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Charismatic achievement in Mass Effect Legendary Edition


ME1: Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation

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How to unlock the Charismatic achievement

  • Edgrr Allan BroEdgrr Allan Bro
    17 May 2021 16 May 2021 28 May 2021
    There are two points in Mass Effect 1 where you can get this achievement:

    Your first impossible situation is on Virmire with Wrex. When you try to destroy the potential cure for the genophage, Wrex will become angry. You must talk with him, and try to reason with him as to why the facility must be destroyed. Some of the old guides for the original game say 8 points in either charm or intimidate is enough, although I can not vouch for it, as I had max charm when I got here. If you have enough points, you will be able to talk him down from his stance, and he will agree to keep on fighting, which unlocks the achievement.

    The second impossible situation is near the end of the game on the Citadel, when you can talk with Saren in the council chambers. After talking with him, you must convince him that he's become indoctrinated, and convince him to commit suicide.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: According to @Triarius, getting Wrex the ancestral armor will also count towards this achievement in the event you do not have the required points in charm or intimidate.
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    tobiasvlDoes it unlock on Virmire even if you have Wrex's ancestral armor and don't need the Charm check?
    Posted by tobiasvl On 24 May 21 at 19:36
    Edgrr Allan Bro@tobiasvl I can't confirm. I know that I didn't do it during my playthrough, but I do know that it bypasses the charm check and the achievement states to use charm or intimidate. I would suggest testing it with a save.
    Posted by Edgrr Allan Bro On 25 May 21 at 08:23
    Harley3651Gotta love choices that cause someone to commit suicide
    Posted by Harley3651 On 25 May 21 at 13:29
    Triarius@tobiasvl, Yes, getting Wrex his armor counts if you don't have the Charm/Intimidate points. All that matters is Wrex survives.
    Posted by Triarius On 26 May 21 at 20:11
    Expediitethanks homie
    Posted by Expediite On 03 Jun 21 at 22:49
    JamesDwn23There is a third unorthodox solution to the Wrex situation that counts towards the achievement. If you get to Virmire with neither Garrus nor Liara having been recruited, Wrex will survive regardless of the dialogue options taken or his loyalty being earned to ensure you're not left with an incomplete party, and the achievement will be unlocked.
    Posted by JamesDwn23 On 29 Jun 21 at 06:43
    NativeB1oodI got Wrex his armor and didn't get this? Not that it matters since I can get it later.
    Posted by NativeB1ood On 31 Aug 21 at 17:11
    SugmaBowlsWorked at 10 charm points
    Posted by SugmaBowls On 07 Nov 21 at 20:19
    Myths ArmadaI got this just from getting wrexs armour no red dialogue came up. I did have full talent points in intimidation so I don't know if that's factored into it.
    Posted by Myths Armada On 11 Feb 22 at 23:22
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