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Secret Achievement in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

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(I know this is incredibly long, but bear with me because this achievement along with complete all mission mode missions are the last achievements you will get, and you can expect to dump over 100 hours into the game to get them along with everything else, so this little read is beans compared to how much EXTRA time beyond that it might save you.)

RRIKER's info is all spot-on, but here's some more details I found to make this a slightly less horrible experience:

For this achievement you need to have a relation level of Friendship with all pilots with just one character in Mission Mode. Not counting the pilot you're playing as, there are 68 total characters. Getting them all to Friendship can be tough. Remember that not all pilots can be met on the field; some are met through factions and other methods. These non-combatant pilots will usually get Friendship with you anyway if you clear their faction missions.

Some tricky ones include:

Relena Darlian - Can only meet her if you join Operation Meteor. To get this, you need to have either heero or milliardo at caution or lower so they send you a letter saying "white fangs" or "I'll... KILL YOU." Each of those unlock a mission, and once you complete one of them it triggers the mail from the other character, if you hadn't recieved both already. Clear both of those missions unlocked from Milliardo and Heero's mails and then you'll unlock a terminal message about joining Operation Meteor. It might be from Relena herself, although I don't remember for certain. the subject will be Operation meteor.

Torres - Will sometimes appear in a friendly or enemy ship. Just get to the briefing screen of the Friendship Mission, "Good Luck, Loser!" and check the Unit/Field Info. This mission always has a friendly ship. Check the field to see if Torres is onboard the ship as an ally. If he isn't, back out and reload the mission to the briefing screen again and check it again. Repeat until he appears and beat the mission to gain his Friendship.

Leina - Sometimes appears in a ship (RARELY - I played through 91 missions with domon and never had her on my chart for example), but you can easily meet her by joining A.E.U.G. (ZZ Gundam) and then joining and clearing all the missions for Judau's Junk Dealers faction. This starts with a letter from Bright entitled "New Power" -i think-. It's one of Brights letters in any case. After you finish the first mission he gives you, you'll get a letter about joining the junker business with Judau and Beecha- accept their offer to join, complete those 2 missions, get a letter from leina asking you to help teach judau responsibility by doing 2 more missions, and after that Leina should be at at least trust if not friendship.

Dianna Sorrel - The only way to meet her is by joining the Moonrace faction. The terminal message will be from Dianna herself.
1. Must have cleared any 15 missions and have Ambivalence or higher with Loran
-Receive mail "Operation Return to Earth Starts" in the Terminal
2. Read it and select "I want to help Lady Dianna!"
-You join the Moonrace

Rain - have 8 pilots at caution and 15 missions cleared with one pilot and you will be able to recieve a terminal message where you meet Rain. This leads into the Gundam Fight tournament.

Bask - Have 8 missions cleared, Scirocco at ambivalence or higher, and Jerid at Caution or higher to get the mail "the titans are power!" No matter what choices you pick you will have Bask on your chart at that point. Of course. actually completing his missions will make him like you whereas refusing to join will anger him.

Gihren - Have 5 Missions completed, Char at ambivalence or higher, and Dozle at caution or higher. You will be able to recieve the mail from Gihren to join Zeon and no matter what you pick he too will be added to your relations chart.

As for getting Friendship, rely on Friendship missions, the Charisma and Worthy Opponent skills and the quizzes which are detailed below:

Upon meeting certain requirements, you can get access to a Quiz in the Terminal. The quiz will be 10 questions chosen randomly from a set of 40. Each one has three multiple choice answers. If you score a perfect 10, you will slightly boost your relations with all pilots.

This is something good to do when you're trying to boost relations. After each mission you fly, go into the Terminal (after you take the test the first time, you have to go into the second tab to see "old" messages to find the Quiz again) and take a Quiz or two or even three. If you continue to do this after flying missions, you'll see relations with pilots going up in no time!

Or if you prefer, you can take a moment to memorize the answers to the questions (this is pretty easy after a few tries), and just spam the quiz over and over and over and over and over and yeah...... you get the idea. It takes many perfect scores to get pilots to budge on your relations chart (especially guys stuck in Distrust and Contempt), but if you are able to do the quiz many times in just a few minutes, this could help a lot.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Quiz

-Have 20,000 total shot down and complete the "20,000 Total Shot Down" mission.

-Have 50 missions cleared with that pilot (this does not carry over to other pilots) and complete the "50 Total Missions" mission

Questions and Answers:

1) Which of the following missions does NOT contain Emma?
A) "The Mutiny of Char"

2) What is the effect of the "Leadership" skill?
A) Overall increase in parameters of allied forces

3) Viewing "Zeon's state-of-the-art Mobile Suit" on the terminal unlocks
which mission?
A) "This is No Zaku, My Friend!"

4) What is the effect of the "Piercing Shot" skill?
A) Ability to cut through enemies with beam attacks

5) In Pilot Training, what happened if you shot down Ramba Ral before your armor was depleted to zero?
A) Fa got angry

6) Which line did Crown NOT say during the "Re-Entry to Earth" scene?
A) Captain Char!

7) Watching the scene "Last Words" unlocks which of the following missions?
A) Sleggar's Final Attack

8) What is the effect of the Customize skill?
A) Improves the effects of items

9) In Jerid's mission "Torn Between Bond and Trust", which of the following things happens?
A) Kamille becomes Jerid's friend.

10) What kind of versus mode does NOT exist?
A) Battle Royale Mode

11) What kind of reward did you receive for completing the Pilot Training
mission twice?
A) Pilot Points

12) Which of the following is NOT included in the Gallery?
A) Sound Gallery Completion Rate

13) Which of Ramba Ral, M'Quve and Johnny Ridden doesn't belong?
A) Johnny Ridden

14) What does an indicator mark show on a giant enemy?
A) A weak spot

15) What is the effect of the "Heat Up" skill?
A) Increase damage according to number of combo hits

16) In the mission "A Soldier's Heart", which of the following pilots is NOT lectured by Ramba Ral about being a soldier?
A) Kamille

17) How many levels can a giant enemy power up?
A) 3 levels

18) In the scene "Char in Sazabi" from which of the following spacecraft does Char launch?
A) Musai

19) Which of the following attacks does NOT knock down a giant enemy?
A) A Boost Attack

20) In the mission "The Threat of the Tomboy", which of the following
characters is a tomboy?
A) Lunamaria

21) Which of the following characters though Roux and not Glemy was in Zeta Gundam in the mission "Attracted By the Scent of Flowers"?
A) Kamille

22) What is the reward for defeating a giant enemy without relying on "partial destruction"?
A) You get more Mobile Suit parts

23) What is Johnny Ridden's nickname?
A) The Crimson Lightning

24) Which of the following characters is NOT rescued by Seabook in the mission "MAYDAY"?
A) Judau

25) Which of the following Mobile Suits appears in the scene "Four to
A) Byalant

26) On which of the following ZAFT missions did Athrun invite you to join him?
A) "The Great Escape!"

27) Which of the following missions is NOT included in the Mission Mode?
A) Get away from here!

28) In Heero's "Scenario for Bloodshed", which of the following characters does NOT appear?
A) Lacus

29) Which is correct about Four, Rosamia, and Puru Two?
A) They are Cyber-Newtypes

30) Which of the following information does NOT appear in your personal
A) Rank

31) Which of the following must you do in order to win the mission "Domon Kasshu, Surpass your Master"!
A) Shoot down Psyco Gundam

32) Which of the following is true about Haman, Milliardo, and Loran?
A) When you meet certain conditions, their face can change

33) 38. Which of the following missions does NOT exist?
A) Sleggar and the Moonrace

34) Which of the following pilots does Char NOT fight in the mission "A Unique Man"?
A) Domon

35) Which of the following match-ups does NOT occur when fighting giant Mobile Suits?
A) Nu Gundam versus Alpha Azieru

36) Which type of attack was NOT taught in the Pilot Training mission?
A) SP Attack

37) Which character is the center of the mission "White Fang"?
A) Seabook

38) Which of the following characters does NOT imitate Lacus in the mission "Find the Songstress"?
A) Lunamaria

39) Which of the following characters did NOT appear in the Pilot Training mission?
A) Nanai

40) Which mission occurs directly after you agree to help Judau start a junk salvage business?
A) "Junk Dealers 2"

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Quiz: Expert

-Clear the "40,000 Total Shot Down" mission

-Clear the "200 Total Missions Completed" mission

1) During the opening movie, which battleship is in the line of fire of Nu
Gundam's funnels?
A) Musai

2) Which Mobile Suit cannot obtain the "Head Shot" skill?
A) Nu Gundam

3) Which of the following characters is NOT playable during demo play?
A) Athrun

4) What happens to Haro when you do something during the Now Loading screen?
A) Haro Talks

5) What does Milliardo say when he launches his Hyper SP attack?
A) You're too stupid

6) In the Personal History section, which of the following characters has the largest number of files?
A) Char

7) Which can NOT be checked in Hunting Mode?
A) Victory Conditions

8) How many types of Gundam license are there?
A) 17

9) Which of the following scenes does not have an associated mission?
A) Emma's Persuasion

10) What ship is Leina NOT aboard?
A) Rewloola

11) What happens to Haro when you do something during the Now Loading screen?
A) Haro rotates faster

12) Which of the following conditions is NOT required to play the mission
"Seeking the Ultimate Zaku"?
A) Completing the mission "The Mightiest Surface Weapon"

13) During the opening movie, with which arm does Psyco Gundam reach out towards Nu Gundam?
A) Left

14) Which of the following scenes can change your friendship level?
A) Half Moon Love

15) What does Lacus say when she launches her Hyper SP attack?
A) Do you want more lives lost?

16) Which of the following combinations grows to have the most powerful
A) Loran and Turn A Gundam

17) How many funnels does Alpha Azieru have?
A) 9

18) During the scene "Forever Four", with which arm does Byalant reach out towards Psyco Gundam?
A) Right

19) How many missions must Domon complete in order to get a Master Gundam pilot license?
A) 1

20) Which of the following characters does NOT use the Musha Gundam or Musha Gundam Mk II in a Story Mode scene?
A) Yazan

21) How many missions can be selected from the Personal History section?
A) 32

22) Which stage can NOT be selected in War Mode?
A) Texas Colony

23) Who of the following characters grows to have the most powerful Shot?
A) Amuro

24) What happens when the Mobile Suit Laboratory reaches its highest level?
A) Astonaige thanks you

25) How many funnels are launched by the Qubeley at the start of the scene "Char's Defeat"?
A) 7

26) How many missions are listed in Mission Mode when you start the game (counting identically named and non-selectable ones)?
A) 102

27) How many items can be selected in the Personal History section?
A) 72

28) Which of the following is NOT one of the conditions to get a license to pilot the Quebely Mk II?
A) Obtaining a Qubeley License

29) Which of the following is the effect of the Delta Drive?
A) Enhances Charge Attack 3

30) How many Gundam Heads are there?
A) 8

31) Which of the following combinations grows to have the most powerful Shot?
A) Amuro and Z Gundam

32) Which can NOT be done immediately after starting the game?
A) Playing the "Psychoframe Light" mission

33) Which Mobile Suit is destroyed by the Sazabi's funnels during the opening movie?

34) Which of the following combinations grows to have the most powerful Melee?
A) Domon and Burning Gundam

35) How many Mobile Suits are destroyed by Sazabi's funnels during the opening movie?
A) 6

36) Which of the following statements is true about the Personal History
A) In the end, all are missions

37) Which of the following scenes can not change your friendship level in any way?
A) Don't you feel sad when winter comes?

38) Which of the following conditions must be met in order for you to see the scene "A World of Newtypes"?
A) All playable characters become Newtypes

39) Which of the following event scenes appears at the top of the page?
A) Shining Star

40) Which can be done immediately after starting the game?
A) Playing the "The Burning Earth" mission


Also, there is this, although it is hardly simple, but worth noting:

Mission: The Power of Bonds
Prereq: Have 40 pilots in Friendship
Reward: LARGE boost of relation with all current pilots on chart, Rank 4 Parts for ALL non-Ace suits
Unlocks: Prerequisite for "TRUE DYNASTY WARRIORS GUNDAM 2"

Notes: In this mission, you have to defeat the Psyco Gundam Mk. II and the Alpha Azieru. This mission is a lot easier so long as you have a good suit with near max stats. DG Cells may not be necessary but it makes it easier. Save your allies from dying and they'll help you out a lot. The Psyco Gundam Mk. II is tough at the beginning of the level, but take advantage of pick-ups and your Smash Attacks. The Alpha Azieru is a lot easier provided your allies are alive. Link with them for Combo SP Attacks to devastate the Alpha Azieru and its funnels.

Clearing this mission gives you a very large boost with all current pilots in relations. It's important that you have as many possible pilots on the chart before beating it, as this reward only works once. Also, clear Operation Meteor before doing this if you can, because Heero and Milliardo are automatically at Caution when you join.

(Operation meteor is unlocked by clearing 15 missions and having Heero and Milliardo at caution or lower. You'll get a mail from each of them: "I'll kill you!" and "White Fang." These both unlock a mission- clear each of them and you'll receive the mail, "The True Operation Meteor" in the Terminal. If you clear all the Operation Meteor missions your relation with Heero and Milliardo will recover some, and you'll meet Relena along the way.)

Also for clearing Power of Bonds, you get Rank 4 Parts unlocked for all non-Ace Mobile Suits. Yes! Every single one that isn't an Ace (Gundam, Z Gundam, Char's Zaku, etc, etc, etc). This takes a lot of effort out of getting some Rank 4 Parts.

MAJOR credit to Axel7174, although this information was compiled from a myriad of sources as well as editted and clarified by myself. Hope this can help you knock out this achievement as efficiently as possible!
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