    28 Feb 2021 01 Mar 2021 12 Jul 2021
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    ** Achievement is super buggy, but still unlocks**

    This isn't my spread sheet, but this is a collection from a group on reddit, it has all spawns, items etc. everything you need to knock this achievement out in like 5 hours.


    Added note the tracker doesn't always move after every kill, so don't worry about that, it will jump like 20% or so after about 3 total. each time, until roughly 70%, but this isn't the case for everyone. sometimes it moves on all etc.

    Pets may be required to kill the ancients. But this method isn't known to always work. This achievement has been getting more buggy with each update.

    Ancients with the black box with the ? in the middle are spawns you haven't killed before.
    Added, Since people are spamming A to skip the introduction to ancient hunts in game, That explained this haha

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    Kill the mobs with a golem or so. That has help me .
    Posted on 11 Aug 21 at 16:44
    HolyHalfDeadThe achievement tracker goes up 20% each time. So the first two you kill don’t count, but the third one does. I thought that was pretty obvious, but several people seem to be confused by it.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 17 Dec 21 at 12:28
    HolyHalfDeadI have found another Ancient to add to the spreadsheet:

    The Swarm = LLHO
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 18 Dec 21 at 01:09
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  • ZaeKoZZaeKoZ253,967
    28 Feb 2021 28 Feb 2021 28 Feb 2021
    14 0 7
    This achievement is terrible. RNG is awful.
    But that can probably help you :

    Click on RunMob to see the list of the Ancients and their runes.
    If you got no luck with your mission and don’t get an Ancient spawn, just go back to camp and click on Continue Ancient Hunt. It will start the level again but randomly so you can have more chances.
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    BRiT wtfdotcomFinally got the achievement with the following mobs:

    ????? (Mooshroom / Mooshroom)
    Abominable Weaver (Spider / Creepers)
    Barrage (Armored Skeleton / Skeletons)
    FrostWarden (Geomancer / Iceologer)
    Grim Guardian (Zombie / Necromancers)
    Haunted Caller (Necromancer / Skeleton Horsemen)
    Oozing Menace (Smaller cube / Large cubes)
    Pestilent Conjurer (Witch / Necromancer)
    Solemn Giant (Armored Pillager / Endermen)
    The Ancient Terror (Wraith / Spiders)
    The First Enchanter (Enchanter / husks)
    The Seeking Flame (Vex / 3 evokers)
    The Tower (Baby Zombie Stack / Chicken Jockies)
    The Unending (Spawner / Whiter Skeleton Archers)
    Tiny Scourge (Baby Zombie / Redstone Golems)
    Unbreakable One (Red Stone Golem / Royal Guard)
    Unstoppable Tusk (Boar / Piglin Bowers)
    Vigilant Scoundrel (Royal Guard / Pillagers)
    Posted by BRiT wtfdotcom on 04 Mar 21 at 19:33
    DanPalf1991This site really helped me:

    Outlined the rune images needed for each. I got lucky and one spawned every time.
    Posted by DanPalf1991 on 21 Mar 21 at 11:43
    What's the best way to grind gear for the stupid offerings ?
    Posted on 27 Mar 21 at 12:06
  • AshdoAshdo633,552
    10 Mar 2021 11 Mar 2021 11 Mar 2021
    10 0 1
    The achievement requires you to kill 15 DIFFERENT ancient mobs out of a possible 21 variants. So you'll have to kill the majority of them.

    Ancient mobs appear randomly in the Ancient hunts and require specific offerings before they will spawn. These are made by offering equipment pieces so you're going to need either a lot of them or very specific ones.
    Each piece of equipment is assigned a rune (or two) and you will need to offer x amount of different runes for the chance at them spawning. The chances of them then going on to actually spawning are shown below the offering and can be increased by offering up those precious Enchantment points shown in percentage. If you don't offer the correct runes, they won't appear in the first place!

    I used the Minecraft wiki for the list of mobs and the required runes.


    So, my tips are as follows;

    - Initially try and get gear with multiple runes offered to get as many different ancients to spawn as possible. A black box with a question mark means you haven't beaten that ancient before as it is unknown.
    - Difficulty doesn't affect their spawning so you'll only be making it harder on yourselves.
    - Only start targeted runs with a single ancient when you've beaten the majority of them and struggling to get multiple to spawn from runes.
    - I personally avoided having attempts with already defeated ancients as it had the potential to spawn those again rather than ones that I had not already killed.
    - If you've got the enchantment points to spare then use them! They help a lot!
    - Once you've killed an ancient you can quit to the camp and keep your credit towards the kill. No need to finish the map.
    - Use the map all the time, explore every nook and cranny for those caves! Learn how it works also, the glowing caves needed don't spawn facing away from the camera so you can avoid going down certain paths and save precious time.
    - Some maps will have up to around 3 ancient spawns max, However, they may be multiples of the same one. Though there is also a chance you will get nothing to spawn.
    - Ancients spawn in their own unique area, so after going through a cave and if you appear in the long tunnel the only thing at the end is a few chests. You'll know it's their area by the change in the biome or the area will generally be a big arena circular shape.
    - Certain biomes that you appear in will have no portals in them at all (from my experience at least). You can learn which ones you can pretty much skip.
    - Make a list of the mobs and tick off what you've done to keep track, it helps!
    - The achievement tracker goes up in stages so won't track exactly, it just roughly every 3 different kills.


    This will likely be your last achievement of the DLC so you can work on the other ancient hunt related ones at the same time. I always had a bat, wolf and a soul entity on me at all times whilst running through and looking for their related areas for the "Homecoming" achievement;

    Minecraft DungeonsHomecomingThe Homecoming achievement in Minecraft Dungeons worth 132 pointsDuring Ancient Hunts, bring a wolf, a bat and a soul entity to visit familiar locations.

    You'll need to look in the spider cave biome, woods biome and the caved nether biome (not the red one, the brown soul sand area).
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    DanPalf1991This site really helped me:

    Outlined the rune images needed for each. I got lucky and one spawned every time.
    Posted by DanPalf1991 on 21 Mar 21 at 11:44
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    100% guaranteed method of working! No luck involved!

    Your summoned pet needs to deal the killing blow for the kills to count properly.

    The achievement tracking is partially broken so it won't always update after each successful kill but rather after the 2nd or even 3rd, which was the case when playing solo and co-op with 2 other people.

    You can complete this without any of the DLC (refer to my list below) and complete this solo on Apoc+1 for quickest results.

    Now that you know your summoned pet needs to kill the enemies, here is the information you need to get this done.

    1. Sacrifice as many enchantment points as possible for better odds of encountering Ancients.
    2. Do not use rune combinations that exceed 2 Ancient mobs per run or else you'll run the risk of having multiple encounters with the same Ancients and miss out on others.
    3. If you do this in co-op be sure to take turns killing with your co-op partners and pool your gear together for better rune combinations.
    4. If playing solo, you must have a large amount of uniques and/or large amount of emeralds to purchase items from the daily shops to get the items you need on the fly.

    Refer to this page and scroll down to "Hunt Runes" to identify which weapons, armor and artifacts have the required runes you need. Hunt Runes

    Refer to this page for the symbol combinations Ancient Mobs combinations

    Abominable Weaver (Ancient Spider) (Spider Cave Themed)
    Ancient Terror (Ancient Wraith) (Underhalls Themed)
    Barrage (Ancient Armored Skeleton) (Highblock Halls exterior Themed)
    Cursed Presence (Ancient Skeleton Vanguard) (Desert Temple Themed)
    First Enchanter (Ancient Enchanter) (Arch Haven Themed)
    Grim Guardian (Ancient Zombie) (Creepy Crypt Themed)
    Haunted Caller (Ancient Necromancer) (Creepy Crypt Themed)
    ????? (Ancient Mooshroom) (??? Themed)
    Oozing Menace (Ancient Small Slime) (Soggy Swamp Themed)
    Pestilent Conjurer (Ancient Witch) (Cacti Canyon Themed)
    Solemn Giant (Ancient Pillager) (Obsidian Pinnacle Themed)
    The Seeking Flame (Ancient Vex) (Desert Temple Themed)
    The Tiny Scourge (Ancient Baby Zombie) (Pumpkin Pastures Themed)
    The Tower (Ancient Chicken Jockey Tower) (Creeper Woods Themed)
    Unbreakable One (Ancient Redstone Golem) (Redstone Mines Themed)
    Vigilant Scoundrel (Ancient Royal Guard) (Highblock Halls interior Themed)
  • SuavestGamesSuavestGames370,309
    12 May 2021 02 Jun 2021 02 Jun 2021
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    Galera, basicamente você tem que colocar os itens conforme as runas para encontrar os ancestrais e quando encontrar o ancestral no jogo você não pode mata-lo pois assim não vai contar para a conquista e sim invocar os animais, lobo, golem ou a lhama para matar o ancestral e a conquista vai progredir, segue o video mostrando como se faz!

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