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The Colourist achievement in Fable II

The Colourist

Collect the dyes hidden in Murgo's magical items, or see another Hero do so.

The Colourist0
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How to unlock the The Colourist achievement

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    I found this on a different site so im not taking credit on it. Thought it would help some people out though.

    Here are the dyes found in the snowglobe and where they are located

    1. Well Red: Its is at the end of the path as you pass the schoolhouse.Available after you free the snowglobe of the curse

    2. Performers Blue: In the windmill next to the house by the wheat field

    3. Cursed Grey: In the shadow court in the hallway. As soon as you come to the first room with shadows Go down the path with the gated entrance, It will be right there. available after you free the snowglobe of the curse

    4. Gory Glory Red: After clearing the snowglobe of its curse, inspect the house in the wheat field on the way back to the mission exit. Look at the clock inside to find a flit switch. It will lead you to another flit, which in turn leads to a chest with a note. go to the house where the note instructs,you will find another note on the table,then go to the mirror that holds the dye.

    5. Jaunty Jaundice: In the well after you dive under water into the second area. Make your way until you see a side room filled with knights armor it's on the raised platform to your right. Available after you free the snowglobe of the curse.

    Hear are the dyes found in the Skull mission and where they are located.

    1. Wisp White: Directly across from where you pick up the hollow man costume. It's in the First tomb behind the door in a sarcophagus.

    2. Balverine Brown: In the sarcophagus from where you free the first group of wisps.

    3. Nightly Blue: Just before you grab the Hobbes costume turn to the left and look for a space to jump down it's right there.

    4.Ethical Green: In the treasure chest in the Last Beacon of Hope inside the cursed skull. Before you leave after getting all the costumes, head to where you got the "slanderous" model and complete the puzzle with the Hobbe outfit. Perform the statue expression, kill the statues and then go through the portal.

    Now For the final dye, which is in the Colosseum. You will need to get three teddy bears there in order to unlock it.

    1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye. see below.

    1. First you need the Wizardly Bear. To get him walk along the side of arena when out of combat and over to a telescope on a dais(stand). read the inscription the turn around and face the moon start firing your gun at the gargoyle statues underneath the moon one of them will release the bear right into your inventory.

    2. The King Bear is behind a locked door next to two unlit candle holders. Light them up with a fireball to unlock the door and claim the bear.

    3. The Captian Bear is the hardest of the group. You need to score exactly 1985 in Colosseum points to unlock him. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you do not pick up any multiplier flits or kick any chickens. Kill all enemies until you reach the point where only bandits are spawning. Now kill all non-bandits, and save your game.If you happen to mess up you can quit without saving, reload and start again. Start fighting the bandits and when you manage to get an 85 as your last two digits stop killing them and take a step back.

    Now the strategy comes in. The large bandits are worth 30 points each, the medium size ones are 25. Avoid hitting the easiest bandits as they will mess up your score . Now just simply pick of these bandits until you hit the magic number, remembering to kill them in multiples of 100(4x25= 100/30x5=300). You can also use the multiplier flit now and double all these values, as well as use the chicken kick for a 100 or 200( if using one flit multiplier) point boost.

    A great tip is to also use your slow time spell so you can take your time and aim carefully. Once you hit 1985 you will see a message come up saying you unlocked the bear. After this you can kill as many other creatures as you like i wont effect you getting it. After the battle is over pick the bear up on the dais(stand) that was empty before. It is directly across from the one with the telescope on it. Upon picking up the bear you receive your last dye,and the AAA Teddy.

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    ArmedGamerbeastI've accidentally sold some dyes and don't really fancy starting over so does anyone have nearly all and I can watch you collect the last one ?
    Posted by ArmedGamerbeast on 04 May at 20:03
    DanPalf1991This from TheDapperBandit sorted me out on my 5th try - only addition I would say is make sure you dont hit the mini ranged hobbes as they are work like 14 or something so throw it off :)

    1. All Beetles
    2. Flit switch
    3. All Highwaymen (1065)
    4. 2 small melee Hobbes (1085)
    5. 3 big red melee Hobbes / wizard Hobbes
    6. 1 small melee Hobbe
    7. Repeat 5 and 6 until 1385
    8. 1 light-skinned Balverine (1605)
    9. 2 big red melee Hobbes / wizard Hobbes
    10. 2 small melee Hobbes / wizard Hobbes (1685)
    11. Flit switch
    12. Chicken (1985)
    Posted by DanPalf1991 on 05 May at 09:11
    GhostGirlOxyg3ne2221 helped me out here TY !!!
    Posted by GhostGirl on 14 Sep at 10:40
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  • Cer3bra1AsassinCer3bra1Asassin783,767
    28 Jul 2009 28 Jul 2009
    90 7 50
    GLITCH ALERT: If you can't score 1950 points follow these steps.
    Enter the Colosseum and stay out of the gold ring to avoid the
    fight. Now follow the steps to get to Wizard Teddy, then the
    King Teddy. Now save and quit then reload the game.
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    ONE CEL JUGGALOStill need all dyes anyone willing to help let me know pls. It's one of last two achieves I need to complete game. Have chicken suit if that helps any.
    Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 03 Jun 19 at 01:36
    byNeizoFor people achievement didnt pop, be careful, 2 different jaunty jaundice dye.
    Posted by byNeizo on 16 Jul 19 at 03:11
    fighterx93chippTHANK YOU!!!! Glitch still works April 2020!!
    Posted by fighterx93chipp on 15 Apr at 08:01
  • JaucoholicJaucoholic328,540 328,540 GamerScore
    25 Sep 2010 02 Aug 2010 22 Jul 2011
    74 5 12
    This is essentially what Cer3bra1Asassin said about obtaining the tenth dye in the Colosseum but expanding on it. If you can't get 1985 for the last teddy and/or are too lazy to get it, this video shows how to do it very quickly using a glitch. Note: If you got the King teddy and left the Colosseum, this glitch won't work for you. Credits and thanks to lonewiso for making this video.

    Edit: Apparently, you can't start the Colosseum and get the teddys, so get them before or after you enter the glowing ring and start the challenge. Thanks to tripandglide for confirming this.
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    byNeizoFor people achievement didnt pop, be careful, 2 different jaunty jaundice dye.
    Posted by byNeizo on 16 Jul 19 at 03:10
    fighterx93chippTHANK YOU!!!! Glitch still works April 2020
    Posted by fighterx93chipp on 15 Apr at 08:00
    MidwestMonsterXThank you very much!
    Posted by MidwestMonsterX on 27 Jul at 20:15
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