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Archivist achievement in Mass Effect Legendary Edition


ME1: Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries

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How to unlock the Archivist achievement

  • Papo FettPapo Fett
    14 May 2021 14 May 2021 15 May 2021
    To get this achievement, you'll have to learn about the following races:

    Council races:
    - Asari - story related, first meeting with the Council
    - Salarian - story related, first meeting with the Council
    - Turian - story related, during your first chat with Nihlus

    Non-Council races:
    - Batarian - after you become a Spectre, before you leave the Citadel for the first time, talk with Anderson and use the Investigate (left) dialogue option to ask about his past, use all the options
    - Elcor - you can find one in the embassy next to the human office
    - Geth - as soon as you meet Ashley, use the Investigate (left) dialogue option to ask her about the Geth
    - Hanar - you can find a merchant in Citadel's Emporium who will tell you more about his race
    - Keepers - you can use Avina terminal to learn more about them
    - Krogan - automatically unlocks when Wrex is recruited
    - Volus - you can find one in the embassy next to the human office
    - Quarian - automatically unlocks when Tali is recruited

    Extinct races:
    - Protheans - I believe this one is the most missable as you have to use the Investigate (left) dialogue option during the meeting with Anderson and Nihlus that happens at the beginning of the game (before landing on Eden Prime)
    - Rachni - one of the early points to learn more about Rachni is to ask Avina that's located close to the Krogan statue close to the Citadel's Emprium
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    ccliffy90Unfortunately no as soon as you start NG+ your codex is wiped I’m doing the exact same thing, starting NG+ game on casual I got them all in an hour so not to bad
    Posted by ccliffy90 On 23 Jun 21 at 11:28
    Darick 23Are said spots the only ways to get certain ones?
    Posted by Darick 23 On 29 Jul 21 at 03:18
    Valiant PhoenixThe Protheans entry is the most missable of the bunch. The original game had the same issue. It's very easily missed because it's right at the beginning of the game and requires a specific dialogue selection.
    Posted by Valiant Phoenix On 31 Jul 21 at 21:55
    simateixI got all the codex entries needed for the achievement but it did not unlock. I dont know what I did wrong but I double checked against the list and there's nothing missing. What did I do wrong? Is there an order in which the entries need to be collected or something?
    Posted by simateix On 10 Aug 21 at 20:35
    ChucklestyleSolid info. As others have said, miss the option at the beginning for Protheans and you're hosed. Earliest you can get Quarian and Krogan is if you head for Chora's Den to find Harkin immediately after the first council meeting, where you'll bump into Wrex, and then learn about Quarians immediately after by going to find Garrus at the clinic. Mostly moot anyway as you'll earn them after recruitment and can't get Batarian until after becoming a spectre.

    So Nihilus convo, Ashley for Geth, finish Eden Prime, quiz the Volus and Elcor ambassadors, Keepers Avina near tower, Citadel tower, Chora's Den, Med Clinic, Hanar salesman, Krogan statue Avina, return to tower, quiz Anderson about his previous mission, Achievement popped before Anderson finished speaking. Probably the most direct path but still took over an hour. You can skip conversations with X but that may also leave them so be careful with it.
    Posted by Chucklestyle On 13 Nov 21 at 03:04
    Antny XxDo I look under primary or secondary?
    Posted by Antny Xx On 15 Jan 22 at 06:13
    Myths ArmadaThis wasn't working for me so I assumed it was bugged. Then for some reason when I spoke to the elcor merchant in the mess hall on Noveria it unlocked. Can't remember seeing a codex entry being added though, very weird.
    Posted by Myths Armada On 07 Feb 22 at 22:45
    dale smeegleI've spoken to the elcor mentioned and finished the quest involving him and a consort and still no codex entry for the elcor. Hopefully I'll have luck on novella as well
    Posted by dale smeegle On 22 Apr 22 at 14:54
    WicelowThe Elcor entry in the Citadel didn't help.
    But as soon as I spoke with the elcor vendor in Noveria, it finally unlocked !
    Posted by Wicelow On 14 Sep 22 at 07:40
    wvgoldandblue24Just want to point out that you can get the Batarian entry during the Bring Down the Sky mission.
    Posted by wvgoldandblue24 On 03 Apr at 06:13
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