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Ancient Hunts

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Ancient Hunts

Back to Back achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

Back to Back

Complete two Ancient Hunts and two Daily Trials, in two-player co-op, on the second day of the month

Back to Back-3.6
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How to unlock the Back to Back achievement

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    This achievement CAN be gained any day of the month, I unlocked mine on 10th March 2021! But only IF you are playing the WIN10 version on a PC (Achievement list is 'play anywhere' so they're the same game)!

    If you have GAMES PASS ULTIMATE or GAMES PASS FOR PC, the game will be free for you to download.

    So, firstly; (assuming you're on a Windows 10 machine)

    1- Right-click your time in the bottom right of the screen and click "adjust time/date".
    2- Turn "set the time automatically" to off and click the "change" button below.
    3- Set the date to the 2nd of the month (I set mine to the 2nd March 2021).
    4- Click "change" and the date element is then done.

    You'll now need at least one controller to plug into your PC, I personally wired in two controllers as I prefer not playing on keyboard and mouse.

    Get into the game and don't worry about signing into the second account yet. Start your chosen mode either an Ancient hunt or a daily trial on one of the maps. Play the level until you get to the double doors indicating the end of the level and STOP there!

    On the primary account press the cn_back button to bring up the players list and your second controller should be waiting to join by holding in the cn_LS. Once they're in go through the door to finish the level which you should then be credited your first 25% progression.

    When you're back to the camp do the same, pressing the cn_back and holding the cn_LS on the second controller to get rid of them.

    Rinse and repeat across the remaining maps you need and the achievement is yours!


    This method is only tested by myself in local co-op (whilst connected to the internet) with a guest account and NOT on a console. Your results may vary if attempt this a different way.

    I would assume playing online would negate the time change and obviously cannot be done on console!


    If you leave a thumbs down, leave a comment as to what the problem is, that way I can make any changes if needed! If its a thumbs down because this a PC solution... shame on you!
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    HappyMooglesIf you don’t get this on your first try on the 2nd of any month, the achievement will glitch and you will no longer be able to unlock it if you don’t have a PC
    Posted by HappyMoogles On 13 Oct 21 at 02:39
    frozinfungot on local co-op. did use another gold account to do it with. 1st hunt brought the player in early and took them back out. 2nd hunt and both dailies left them out till literally right before I exited
    Posted by frozinfun On 02 Nov 21 at 21:02
    HolyHalfDeadJust did this today on Xbox Series X. Both players got the achievement.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead On 02 Dec 21 at 09:45
    knight0fkh0nshuDid you do it local co-op @HolyHalfDead?
    Posted by knight0fkh0nshu On 30 Dec 21 at 22:06
    DrSchlepensteinDid this on local co-op on console today, the 2nd. Used the drop in, drop out method. I had Player 2 with me when starting each mission then dropped him out and right before going through the final door to end the mission I would bring him back in. Achievement popped without issue.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein On 03 Feb 22 at 01:46
    Mario04253101Not sure if anyone is still going for this, but i would like to add DONT STRESS IF YOUR TRACKER DOESNT MOVE. I was the host account and used another account for local co-op. My tracker didnt move at all but the other account moved throughout. Both accounts got the achievement at the same time. So if your tracker isn’t moving while doing this, dont stress it your achievement will still pop when it should
    Posted by Mario04253101 On 02 Jun 22 at 17:57
    HarumotoXWorked today September 2nd, host(me) on PC and Co-op partner(level 1 new player) on Series X. Did all 4 runs on Apocalypse +3
    Posted by HarumotoX On 02 Sep 22 at 11:17
    closeshoYou can do it at any day on switch too, as the switch has the option to change the day and it counts on the linked xbox account
    Posted by closesho On 03 Sep 22 at 21:53
    AtomiicKiwiamyone wanna do this with me today? my gt: AtomiicKiwi
    Posted by AtomiicKiwi On 02 Jan at 20:30
    LucasEVilleAnyone know if this can be done with more than 2, or are you limited to 2?

    Just checking if our crew needs to split up on the 2nd into two different groups.
    Posted by LucasEVille On 09 Jan at 10:59
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