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Gravity Gun achievement in Rain on Your Parade

Gravity Gun

Beat First Person Cloud without picking up any ammo.

Gravity Gun-2.2
17 April 2021 - 5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Gravity Gun achievement

  • TheophilosTheophilos377,545
    16 Apr 2021 17 Apr 2021 23 Apr 2021
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    As pointed out by the previous guides, this one apparently is glitched currently and will unlock just by starting this in NG+ and quitting. I didn't know this, so I did it as intended. If anybody wants to knock this one out the old-fashioned way, this is the guide for you. :) And hey, if the achievement gets patched at some point, there'll be a guide ready to go.

    To access First Person Cloud, play the DreamQuack level first. Then go to your home by pressing View (cn_back) from the hub world. Go over to the arcade machine and rain on it to enter First Person Cloud. Oh and you'll need to be in New Game Plus (NG+) for the "don't pick up any ammo" objective to pop up. I can't confirm whether completing the achievement reqs during your first playthrough will unlock the achievement, but based on some other achievements, I would guess that it would not.

    Note: if you, like me, prefer inverted controls, there isn't the option to switch in-game, so you'll have to manually change your controller layout. I don’t have an XSX, so you’re on your own in that case, but if you have an XB1 and don’t know how to do this, here you go:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    So the trick to beating FPC without picking up ammo (or even using more than one shot) is that if you freeze a hooman (with cn_Y), you can fling him around with your Tornado (cn_X). Btw, thankfully you can also use Tornado with left trigger (cn_LT), albeit only in FPC. This is useful because you'll be holding down LT for the majority of the level. Anyway, the frozen guy (hereinafter, "Snowball") will soak other hoomans by touching them. If you chuck him at a data tower, it will blow up. When you are faced with suns, Snowball will one-hit them, so you'll want to hold Snowball in front of you with Tornado when you near a sun.

    I prefer to play through this level getting everything in one section before moving on to the next section that becomes accessible. There are only 15 total hoomans in the level, but there are 18 total data towers, so if you miss a couple in the beginning, don't sweat it.

    If it helps to track progression, here's a summary of how it should go.

    First section: 4 hoomans (4/15), 12 data towers (make sure to get at least 9), and the green key.

    Green section: 5 more hoomans (9/15), up to 4 more data towers (technically there are 5 here, but one is close enough to another in the first section that it will have blown earlier), and the red key.

    Red section: 6 remaining hoomans (15/15), up to 2 more data towers, and the yellow key.

    Yellow section: just the boss (big yellow sun).

    Things to know:

    * You can get the achievement even if you take damage.

    * Don't pick up ammo, obviously. The two spots that might trip you up are (1) a room in the first section where there's an ammo right in the middle of a room. If you just Tornado from the entrance of that room, you'll suck in the hooman no problem. And (2) right next to the yellow door there's an ammo that's easy to grab accidentally.

    * Feel free to zap the data towers with Thunder (cn_B). Your Thunder will zap through walls, fwiw.

    * When you get to the boss room (yellow door), drop Snowball outside the room in the hallway. Careful not to hit the ammo next to the door during this part. Run into the room and aggro the boss (the biggest yellow sun). Once he's interested, back out through the door you came through. The boss will one-hit you if you aren't careful, so back a safe distance out into the hallway. The boss will basically pace on the other side of the door, but can't get through. There's a bug (I assume?) such that the boss will clip through the door/wall while moving about. Pick up Snowball again and chuck him at the door a couple times. He'll hit the boss as it clips through the door, and you'll get the beep boop.

    EDIT (04/23/21): The boss glitch is no more. (Thanks to @segagamer and @BeJeckle for the update.) Here's what I can say about this, having not tested it since the patch. The boss will die after 2 hits from Snowball. (It takes 20 shots with freeze to die, so that's not an option, as you'll have at most 19 ammo.) I haven't tested this yet, but I would try freezing one other hooman, or 2 more to CYA, and holding both/all snowballs in front of you with Tornado before entering the room. Once the boss is close enough to make contact with the Tornado, backpedal and let the snowballs do the work. Alternatively, if you can git gud with chucking the snowballs, you could just chuck 2 of them at him from the doorway. It takes a little practice, but as long as you don't panic, you should have plenty of time to hit him twice from a distance. Please let me know if you get this to work! I'll update soon after I get the chance to test this strat out.

    Here's a video guide with my run.

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    CuddIe BunnyI found if I faced the boss face to face, doing a back in forth motion while using my tornado to throw my snowball around was enough to end it. 3 hits and it was over, didn't even need to kill surrounding suns.
    Posted by CuddIe Bunny on 01 May at 17:21
    TheAnonymityWow this is still incredibly hard even with your invert trick. The hardest part is not accidentally picking up ammo. The frozen guys tend to disappear after a while though if you walk far enough away from them. I also was not able to trigger the boss without going in. Once I went in, the door locked and I couldn't leave. This may have been something that was changed with the update that fixed the cheesed achievements.
    Posted by TheAnonymity on 06 May at 23:21
    I8ITackyticsI8IDid it with one snowball, took 3 hits, just flung it at him, sucked it back up while he was stunned which hit him a second time, backed up slightly and flung it again, achievement unlocked. Recorded it and happy to share.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I yesterday at 19:13
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV157,414
    17 Apr 2021 24 Apr 2021 24 Apr 2021
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    The first solution is absolutely correct but unnecessary difficult with the tipp for the snowballs. You don't have to hold a snowball nearly all the time. Do yourself a favor and use the 20 ammo you have and make it easier on yourself to get trough the level.

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    Sazaq213The best way for me thanks :)
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 26 Apr at 13:52
    Missis BekiThis combined with the LT tip worked perfectly! Thanks
    Posted by Missis Beki on 08 May at 17:59
  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT247,773
    17 Apr 2021 20 Apr 2021 20 Apr 2021
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    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Complete the DreamQuack level and then return to your home to find an arcade machine; play it to begin the FPC level. Currently, this is glitched so that if you quit out of the level immediately your achievement will pop. The proper way to complete this is to use one snowball to freeze a Hooman and then use your tornado to throw them at other Hoomans, enemies, and generators to finish the level. Just make sure to not accidentally pick up any ammo (snowballs).
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    queendragon91Been fixed now
    Posted by queendragon91 on 29 Apr at 08:58
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