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Principled achievement in Mass Effect Legendary Edition


ME1: Accumulate 75% of total possible Paragon or Renegade points

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How to unlock the Principled achievement

  • FayMoonFayMoon
    15 May 2021 15 May 2021 15 May 2021
    You should get this achievement naturally as you progress the game.

    If you want to speed things up a little, the same "glitch" from original Mass Effect still works. Just make sure you have enough renegade and intimidate points to be able to select a proper dialogue option during the conversation with Lorik Qui'in.

    1. Go to Noveria, talk with Administrator Anoleis and then with Gianna Parasini.
    (2. Try to avoid getting the garage pass by uncovering Opold's (the hanar) smuggling bussiness as you won't be able to use this method.)
    3. Gianna Parasini will direct you to Lorik Qui'in in the bar. Talk to him and agree to help with getting the evidences from his office (go there and do the job).
    4. Go back to the bar. Gianna Parasini will ask you to get Qui'in to testify.
    5. Save now in case you mess someting up with the dialog lines.
    6. Talk with Lorik Qui'in, pick the options:
    a) Testify against Aloneis
    b) You'd be a hero (+24 paragon points) or "Damn right I will" (+25 renegade points)
    c) Talk with Lorik again, pick the option "Matriarch Benezia"
    d) "Another question"
    e) repeat from a) to d)


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    iagoYou can get it even earlier and without any Paragon/Renegade requirements. During the "Lost Module" assignment which is accessible right after "Expose Saren" once you reach the Hercules system in the Attican Beta cluster and head to Eletania. You can get infinite 6 Paragon points just by repeatedly clicking the same monkey after a save/reload. The monkey with the module is located in a mine shaft to the north in the easternmost tunnel. Still works with the LE. From the Mass Effect Wikia:
    It is possible to gain an unlimited amount of Paragon points during this assignment. To perform the glitch, begin by searching the monkey holding the data module and then saving the game. After reloading, another search of that monkey will result in the Paragon point reward being reissued to the player, despite it already being claimed before the reload. You do not need to save/reload the game between searches after the first save/reload. This results in a potentially limitless supply of Paragon points.
    Posted by iago On 30 May 21 at 12:51
    PrinceOfEterniaThanks iago, your method still works.
    Posted by PrinceOfEternia On 31 Mar 22 at 01:33
    JimmieWorldGoood old ways!
    Posted by JimmieWorld On 07 May 22 at 01:58
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  • RDSRDS#5610
    14 May 2021 14 May 2021 14 May 2021
    Do the side mission UNC: Lost Module, which is located in the Hercules Cluster, Attican Beta system. The mission itself is on the planet Eletania.

    On the planet you need to find a crashed probe to collect the data module from. However, it's been stolen by monkeys. You're looking for a monkey colony near a mineshaft. Take care not to kill any monkeys, since it voids this method.

    When at the mineshaft, head into the mine and move towards the back of it. One of the monkeys in the farthest back room has the data module you need. When you've found them, make a save and reload. After reloading, you can infintely select the monkey and get 6 Paragon points per selection.

    Enjoy your 75G and free stat points in Charm.
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    JKSullivanYeah, on my second playthrough I did this method to try it out, and it's much faster than I thought. When I first read it, I thought you had to save/reload every time and that was not correct. I concur with Fleebs - mine hung up when I got to 360 points. It seems to be fine if you take a break every so often and let the onscreen notification go away, then go back to spamming A - you can also check the Squad menu to see how far along you are.

    The Noveria approach is still the only glitch if you're trying to max out your Renegade points, though.
    Posted by JKSullivan On 20 May 21 at 15:30
    Broon43Greatest....solution....ever...!!! Wow. That is such a weird, but awesome, guide for 75G I've ever seen. Very nice find, my friend. Thanks!
    Posted by Broon43 On 15 Jul 22 at 23:21
    Vektor0Best solution. SIMPLE EXPLANATION:

    1. Select the monkeys until you find the monkey
    2. Save AFTER selecting and finding monkey
    3. Reload save and continue selecting monkey for infinite points

    Please update original solution to make this clearer.
    Posted by Vektor0 On 01 Dec 22 at 04:55
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