Master of Arcade Dishwashing achievement in The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

Master of Arcade Dishwashing

Complete Arcade mode.

Master of Arcade Dishwashing0
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How to unlock the Master of Arcade Dishwashing achievement

  • Fal1phorFal1phor64,610
    15 Apr 2010 15 Apr 2010 01 May 2010
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    What this achievement means by "Complete" is not do every mission. Its actually just to complete the last level, "Final Showdown".

    This can also be done in co-op contrary to belief. The catch is that only the host will get the achievement. So you will have to do it again with your partner being host.

    Essentially what you could do is find someone who has the achievement already, have them do the second to last level "Boardroom Blitz" with you, and then do the last level "Final Showdown"(makes sure your host if playing co-op), without having played any of the other arcade levels.

    [Boss Tips: "Dude on The Horse"]

    The boss will come in 2 stages.
    - First he will attack on his horse. You will need to press B right as he is about to hit you about 4 times.
    - The second he will attack on the ground. When he jumps/teleports, use the arsenal and air juggle him in the air. His health will go down real quick with that.
    - Also remember that when you co-op partner dies, pile drive a few zombies, and that should bring him back to life.

    Thanks for reading, hope you the best of luck.

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    Fal1phorIf you gave me a 48 hour trial I would definitely help you. anytime today would be the best for me
    Posted by Fal1phor on 08 Apr 11 at 19:49
    A Navy of DucksI am working on getting one lol asking anyone i know
    Posted by A Navy of Ducks on 12 Apr 11 at 06:09
    Styles PluralThanks for the tips. I actually beat this years ago on my original account but wanted to complete the game again on my secondary. So what I did was, I loaded up the Final Showdown stage using my old save file and had my second account join in. After defeating the horse dude, it popped the achievement without having to beat all the Arcade stages on my secondary account! The achievement technically only requires the final arcade stage to be completed. This trick also works for the Vampire Smiles Arcade achievement.
    Posted by Styles Plural on 13 Mar 21 at 00:22
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  • Removed Gamer
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    Everything Fal1phor said was right. BUT i ve also found another solution to do it yourself!!!!!! on the last stage, "Final Showdown" here are the steps:

    1. When it starts, QUICKLY go left to the enemy then push down, x,x then x,x,y,y,y, do it ocassionally till they start sparking then input the command that appears over thier head. Whenever a zombie is close to you, DO NOT HESTITATE! push B and slam them, it also works for temporary invicibility.

    2. when the guy starts charging you on his horse, do what Fal1phor said.

    3. when the guys is off the horse, ignore all enemies and start warping up, up,up again and again and again. HERES THE KICKER! the guy (boss) will kill those 2 annoying assasins for you, when they re dead, then land, grab zombies and when the boss teleports above you, dont hestitate to shoot at him but! Keep a real close eyes on those zombies, they ll swat you, which is extremely annoying!

    4: Whens its over... Kick back and pop a beer (or a soda if you re underage) and enjoy the pop up of [ 15 pts Master Of Arcade Dishwashing] achievment on your tv!
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    TX Dead Man TXThis is an awesome solution. It worked for me. Good job.
    Posted by TX Dead Man TX on 09 Feb 11 at 13:09
  • Removed Gamer
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    This one gave me a headache and ALMOST busted my controller.

    Just a fare tip on the Final Showdown, which I did on my first try with this. Do the basic two controles; use a rubber band or anything on your 1st (Swift Blade warp) and kill with the 2nd. If your #2 dies, then just pause the game, unravel #1 and kill two zombies. Your 2nd will be revived. Pause again; ravel #1 and continue, till the Horseman (After 5 Freaks). Keep #1 warping and don't worry about #2 dying, because the Horseman will end up killing the zombies, which automatically revives #2. Now just keep shooting the Horseman (2nd stage) with the MG, it effects him when he tries to warp on you.

    Watch the vid on the Horseman's 2nd stage. The video starts off with round 2 of baddies. All credit goes to zlLiQUiDlz.
    I hope this helps :]
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    Marx0rThis didn't work when I played off the single-player menu, like it did for the story mode where you just hit A on the second controller midgame. Instead, you have to start from the main menu, select Mulitplayer or Co-op or whatever and sign in the second cntroller.
    Posted by Marx0r on 29 Oct 19 at 21:58
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