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See the Future

The Concierge achievement in Fable II

The Concierge

Open all the Demon Doors in Albion, or see another Hero do so.

The Concierge0
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How to unlock the The Concierge achievement

  • DL CyberSkullDL CyberSkull122,655
    12 May 2009 24 Apr 2009 15 Jan 2012
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    There are 9 Demon Doors to be found in Albion, arranged alphabetically. If you have already opened all 9 doors before downloading "See the Future", you will get the achievement when you load the game with the DLC for the first time.

    Near the entrance to Bloodstone from Wraithmarsh, amongst the sepulchers. Play the Lute for the door until it asks you to stop, then stop on green.

    Bower Lake
    Take the left fork on the road to Bowerstone. You need the following expressions to perform in it's play: Bloodlust Roar, Blow Kiss, Dance, Fart, Growl, Laugh, Middle Finger, Point and Laugh, Vulgar Thrust and Worship.

    Bowerstone Cemetary
    Follow the main path, on the right.
    This door wants meat, so kick some chickens into it.

    Near a wetland area in the south of Brightwood.
    First it will ask you for some cheese. After coming back with cheese, it will then make more demands: You must wear either dreadlocks/mullet, muttonchops/handlebar moustache, Bandit Bandana/Yokel Hat, Tart Skirt/Noble Trousers, and a Noble Gent's Shirt/Corset.

    Fairfax Gardens
    Take either of the side paths under the castle stairs.
    Open all the other doors first.

    Near the beach.
    Bring someone to the door and use the Propose Marriage expression.

    On the main path.
    Your Dog must perform 5 different tricks.

    You must have at least 50% corruption to open this door. Try raising the rent or eating yummy food.

    Near the warp point for the area, you must bring it an audience to watch it's play. Bring as many as you can, I got a bunch from Bloodstone and it worked fine.

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    ManicWarrior900Do you need help on this one ? MSG me on XBOX LIVE. Join my game, and i will open it for you :-) I live in Denmark. There might be some time diffrence, but we will work out something.
    Posted by ManicWarrior900 on 15 Aug 19 at 22:35
    Maude5891Big thanks to Oxyg3ne2221 for the help on knocking out this one
    and a BRUNCH of others : The Dolls, The fowl player, The keys, ALL Expressions, Ruler of albion,
    The Gargoyles, Make a perfect expression, The dyes The Nutcraker... BLOODY LEGEND !!!
    Posted by Maude5891 on 27 Jan at 15:14
    GhostGirlOxyg3ne2221 TY !!!
    Posted by GhostGirl on 14 Sep at 10:41
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  • Bane49Bane49331,947
    17 May 2009 17 May 2009 28 Aug 2018
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    There are 9 demon doors in Albion with each one offering treasure if you can fulfill its request.

    -Along the Bowerstone Road in ROOKRIDGE, you come past a small bandit camp with a large boulder in the centre of it. As you follow the path you'll see a demon door on your right. This requires getting your dog to perform tricks. - rewards you a Potion of Life

    -In Oakfield, if you look at your map where the path forms a loop, at the top of this path near to the waters edge is a demon door. The door requires a marriage proposal be performed in front of it. If you are already engaged/ married you must blow a kiss to your beloved in front of the door. This gets you Hammerthyst (legendary mace).

    -Bowerstone lake, the very SW path leads to a door that wants you to perform expressions - Bloodlust roar, fart, middle finger, worship, blow kiss, growl, point & laugh, dance, laugh, thrust you'll get a Lucky Charm Augment.

    -In Bowerstone Cemetery, when entering the cemetery from Bowerstone, on the right side he requires meat to open - kick a chicken at the door. You'll get the following potions - Balverine strength potion, Practiced skill potion, and Infused Will potion.

    -Brightwood, just north of the Westcliff entrance, but south of the lake with three small islands in it (south west on the map). Requires cheese. Mutton chops (Bowerstone Stylist), dreadlocks (Bloodstone Stylist) and then he will want you to wear a Strumpet Skirt (Tart Skirt) - Bloodstone, Farmer's Hat (Yokel Hat) - Oakfield, Posh Shirt (Noble Gent's Shirt) - Bowerstone Market. If you are already wearing any of those items he will ask for different ones. You'll get a Merchant's cap, Knotted Shirt, and Harlequin Trousers for your efforts.

    -WraithMarsh - North of the drowned farm on the right path requires an audience. Grab 10 followers

    -Westcliff- southwest corner of map. Right of the path when heading away form howling halls. Be halfway corrupt or more and will get you a Calavera (legendary mace).

    -Bloodstone - On the right as you enter from Wraithmarsh. you need to perform with your lute - you can buy loots from stores or find one in your travels. This rewards you with a Master Longsword 79 damage - no slots

    -Fairfax Gardens under the manor, the tunnels lead to an underground tree to access the tunnel go under the steps to the main building requires all other demon doors being unlocked first. Gives you Marcus's Poems and 50,000 gold.

    If you have already opened all 9 doors before downloading "See the Future", you will get the achievement when you load the game with the DLC for the first time
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    ComanderDrizzleI can't find a place to sell me dread locks.... i went to the knocts and they did not have it and the barber at bloodstone is never in the shot, any away to get him her to respawn?
    Posted by ComanderDrizzle on 17 Mar 11 at 01:55
    N7RedeemedTook me forever to get it to open even with the clothes on it wanted me to wear, so I tried tapping the A button repeatedly and it finally opened. Thanks for the tip!
    Posted by N7Redeemed on 20 Jul 11 at 23:09
    Atomic Clutch XIs this possible for both players in a co-op game to unlock? For example if I joined someones game, then the 1st player/host opens his/her last demon door will I get it too? Looking for someone that could help!
    Posted by Atomic Clutch X on 05 Jan 13 at 19:38
  • Vinicius MentiVinicius Menti239,846
    08 Dec 2010 07 Dec 2010 07 Dec 2010
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    None of the solutions here provides a very clear description of where the doors can be found so I searched a lot and found this great guide with pictures of the maps with a red dot marking each door location (also great site for other achievements like the silver key one):
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