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Broken Steel

Devil achievement in Fallout 3


Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma

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How to unlock the Devil achievement

  • AlfindeolAlfindeol73,533
    12 May 2009 10 May 2009 21 May 2009
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    The Karma achievements are made significantly easier with the addition of the Broken Steel perks.

    The first step in getting all three achievements is to create three save files at level 28. The closer you are to reaching 29, the better, but at any point will work fine.

    Getting to level 30, not the karma, is actually the hardest part of these achievements. If you are like me, and reached level 20 long before the game ended and before you got Broken Steel, you have a long way to go after the added quest ends. The first things I would do is the side-quests that are offered surrounding Project Purity. Return to the Jefferson Memorial and offer to help Scribe Bigsley, who is inside the building. That will result in two decent quests. There is also a side-quest that can be accessed by hacking or a successful speech on Bigsley or by talking to the ghoul Griffon in the Museum of History.

    Once those quests have been competed, you will probably still have a long way to go. The fastest way to make up that experience is by hunting Super Mutants. After finishing the Broken Steel quest-line, speak to Paladin Tristran and ask if there is anything else you can do to help. He will offer you a reward for killing super mutants and bringing back blood samples to him. This is much easier than scouring ruined buildings for scrap metal, pre-war books, cameras or sensor modules. The National Mall and the Germantown Police station are great places to hunt mutants. Just make sure to get the well-rested bonus before you trade in the samples. 10% extra experience goes a long way in this grind.

    You can also increase the difficulty to get more experience per encounter. This is really a must if you are playing on easy or normal. The extra 15 or so EXP an encounter will really speed things up in the long run. Also remember to leave your companions at home. They are experience hogs. You won't receive any EXP from enemies that they kill.

    Once you get there, load up one of those files and, when you reach level 29, choose Here and Now. This perk will immediately level you up again, to 30. At level 30 choose Devil's Highway. This will set your karma to Very Bad and you will get the achievement.

    Rinse and repeat for the other karma achievements. I recommend that you don't use this method for whatever karma type you mainly play as, as it really is a waste of 2 perks.


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    mfbhrtsYep, the "Here & Now" trick to get to Level 30 straight after getting to Level 29 saves A LOT of time! Thumbs up from me.
    Posted by mfbhrts on 27 Feb 12 at 18:01
    OnzaAs far as grinding, if you don't have a strong inclination to other perks (and have an Intelligence of 4 or more) you can use Swift Learner to add 10% XP whenever XP is earned. There are three levels, thus XP earned can be increased by 30%.
    Posted by Onza on 08 Apr 13 at 21:10
    SirScumdog89I'm already level 30 messiah , if I start fucking shit up will it drop my karma thus resulting in neutral AND evil karma achievements ?
    Posted by SirScumdog89 on 30 Apr 17 at 17:10
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  • DyneDenethorDyneDenethor247,714
    08 May 2009 08 May 2009
    34 11 3
    Just before you hit level 30, save the game. When you pick your level 30 perk, choose one that alters your Karma.
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    LBCeroyit would be nice to have the here and now perk available then you only need to get to level 29
    Posted by LBCeroy on 08 May 09 at 08:05
    TitaniumRhynoif you are strictly playing to get the acievements, this is the way to do it, except save right b4 lvl 29. pick the here and now prk to hit 30 and pick one of the karma alterng perks fr lvl 30. reload and repeat wth a different karma perk.
    Posted by TitaniumRhyno on 16 May 09 at 00:28
  • MissFuchsiaFireMissFuchsiaFireThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    22 Oct 2010 26 Apr 2011
    18 1 2
    This is just an easy way to level up. I didn't discover this cheat, and I don't know who officially did, but this helped me get my last couple levels after I completed the game. I hope it helps others, too. See the video below.

    As for reaching rank 30 with Good, Neutral, and Bad Karma, refer to the other solutions. They are very detailed and helpful.

    METHOD: Have at least 2 Frag Mines with you and enter the Craterside Supply in Megaton. Throw your Frag Mine against the wall and quickly pick it up over and over again. You will get 6 experience points every time. It is a bit tedious, but it definitely adds up, and is very helpful when there isn't much left to do in the game to earn XP.

    If the man leaning against the wall on the other side walks away, just pass time (by pressing the 'back' button) and wait until the next morning and continue. I suggest saving regularly in case something goes wrong.
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    picuencheThis was helpfull in the end when there was no quests left to do.. quick learner perk gives more exp sleeping gives well rested adds to 10% exp combined it gives around 25 exp each time you disarm it
    Posted by picuenche on 08 Apr 13 at 23:31
    MissFuchsiaFire@twizm31337: That is exactly why I recorded it. I had done everything and I still needed XP and none of the other tricks/glitches on the internet would work for me until I found this one.
    Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 09 Apr 13 at 00:04
  • Mickey BurnsMickey Burns366,753
    11 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2011 17 Aug 2012
    15 0 3
    You can easily glitch your way to any level … starting after you first leave the vault.

    First, travel to Megaton and speak to Walter. Find and repair the three leaks around town (Crimson Drifter has pointed out that you must have a Repair Skill of 30 or higher to fix the Megaton leaks). If you like, feel free to complete “Power of the Atom” (if you do, you MUST disarm the bomb). Sell most of the things you carry … except for some weapons and ammo.

    Second, collect any scrap metal you find, as much as you can carry (so long as it is an even amount). The more you have for the next part, the better. Additionally, through your search for scrap metal and the locations necessary, try to stay neutral or good, and allocate any points awarded from leveling up into sneaking.

    Some decent places to gather scrap metal are the Robco Factory (located south-west of Megaton) and a wandering seller named Tinker Joe who occasionally appears outside Robco, as well as the Meresti Train Station (where you find the Family in “Blood Ties”).

    Next, make your way to Fort Independence and look for Protector Casdin. You can sell this guy your scrap metal 2 pieces at a time. This is where the glitch begins. To save frustration, save after every step. For the sake of argument, I will use 48 pieces of scrap metal as an example.

    Step one: Sell every piece of scrap metal you have on you. (48 pieces)
    Step two: Pick his pocket and steal it all back. DO NOT GET CAUGHT.
    Step three: Sell all but 2 pieces of scrap metal back to him. (46 pieces)
    Step four: Again, pick his pocket and steal all of the scrap metal back, in addition to his rifle. HE SHOULD CATCH YOU (and hopefully not attack you) AND TAKE ALL OF YOUR SCRAP METAL AWAY.

    Technically, though it doesn’t appear in your inventory, you have unlimited scrap metal (provided you got the glitch to work). DO NOT pick up any more scrap metal, or it will end the glitch.

    Immediately, head to Megaton and see your pal Walter. Sell him all of your scrap metal, which awards you XP, and you can repeat the transaction as many times as you wish until you level up to your desired level. STOP AT THE LEVEL PRIOR TO THE LEVEL NEEDED FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT.

    Now, make a few saves for evil, neutral, and good. Depending on your current status, you will need to either gain positive karma or negative karma.

    Negative karma is easy to attain. Murder townsfolk (DO NOT MURDER WALTER) and steal things.

    Positive karma is a little harder to attain. You can donate to the churches in Megaton or Rivet City (provided you did not kill the priests) or give your purified water to the beggars outside of Megaton and Rivet City. If you have the house in Megaton, Wadsworth will give you some purified water.

    Return to Walter in Megaton after reaching your desired karma and sell more scrap metal to level up once more to unlock the achievement. Continue to level up for the remaining karma/level based achievements. Load the other saves to pursue the other karma options.


    Sometimes when you try to pick Casdin's pocket at Fort Independence and steal back your scrap metal, he will attack you. This doesn't always happen ... but if it does, one or more of the following may remedy the situation (all according to research and/or trial and error):

    1) Some suggest if you have open quests he will attack. I cannot confirm or deny this, but it seems ludicrous.
    2) Some suggest if you do not have enough rep with the Outcasts he will attack. Credit to Antonysj who had this problem and his solution was to "[give] him some power armour and laser rifles, this was slow so I just went to the alien crash site and salvaged the alien blaster and ammo and gave that to him, instantly making him trust you. You can then pick the alien ammo back, and (providing you have the Broken Steel DLC) get another alien blaster later." Thank you, Ant, for providing a tried and true solution.
    3) Some suggest that you do not attempt this glitch at too high a level ... I have no idea why.
    4) Some suggest to steal the key in Casdin's possession rather than his rifle ... there are reports of players not being attacked, yet still being caught, while stealing the key. IIRC, my character had to steal everything in Casdin's possession in order to be caught, and I was lucky to not be attacked.
    5) Some suggest that if you have previously met and killed off any Outcasts prior to attempting this glitch, Casdin will attack ... which makes sense.
    6) Some suggest that karma is key ... if you're good, you're golden; if you're a bad boy, forget about it.
    7) Finally, some suggest that your CHA stat will influence whether or not Casdin will attack ... the higher your charisma, the better your odds, and if it is below 4 or 5 you can forget about success ... which makes sense because your charisma determines how people react to your character.

    What I suggest:
    First, try and steal the key and see if that works for you. If not, well, you have a plethora of options. Examine your karma and CHA and see if you can improve them. Think back to any random people you killed .... were they Outcasts? ... and you can always do like Ant did and fork over some power armor and laser rifles to improve Casdin's disposition towards you.

    If those seem to fail you, revert to an earlier save ... which could mean a "right-out-of-the-vault" save, and follow my guide to the letter. If that fails, well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some people online have even said they have had to start a new game completely ... which basically means you would have to play through the vault again. In any instance, whichever course of action you decide, be sure to allocate those points and perks into things that will aid you in this specific task ... charisma, sneak, stealing, strength (the more scrap you can carry, the better!), etc.

    Good luck!
  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,175,920
    29 Nov 2009 29 Mar 2010
    12 1 0

    To get this achievement, you need to reach level 30 with bad karma. (Either have bad karma when reaching level 30, or reach level 30 and select the Devil's Highway perk.)

    Getting to level 30

    Straightforward enough, but there are ways to achieve this more quickly. First, avoid companions.

    Second, look out for the NPCs who request certain types of items, and then watch to see if redeeming those items provides XP. Two such "standing orders":

    * Scrap metal in Megaton. (Easy to find everywhere.)
    * Pre-war books at the Arlington Library. (Excellent per-book XP.)

    Lastly, I recommend hacking every terminal, picking every lock, and attempting (almost) every speech challenge. All provide nearly guaranteed XP, without the hassle of shooting an Albino Radscorpion or Super Mutant Overlord a half-million times.


    Bad karma is easily obtained throughout the game, usually through the theft of items or the murder of wastelanders, but can also be gained by simply being mean during conversations. (I particularly enjoyed making children cry whenever possible.)

    If you have a good/neutral karma and need to decrease your karma, this is easy -- go on a killing spree in Megaton or Rivet City. (Megaton is great for using the Fat Man.) This will have some obvious gameplay effects (reduced numbers of merchants to access), however, so I suggest saving the game prior to this -- go get the achievement, load your save, and then continue.

    Neutral karma can be a tough target to hit sometimes, so my suggestion is to check your karma after each murder / mini-nuke. Once you hit neutral karma, simply stop killing and run away until you are out of range of all angry wastelanders.

    If you actually need even more karma loss than that (I did for level 30), first steal everything you see, but be careful not to be caught, as it will typically provoke a gunfight. Then go on your murder spree.

    One last note: Taking the evil path during the Power of the Atom quest will provide a lot of bad karma, so feel free to save that quest for "the right time".
  • t3chm4nt3chm4n194,910
    14 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011 14 Feb 2012
    10 0 1
    As other already have said, the hard part is to reach level 30. I found a way which no one have commented until now, so there it go...
    If you have the Mothership Zeta DLC, there is a part almost in the end (after the space walk) that you reach the weapons lab. Well, there is an area on the far left that have a button to summon enemies (raiders, robots and deathclaws). They are infinite and can't reach you for melee attacks (you stay on a higher platform without direct access). Just change the difficulty to very hard, press the 'summoner button' (multiple times if you want a lot of enemies at the same time rushing your leveling up), kill the enemies and repeat the process how much times you want. In the same area where you stay for the waves there is an archway heal, so even on very hard is almost impossible to die, just watch yourself and pass by it from time to time. I reach my levels 28, 29 and 30 that way and took me only about 40 minutes. Sweet!

    By the way, after 1 our 2 waves, if you are using an alien weapon (like Alien Atomizer or Alien Disintegrator) you will gain the Xenotech Expert perk, that will give to you 20% more damage using these weapons (which are very good in my opinion, specially the Disintegrator).

    For the achievements, everyone was already told about it:

    - Just save right before reach level 30;
    - Then when reach it just pick the Devil's Highway Perk to instantly turn you on evil status and get this:

    Fallout 3DevilThe Devil achievement in Fallout 3 worth 37 pointsReached Level 30 with Bad Karma

    - Load the savegame right before level 30;
    - Now pick the Escalator to Heaven perk to instantly turn you on very good status and get one more cheevo:

    Fallout 3MessiahThe Messiah achievement in Fallout 3 worth 33 pointsReached Level 30 with Good Karma

    - Load the same savegame again;
    - Pick the Karmic Rebalance perk which turns you on neutral status and you finally will get the last level 30 achievement:

    Fallout 3True MortalThe True Mortal achievement in Fallout 3 worth 37 pointsReached Level 30 with Neutral Karma
  • MFMegazeroxMFMegazerox150,461
    05 Aug 2010 26 Feb 2011
    8 0 0
    If you don't have any problems with a glitch/mechanic abuse, there is a way to get XP retalively fast after you leave the vault.

    Make explosives one of your tag skills as you will need a skill of 25 to do this method. Having an intelligence of at least 4 is advisable.

    First, go to Megaton and the Craterside Supply (Talk to Lucas Simms at the entrance of Megaton if you are unsure of where this is) and talk to the shop owner, Maria. Tell her you will help with her book and choose to talk about Minefield.

    After you finish talking with her, make "The Wasteland Survival Guide" your active quest. then travel to Minefield which should be where your objective marker is. Disarm two mines and fast travel back to Megaton.

    Go to the Craterside Supply and make the frag mines you picked up your active weapon. As you walk in, you should see a mercenary leaning on a wall. Head directly behind the wall he is leaning on, crouch, then throw a frag mine and pick it up.

    You should keep this process going, getting 5 XP each time you pick up a mine (up to seven with the swift learner perk maxed out). I would advise getting the swift learner perk as quick as possible to increase your speed of leveling up.

    One thing to note is that past 5 pm, Billy Crealy will visit the shop and wander, along with his girl. I recomend waiting until 8:00 am when this happens. Eventually, the mercanary will want to go to bed regardless, and you will have to wait until 8:00 am for him to come back.

    When you are only a few XP away from level 30, save, then for the first time you level up, keep your karma and get either nuclear anomoly or almost perfect, create another save, and load the previous save. This time take the karma changing perk of your choice to get another achievment. load the previous save, then pick your final karma changing perk to get the last level 30 karma leveling achievment. Then, if you wish, load your actual level 30 save without the karma changing perk and be amazed at your ridiculously strong character.

    I take no credit for the contents of the video.
  • AnUrbanKaiserAnUrbanKaiser110,777
    10 May 2009 10 May 2009 10 May 2009
    13 10 1
    There is an even eaiser way to get all three karma achievements in one go, as I have done and provided you have not yet chosen the "Here and Now" perk up until level 28. It involves reloading your gamesave, and is the way I did it before I completed "Who Dares Wins," the last mission in the Broken Steel DLC.

    Alright, what I did was right before I hit 29, was I saved my game. I was originally always good so, I leveled upto 29, and chose "Here and Now" as my perk. That gave me the ability to reach level 30 and reqach the "Messiah" achievement.

    Reload your gamesave, which was the one you have before hitting 29.

    This time before hitting 29, go to any terminal that isn't yours (like the Craterside Supply one or the Brass Lantern one) and click on it and back out. It lowers your Karma. Keep checking yor Pipboy until you get Neutral Karma. Level up and choose the "Here and Now" perk. True Mortal Achievement Unlocked.

    Reload your gamesave again. the same one we used beore you hit 29.

    Now, the last one is easy. to get the "Devil" Achievement just slaughter Megaton as a 28, level up to 29, choose "Here and Now" as a perk, and tada Achievement Unlocked-Devil.

    In the end, after I had all three achievements, I reloaded AGAIN, and finished the last mission. There was ALOT of Enclave/Stuff to kill so don't worry about not reaching level 30 by the end of "Who Dares Wins."
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