Winner level 3 achievement in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Winner level 3

Win 1000 matches.

Winner level 30
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How to unlock the Winner level 3 achievement

    28 Jan 2011 30 Jan 2011 30 Jan 2011
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    Ok,for this achievement you need a second player and an arcade stick for boosting.In multiplayer select custom player match and arena.Select map:Vulture cage.
    In advanced setting select max player:2
    Time limit:5
    Score limit:20
    Auto map cycle:NO.
    The second player don't move and you(the first player) need to press RT button to shoot continuously with the arcade stick.
    The game start and you kill the other player.The objective is to kill continuously the other player.
    In one match you will have 14 kills.
    With this method you can also have the other achievement:Basic Weapon Handling level 3.
    14 kills x 1000= 14000 kills
    Good game and good luck.

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    OneBgBdArtemisI did it with a regular turbo s controller. I haven't had an at are stick since Sega Saturn!
    Posted by OneBgBdArtemis on 30 Sep 18 at 19:49
    I Ebon Hawk IDo you have to use an arcade stick? Is it not possible to do with a regular turbo controller?
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 30 Sep 18 at 20:26
    EffordThis is awesome. +1.
    Posted by Efford on 01 May 19 at 21:33
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  • Fatal x BladeFatal x Blade1,239,501
    21 Jun 2010 21 Jun 2010 21 Jun 2010
    32 2 16
    I find that my way is faster no offense IKevIKev, it works similar to your way and less work is required especially if you do it by yourself with an extra xbox and copy of the game.

    Host a custom Player Match, Death Match on Fate's Dam max players 2, private 2, time limit 5, score limit 20 map cycle off. Now the person going for the match wins grabs the grenade launcher faces the nearby door (note stand behind the grenade launcher spawn) and shoot through the door into the far back corner where your boosting buddy should be standing. He will die and continuously spawn back exactly where he died allowing you to reach the score limit of 20 within roughly 40 seconds if done correctly.

    Not only will you get a match win but you will also get anywhere from 9-12kills a match making your boosting that much more efficient.

    Also if your boosting buddy has a SFIV turbo controller he can just tape down the RT (spawn button) so he will instantly keep spawning allowing him the freedom to go do other activities such as sleeping while the other guy can boost match wins for as long as he likes since the matches will keep starting automatically in player matches.

    I recieved my 10,000 kills at about 850 match wins. So you'll just have to grind out that last 150 wins which isn't bad, opposed to getting all 10,000kills then boosting your 1000 match wins.

    Also this works for getting a double, triple, and quadruple kill with just 2 people.
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    Having just completed this using the above method I can tell you exactly how long it takes to get your 1000 wins by alternating with a partner.... 67 hours. The maths calculations above mean nothing as you always get issues in the real (cyber) world. eg. lag, positioning, respawns if you cross the imaginary line, mis-aim etc. This was a real ballache to do.
    Posted on 25 Mar 13 at 03:12
    JJ BuggzIs there a way to make the dummy account spawn at this spot initially? They always start out to the left of that corner for me, then every spawn after the first one they end up in the correct spot.
    Posted by JJ Buggz on 14 Aug 17 at 18:39
    Living LegendsNo you have to constantly move it. I also had the game clocked at about thirty hours if you boosted it this way. Just so boring and a waste of time if you have a turbo controller. Works great and can get a lot of those pesky achievement requirements but there is nothing better than idle boosting it whiledoing other stuff.
    Posted by Living Legends on 05 Apr 18 at 07:04
  • Razza69Razza69708,691
    20 May 2012 14 May 2012
    17 0 1
    This is basically a video of PSYKOFLOW's guide. Follow his guide in how to set this up. I take no credit for the guide.
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    INC0GNITOim looking for someone dedicated to help each other with achievements for all multiplayer as i dont c any1 playing this, so message me if you want to hep each other with the multiplayer achievos
    Posted by INC0GNITO on 04 Sep 13 at 06:31
  • DominusTenebraeDominusTenebrae593,557
    14 May 2009 13 Jun 2009 20 Jun 2009
    14 16 3
    This achievement is the most aggravating in Riddick. All in all it took close to 100 hours of straight boosting. You just can't play a game, you have to win. So if you boost it, you will sit through 2,000 matches. This greatly amplifies the amount of time required for a 50 gamerscore achievement.

    The fastest way:

    CTF on Vexeer 987 with 3 captures. Make sure you change your weapon to the icepick and run. You can run faster with the icepick than with a gun, hence the change. The bottom floor straight back and forth is the quickest, not the top floor inner circle. Nitemarecreator (#2 to get on and I (1st on tried both ways, the bottom floor is quickest. Also know when to use the speed boost (down click on the left analog forces run) since it will make the games go quicker .

    These games can be player or ranked. Player is recommended since only one person is required to start the match and after the game it leaves you in the same room. The host (after readying the first match will stay readied) will not need to be present for the boosting. Not requiring the host will allow one person to boost alone without the direct assistance of the other.

    Just stick with it and dedicate yourself to boosting a few hours everyday to it and you will have it. Good luck!

    ***Extra: Our fastest time on Vexeer 987 was just under 3 minutes including load times. This equals 50 hours per person, and 100 hours total. Give or take. Remember Player matches, quick switch to icepick, use run effectively.
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