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Recruit achievement in Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Kill 250 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

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How to unlock the Recruit achievement

  • Papo FettPapo Fett
    26 Jun 2021 14 May 2021 17 May 2021
    This requires you to kill 250 enemies in ANY of the three games and across them. In other words, you'll definitely get the achievement simply by playing, but if you are a completionist, it will pop-up in the first game. Shepard has to be the one taking the final shot.

    UPDATE 17.05.2021: Please do not downvote the solution because the achievement is buggy! :(

    Today's update from BioWare should help you understand that the fix to the achievement was needed:
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    WEBHEAD78OStill bugged even after the update, I think? Had 90 some kills on the 17th which was when I first heard about the bug from the patch notes.. checked yesterday and my kills had dropped down to 40 something.. now played a bit today and my kills have reset again and I have like 15 now. So patch was 2 days ago and clearly not fixed..
    Posted by WEBHEAD78O On 20 May 21 at 01:06
    Beddie WAnybody's achievement STILL not tracking for them? The entirety of my achievements are bugged out and not tracking but I've beaten ME1 on Insanity, got all of the achievements involved but the kills has still not popped. And for the other achievements, my progress isn't displayed, like ever. Is there a potential fix?
    Posted by Beddie W On 20 May 21 at 16:29
    Allgorhythm@Heistotron - I believe the patch fixed this but it is not retroactive. Moreover, the achievements won’t track in ME1. You can see your kills in ME2 but I’d advise against going back & forth between ME1 & ME2 to check up on ME1 kills. Instead, I’d recommend getting the achievements continuously playing one of the games. ME2 is ideal because, unlike ME1, there are places where you have incessant enemy waves—seemingly infinite respawns—Reaper IFF & Dossier: Archangel to name a couple. In Reaper IFF the husk spawns at the end are infinite provided you do not destroy the core as the mission objective requires.
    Posted by Allgorhythm On 20 May 21 at 20:57
    striker2Same here, got the completionist achievements but no 250 kills , just finished Ilos , haven't played me2 or 3 yet
    Posted by striker2 On 22 May 21 at 13:16
    AllgorhythmYou should get the kills easily with ME2. There are many more enemies than ME1 especially on some of the recruitment missions. When you go to achievements in ME 2, it will show you your progress towards the achievements so you can confirm whether or not the patch has fixed your problems.
    Posted by Allgorhythm On 22 May 21 at 14:35
    ajgoesUNLUCKYI had about 1,800 kills pretty far into Mass Effect 2, then went back to Mass Effect 1 to earn the Paramore acheevos (which worked), & all my kills reset.
    As of now I have over 525 kills, much more than the 2,000 I’d need (1,800+525=2,325)
    So beware ya’ll
    Posted by ajgoesUNLUCKY On 24 May 21 at 14:53
    A DEAD B0DY MANWhere do u see kills? Not achievement tracker right? Nothing shows there... Like no % progress on anything
    Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN On 25 May 21 at 17:32
    AllgorhythmIn ME2 under Extras -> Achievements from the main menu. It will show you stats for tracked achievements. You'll be able to see achievements within game when you get the Normandy 2. There will be an icon on your desk on the top deck. It will show achievements and tracking stats.
    Posted by Allgorhythm On 25 May 21 at 20:30
    MandriliumGot this one yesterday after just a few missions in ME2 (I've only made the mordin clinic mission so far, you can check my achievements). So it definitely counted my kills from ME1 plus the few from ME2. Maybe the patch fixed the reset when you change games.
    Posted by Mandrilium On 02 Jun 21 at 13:53
    LinkedTortoiseThis one is bugged for me at least. I just got Soldier in ME1 but I don't have this one.
    Posted by LinkedTortoise On 24 Mar at 21:55
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