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Paramour I achievement in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Paramour I

Establish a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

Paramour I0
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How to unlock the Paramour I achievement

  • Ruchie74Ruchie74
    18 Oct 2022 01 Nov 2022 01 Nov 2022
    DISCLAIMER You need to have the disc version to be able to do this.

    This guide will give you the ability to unlock Paramour I, Paramour II, and Paramour III all in ME1. Prior to being updated, you were able to dashboard once the achievement unlocked, force quit the game, restart the game, watch the cutscene again and get all three achievements that way. Unfortunately, as discussed in other guides this was patched. But what if there was a way to go back in time prior to this being patched?

    My issue with Paramour II was discovered too late. If you romanced Liara in ME1 and rekindled your relationship in ME2 through the shadow broker DLC it will not give you Paramour II. Not wanting to do an entire playthrough of ME2 again, I thought there must be a way to go back to and unlock it how others did. I figured out a way to do it with the Insanity achievements so I figured it would work the same way.

    Step-by-Step walkthrough

    DISCLAIMER You need to have the disc version to be able to do this.

    1. Play ME1, online, updated, up to when you are going to into the end-game sequence and go to Ilos.

    2. Make a manual save here.

    3. Fly to Ilos, if you correctly romanced someone, Paramour I will unlock. You now know that this save will work. After it unlocked, dashboard and force quit your game.

    4. Go to your game and uninstall it. Disconnect your xbox from the internet and reinstall the first disc of the game.

    5. Start MELE and go to ME1 and hit resume, be sure to still be disconnected from xbox live.

    6. You will now be back at the hardsave you made prior to the Ilos jump.

    7. Fly to Ilos again, go through the romance scene, and once it is over and you see your ship flying through the relay, dashboard and force quit the game.

    8. Go to you xbox settings, reconnect to xbox live, after about 15 seconds, your Paramour II will pop without even launching the game.

    9. Disconnect from xbox live again. and repeat steps 5 through 8. Paramour III will unlock.

    You can now reinstall and update the game.

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  • Alexjb17Alexjb17
    15 Jun 2021 17 May 2021 17 May 2021
    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (PC) - Achievement - Paramour I

    Establish a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3


    If you're playing the games in chronological order, the earliest opportunity to achieve this is towards the end of the first game, just before going to Ilos. It does require that you've shown interest in at least one potential relationship up until that point.

    If you're playing as male Shepard, your options are limited to Ashley or Liara. (So don't be an ass to the one you're going for) In my playthrough, Ashley died on Virmire and I picked Liara throughout anyway as Ashley was coming across as a bit of a God-loving space-racist, which I never really noticed when I played the original over a decade ago.

    If you show interest in both, there is a point around midway through the game where they both come to speak to you and try and force you to pick one of them. You can only establish a relationship with one, so make your choice. If you do pick Ashley, make sure you stick with her on Virmire - This will cause Kaiden to be killed instead of Ashley.

    If you are playing as female Shepard, your choices are Kaiden or Liara (again), but the gist is the same - Just be nice the the one your most interested in eventually it will come into fruition. There is nothing special you need to do other than generally have positive conversations with them.

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    BownzinhoI was trying to get Liara but ended up with Ashley. Like you said she is racist but most annoyingly the racism comes up at very random points
    Posted by Bownzinho On 28 Jul 21 at 22:19
    White WyvernAnyone struggling to unlock it? I romances liara before ilos but no achievement, reloaded several times.
    Posted by White Wyvern On 14 Aug 21 at 10:39
    Azorean Mercdoes it make any diference in choosing one or another?
    Posted by Azorean Merc On 16 Oct 22 at 13:16
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