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Infiltrator Master achievement in Rain on Your Parade

Infiltrator Master

Infiltrate Dryspell's Secret Base within the time limit and without getting hit.

Infiltrator Master-3.8
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How to unlock the Infiltrator Master achievement

  • TheophilosTheophilos377,501
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    EDIT (04/23/21): This achievement has been patched, so the easy unlock is no more.
    Ok, so as of right now, apparently this one is glitched and you can get this one by entering the level on NG+ and just running out of water, as attested to by Kevas048. However, I'm assuming that this may be patched at some point. If that happens, here's how to get it "legit," so to speak.

    A few things that you need to know to get this one.

    1. If you get right up next to a turret, it will tilt up and be unable to hit you (usually). So there's basically a safe zone for each turret. This is especially useful in the top right room and with the final turret.
    2. The hitbox for the turrets' detonation buttons is bigger than it looks, which is helpful in the top left room. (Or perhaps when you Thunder, the size of the explosion is so big that you don't need to be directly on the button to detonate the turret. Six of one, half dozen of the other.)
    3. Turrets can destroy each other. I found this extremely helpful in the top right room.
    4. You don't have to destroy all the turrets for this achievement. I popped it only destroying 10/12.

    You shouldn't need assistance for the bottom two rooms. I'll go through each of the three top rooms.

    Top left room:

    Charge on in and before the first turret can get off a second volley, zap just below the button. By zapping just below the button, you'll stay protected from the left turret. Hit the left turret and the bottom right turret. The next part is a little tricky. Draw fire from the bottom turret without triggering the top one. Quick go zap the bottom turret then pull back. After the top one fires again, charge in and get next to it so you can take your time zapping it. You don't have to destroy the last one, but doing so is more reliable than just running in for the switch. Plus, that last turret is a PITA, and it doesn't deserve to live.

    Top right room:

    Ok, so in the right room, you can get in and out without destroying any turrets, but you'll draw fire from all 4, and in my experience trying it that way, you'll end up with about a 25% success rate even with a lot of practice. I finally figured out that the easiest way to get this room is to destroy the bottom two turrets. After the first shot from the bottom left turret, get right up next to that turret's left side. It will tilt up and won't hit you, while the bottom right turret will take it out for you. Avoid the bottom right turret's next shot and zap it. Then go up to the switch (don't stop moving until the top right turret's shot misses you), then just go back down and out.

    Final room:

    My best advice here is just don't stop moving. Get the oil, and starting from the top right canister, link all four canisters with oil moving clockwise. Then between shots, snuggle up to the middle turret so it can't hit you, and take your time surrounding it with boom juice. After some fireworks, the achievement will unlock.

    Here's a video guide:

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    FallenToastAfter many, many tries I finally unlocked it, not gonna lie, it took me well over 2 hours, but I discovered something that will make it much easier for you to unlock it.
    You all have your own methods for the first 4 rooms, that's perfectly fine, use the strategy that works the best for you and you'll master the rooms.
    Now, the final room is where things get serious, all of the guides I've seen tend to disable the turret shield generators and at the end they circle around it with oil to destroy it, DOING THAT IS EXTREMELY RISKY, DON'T DO THAT, since the turret shoots so fast, circle strafing around it has a very high chance of getting you hit, instead, once the shield is down just draw half a circle starting with any of the 2 fire spots, just make sure the semicircle touches the turret, after that just avoid the shots and after a couple seconds the turret will destroy, and there you go, easy achievement.
    Don't worry that much about the time, I got to the final room with 40 seconds left in the timer and finished with 9 seconds left
    Posted by FallenToast on 13 May at 18:58
    WiidKillerThe key info on the final room is CLOCKWISE!!! I tried it anti-clockwise dozens of times but the turret just wouldn't blow. Tried it clockwise one time and it blew after about 3 seconds up close to it. I've never sworn so much at a game. Other than COD
    Posted by WiidKiller on 14 May at 14:58
    LaughablefellowFinally did it! I found that if I did part of the circle in close around the final turret and then evaded out and came back in I was able to survive long enough whilst pouring fire to get the kill. Felt great!
    Posted by Laughablefellow on 14 May at 23:21
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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT248,021
    16 Apr 2021 20 Apr 2021 20 Apr 2021
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    This can only be completed on New Game Plus. Load Dr. Dryspell's Secret Base and you must complete it in under 1 minute and 40 seconds without getting hit. You need to eliminate the first three turrets by using your thunder on the glowing lights next to them. Then there is a right room and a left room. The right room you need to rush through dodging the turret shots (don't try to eliminate them) and flip the switch. For the left room, take your time and use the cover provided to take out all the turrets and flip the second switch. The boss fight is a larger turret where you need to use the oil and fire to light the four generators on fire and then create a ring around the turret to destroy it when it's shield is down.
  • x MORVI xx MORVI x179,895
    23 Apr 2021 28 Apr 2021 28 Apr 2021
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    I noticed the "easy" method had been patched so I put this guide together that you can easily follow :)

    Let me know what you think

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