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Walking Death

Beat the game on Hard Difficulty

Walking Death+0.1
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How to unlock the Walking Death achievement

    03 Oct 2010 11 Jan 2010 11 Jan 2010
    130 10 45
    1. If starting a new Game (Get to a checkpoint) Now exit to menu.
    2. Continue Game
    3. Enter Cheat(s)
    4. Quit to Main Menu
    5 .Continue Game

    If you power off the game you will need to renter codes quit and continue.

    Cheat Codes

    Unlimited rage-

    Press Y, X(2), Y, B(2), Y, A(2), Y, click Right Analog-stick during game play while Wolverine is on screen and controllable.


    Press X, A(2), X, Y(2), X, B(2), X, click Right Analog-stick during game play while Wolverine is on screen and controllable. Although you will lose health you cannot die.

    credit goes to aCzarX

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    A4TH BrokenHaloI'm all the way at the final battle on hard. Will this work if I enter them in now and then follow the process above? I would hate to ruin my save if not.
    Posted by A4TH BrokenHalo on 29 May 18 at 15:20
    MauricioLost07Can confirm that's working (jan/2020)
    Posted by MauricioLost07 on 22 Jan at 13:08
    The S bot 9000Sidenote: You need to play through the game at least once to unlock hard. You can do your first playthrough on easy
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 08 Feb at 20:11
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  • TrX CheeksTrX Cheeks325,752
    24 May 2009 25 May 2009 19 Jun 2009
    44 4 9
    Hard isn't terribly difficult but some tips to clear it easily are:

    Collect as many dog tags as possible to continue raising your stats quickly.

    Raise your claws and health first then concentrate on rage.

    If you become low on health while fighting a large group of enemies immediately start quick killing enemies until your health regenerates and lunge from enemy to enemy. During quick kills enemies won't be able to hit you but you will regenerate your health.

    Once you get mutagens use the xp and samurai ones to level quicker and increase your reflexes quickly so you can do more damage to the specified enemies.

    When it comes to Deadpool you definately need to be patient. During the second battle on the circular tower make sure you jump left or right when he fires the more powerful eye blast that takes out pieces of the circle and when running around the circle always pause before you jump a gap because 9 times out of 10 he will fire the weaker eye blast while your in mid jump knocking you off the tower to start all over again which is infuriating.
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    Mobius EvalonDeadpool was the only really hard part of this whole game. That whole fight on top of the reactor is such an enormous pain in the ass, and whoever designed the level at Raven is a bonafide asshole.

    Basically, MH Rockstar and Fury have the key to winning this fight. Use lunge (cn_RB+cn_LB) to close the distance to Deadpool and he can't laser you off the side. Then use Fury's combo (charge cn_Y, rapid tap cn_X 4-8 times, then cn_B) and you'll chop off the fucker's head in no time to be done with the annoying ass.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 05 Apr 15 at 23:28
    Lord NazuleOk what Mobius, MH Rockstar and Fury said. Lunge, Charge Y and rapid tap X 4-5 times then hit B to throw him down to the ground. Rinse and Repeat.

    The Deadpool fight is quite challenging but if you can survive his 4-5 blast attacks by jumping left or right you can leap to him rather easily. Once there you can literally pin him to the ground with a strong attack (hold Y) and hit X 4-5 times (max do not exceed five X's). Once you do that hit b throw him down and do it again. It may take you a bit to get this down because if you hit X to many times you may throw him off the ledge and he will teleport away right next to you with a instant blast under your feet causing you to fall with little reaction time to jump away. This happened literally with Deadpool @ 5% health remaining. So as long as you got the pattern down you are solid. It's tough but doable.
    Posted by Lord Nazule on 11 Sep 15 at 01:22
    spxyu02Great tips by all for the last boss!

    I found that turning him back into the walkway of the reactor's rim during the B button maneuver to be helpful. This way I wasn't jamming him out or in, causing him to fall and respawn. So during the grab/slam/B move, simply move the camera so your player twists and lands him centered on the playable area.

    I would also start dodge-rolling to one side as soon as time slowed down and he was going to blast. This worked all but once, and it felt a little safer to me than jumping I guess. YMMV
    Posted by spxyu02 on 04 Mar 17 at 06:32
  • ADROCKgreybeardADROCKgreybeard169,724
    06 May 2009 06 May 2009 15 May 2009
    18 14 0
    First things first: It may be easiest if you go for the achievements like 2000 kills, raising all combat reflexes, 25 reflected projectiles, upgrades, etc. before starting Hard. Once you start Hard, it will reset your stats to 0. I had 1500 kills, started Hard and was reset to 0, so it pays to play through once, then get those achievements, then go after Hard.
    Hard isn't really too much of a challenge. Quick kills are you friend, so use them often as they buy a little extra time for regen. Aside from that there shouldn't be too many hiccups.
    Good luck!
    The only tricky part can be the fight against Deadpool at the end as there are a lot of cheap deaths. All in all, I don't think you'll notice a drastic difference between even Easy and Hard.
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