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How to unlock the Movie Gallery Complete achievement

    27 May 2009 08 Jun 2009
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    I made a checklist for the movies. They are in order in the gallery section, the grouping is just a bonus:

    Official Mode:
    Re-Entry to Earth
    Char Returns
    Kamikaze Sleggar
    Dozule's Tenacity
    Deliver the Vase to Lady Kycilia
    Sparking Lalah
    Last Shooting
    Forever Four
    Char's Defeat
    Psyco Gundam Appears
    The Mirror of Rosamia
    Riders in the Skies
    The Burning Earth
    Puru Two in Gravity
    Glemy's Demise
    At the Zeon Homeworld
    Warriors Again
    Kayle Imprisoned
    Bright Doesn't Mess Around
    Psycoframe Light
    The Skies Split
    What I'd Expect from a Cyber-Nwtype
    Nu Gundam Isn't Just for Show

    Mission Mode (Story Missions):
    Bless the Warrioirs with Light - (Amuro)
    Rivals of Fate - (Char)
    I'm not Playing Around - (Kamille)
    Ripping the Silence Apart - (Scirocco)
    Friend or Foe - (Judau)
    Newtypes - (Haman 4th)
    King of Hearts, Surpass your Master - (Domon)
    Teaching of the Fist - (Master Asia)
    Eternal Comet - (Heero)
    You Pompous Warrior - (Milliardo)
    Tenacious Ghingham - (Loran)
    Another Mission - (Emma)
    Who will Dirty their Hands? - (Jerid 3rd)
    Sincronicity - (Puru, Puru 2)
    More than Friends, not yet Lovers - (Roux)
    Blade of Rage - (Kira)
    Justice and Freedom - (Athrun)
    Overcome Your Destiny - (Shinn)
    Two Captives - (Seabook)
    No Such Thing as a Safe Weapon - (Uso)

    Mission Mode Launch Movies:
    Amuro in Gundam
    Char in Char's Zaku II
    Kamille in Gundam Mk II
    Kamille in Z Gundam
    Judau in Z Gundam
    Judau in ZZ Gundam
    Amuro in Nu Gundam
    Char in Sazabi
    Kira in Strike Freedom Gundam
    Athrun in Infinite Justice Gunam
    Shinn in Destiny Gundam
    Seabook in Gundam F91
    Uso in V2 Gundam

    Official Mode Endings + Alternates
    Encounters in Space
    Prelude to Counterattack
    At the End of the Battle
    Love is the Pulse in the Stars
    Riders in the Skies
    Meeting Again
    A New Journey
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    Matthias42What are the requirements for the alternates?
    Posted by Matthias42 on 20 Apr 12 at 16:37
    Lockerdown3don't if i can help that much, but the love is the pulse in the stars is an achievement and has a solution for it, i'm still missing a couple of the endings myself, which makes no sense, i've beat official mode with all chars...
    Posted by Lockerdown3 on 31 Jul 12 at 16:52
    RRIKERI am blatantly stealing this from Setsuna F. Seiei, but only because I can't remember the requirements/did them automatically. If you know what happens in the show, try and change the ending, basically.

    This is for each character's last mission in official mode (I think):

    Amuro - When johnny shows up, let Kai and Hayato get killed. If they go back to defend White base, start over.

    Kamille - Kill Yazan before he kills Heiken, save Emma before Reccoa kills her, and lay waste and destruction to everything else like an angel of death.

    Char - Basically let everything/one die, and let the colony laser run out. Then finish the mission. What a punk.

    Judau - You have to get Haman to finish her dialog with Judau, so drag out the battle as long as possible (keep distant and hit 'y' once in a while)
    Posted by RRIKER on 01 Aug 12 at 16:30
    Ok, I have a pretty good idea how to get the few I'm missing, but one seriously eludes me. How do you get "Shinn in Destiny Gundam" ??? I beat his mission mode. What am I missing?
    Posted on 09 Mar 15 at 02:46
    Crater Bob@RRIKER - Might want to add for Char that when you have to let the colony laser time out, you should defeat Scirocco and then lead Haman to the back of the colony laser interior and then lead her around in circles so that Kamille doesn't get double-teamed and destroyed by Scirocco and Haman.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 15 Feb 17 at 04:05
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