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Perfect Aim

Win the Bottle Toss game at the Fair.

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  • MaverickAce10MaverickAce10101,339
    04 Aug 2011 04 Aug 2011
    34 2 12
    The BEST way to do this achievement is to turn on a second controller and use both controllers to knock down the bottles. Both controllers work as a "team" to clear each stage. The stages will add more bottles to knock down, but you will now have more bags. This is true for all stages except for the last and final stage. The final stage does not add anymore bottles to knock down. You will now have 10 bags total to knock down all 9 bottles instead of the usual 5. You could either play all the stages with two controllers, or you could do what I did and clear the first 8 stages with 1 controller. Turn on the second controllers during the 9th stage before I clear it, and then play the 10th stage with 2 controllers and 10 bean bags. Hope this helps!
  • AndroidOdnetninAndroidOdnetnin518,456
    27 Oct 2009 27 Oct 2009
    27 1 8
    You can get this achievement when you first come across the game or when you actually have to play the games as part of the story.

    This game requires you to move the [Left Stick] in a direction to move the arrow and the [Right Stick] to pull back and push forward to throw the beanbag. The object is to knock down all of the bottles during the course of all 10 rounds.

    This game is probably the hardest in the game. The main reason for this, I think, is that the controller is sometimes your friend and other times your enemy. On some occasions, you'll flick the [Right Stick] back and forward with the results being expected. Other times, it'll hiccup and throw the bag with no power whatsoever.

    A little bit of patience (course this took me 10 tries) and the knowledge that knocking over any of the blue bottles will give you a free throw should make this achievement yours. Even so, savgcom has a pretty good tutorial for the first 7 minutes of this video.
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