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Such Strategy, Very Tactic achievement in Rain on Your Parade

Such Strategy, Very Tactic

Do not let Seattle take any damage

Such Strategy, Very Tactic-29.2
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How to unlock the Such Strategy, Very Tactic achievement

  • doomedtolivedoomedtolive581,093
    15 Apr 2021 15 Apr 2021 13 May 2021
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    This can now be obtained in the first playthrough and has been cut short a few rounds but the basic placement of towers is still able to easily clear the waves.

    For those that prefer a text guide.

    Few tips:

    Enemies will push your turrets! Use any opening to move them back where you need them or you will quickly get overwhelmed.

    Some enemies will go straight between the walls! Watch any large clusters carefully as it's very easy to miss one of a group if they slid past on the snow.

    If you make snow trails down to the river sometimes enemies will slide in and float closer to the town! Try not to connect your snow to the water.

    Always fix your snow! Your lightning and the tesla coils melt snow. Keep it up and spread away in front of the walls to the right to prevent enemies sliding across it and slipping by.

    1st round: Simply place a line of snow across the entire right side and all the enemies will suicide. Focus your time on growing all the walls with your rain while they die.

    2nd round: Rebuild snow wall and hit each enemy with a lightning strike. Not many enemies at all. Regrow walls as needed.

    3rd round: Place your first cannon in front of the far right bottom wall's top section. Rebuild your snow and keep an eye on the very bottom and very top for white bots. Some will slip by the cannon so be proactive. Keep snowfall even so you don't have to worry about greens.

    4th round: This round introduces a large siege robot. Easily take it down with the cannon and lightning. Repair any walls and snow after killing as a large group follows afterward.

    5th: Here you get a tesla coil that creates a shockwave when lightning struck. Place it behind the bottom section of the wall that your first cannon is in front of. A couple of clusters of greys and towers will come down the bottom. When they get close tesla them. Focus on the top and hit the tesla in between kills with lightning. Repair quickly.

    6th Round: Second cannon here. Place it in front of the top far right walls top section. This wave consists of several towers and a constant flow of individual enemies. Use the tesla on the towers when needed and keep focused on the far top and bottom clear paths.

    7th Round: Difficulty spikes here. Second tesla coil gained. Place it behind the top far right wall and move the cannons into openings between the far right walls and in the corner of the bottom right wall connection to block the large amount of enemies.

    8th Round: Third cannon. Place it between the two sets of houses on the far left top. Only three towers spawn. Hit them with the tesla and repair everything.

    9th round: Easy boss fight. Move all your cannons to the middle opening in the far-right walls. Dont bother with snow. Keep spamming lightning on it until its close enough to the coils then alternate striking them to put him down before he even reaches the middle hedge. The bullets he fires are like the towers and do no actual damage to your town.

    Waves 6 and 7 are definitely the choke-out points and will require the most action. Dont get frustrated, have fun, and enjoy the pop!

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    RosshkEven after the most recent update, there's still only 7 waves now.
    Posted by Rosshk on 08 May at 12:45
    californayaThanks for the guide, the cannon placements absolutely helped.
    Posted by californaya on 10 May at 00:28
    AmethystineI just got this achievement while NOT in NG+
    Posted by Amethystine on 13 May at 04:17
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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT248,021
    17 Apr 2021 20 Apr 2021 20 Apr 2021
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    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load up the Seattle Defense level and prepare to take on waves of enemies.

    For the first wave, use your snow to create a line and destroy the enemies. Don't forget to refill your water in the ocean and while the first wave is ending you can build hedges in front of the buildings.

    For the second wave, use your snow to take out most of the enemies and use your thunder on the enemies that don't die to the snow.

    For the third wave, you'll be given a turret. Place it central and continue your strategy from the second wave.

    For the fifth wave, you'll get a tesla coil. You can thunder strike it to cause an area of effect that damages all enemies. But, the tesla coil has to recharge. Place it center and continue your current strategy using the coil when needed.

    For the sixth wave, you'll get another turret. Position it more toward the top of the screen and continue your strategy.

    For the seventh wave, you'll get another tesla coil. Position it top-center and continue your strategy.

    For the eighth wave, you'll get another turret. Move everything to the center. Wave eight is a quick wave before the final boss.

    The final wave is the ninth. The boss is slow moving and with everything center you should destroy it in no time. Make sure to use your thunder and your tesla coils when charged.
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    Geometric CubeNG+ is not needed anymore. I got this on my first playthrough.
    Posted by Geometric Cube on 01 May at 12:57
    Sazaq213i got it during my 1st try

    Thanks smile
    Posted by Sazaq213 on 13 May at 18:05
  • WestSideBear1WestSideBear1490,038
    15 Apr 2021 15 Apr 2021 15 Apr 2021
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    Done in the Seattle defence mission which is very close to the end.
    I advise putting snow down the entire right hand side of your screen. It slows all enemy's and destroys the small green ones. Constantly keep your hedges grown from the dirt patches by adding water to them and spread your defences out evenly.
    Use the charged up defence towers you get to destroy the bigger enemy's. It will 1 shot the big guys and on the last wave you can destroy the final boss very quickly by cycling the charges on your electric towers.
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