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Update 1.17.0: Caves and Cliffs: Part 1

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Update 1.17.0: Caves and Cliffs: Part 1

Wax on, Wax off achievement in Minecraft

Wax on, Wax off

Apply and remove Wax from all the Copper blocks!!!

Wax on, Wax off0
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How to unlock the Wax on, Wax off achievement

  • smashingrascalsmashingrascal
    09 Jun 2021 09 Jun 2021 27 Sep 2021
    For those who intend to do this in survival.

    In short: You need 4+ copper block/36+ ore , an axe, 16 honeycombs, Stonecutter

    For this achievement you'll need to apply a honeycomb, the wax, to all 16 copper block variants AND remove it using an axe.
    These blocks are:
    Block of Copper
    Cut Copper block
    Cut Copper Stairs
    Cut Copper Slab

    As well as their Exposed/Weathered/Oxidized variants.

    The way it works is that blocks "degrade" or oxidize over time when placed in order of:
    Normal(solid brown) > Exposed > Weathered > Oxidized(solid green)
    Using an axe on an unwaxed block reverts/polishes the block 1 step so realistically you only need 4 oxidized copper blocks.
    Use 3 of these to craft an oxidized cut block, stair and slab using the stonecutter.
    Or alternatively just craft the normal variants and have those oxidize (You'll need more copper this way but no stonecutter).

    Then just place the 4 types of oxidized variants each 4 blocks apart, apply the wax, remove the wax and polish the block 1 stage, and repeat this for all oxidation stages. You can check the achievement progress before polishing to be safe (25% per stage/variant).

    To get the materials:
    Copper: Can be mined as ore pretty much anywhere, smelted into ingots with a furnace then crafted into blocks
    Honeycomb: use sheers on beehives with honey, found most commonly in (sunflower) plains or flower forests, or occasionally in other forests or hills.
    Stonecutter and axe: Craft using crafting table

    - Blocks when placed close together degrade slower placing them 4 blocks apart, speeds up the progress by a lot. It will still take a while, use this time to place more copper of do something else.
    - Copper oxidizes randomly over time, the more blocks placed the more likely a block degrades,
    basically place lots of blocks with 4 spaces between to speed things up.

    - When using an old world, copper still spawns but not in areas that have been previously loaded/visited. Nether portals and elytra+fireworks can be used to travel distances quickly.
    - Bees attack when you collect honey, placing a campfire underneath makes them docile.
    - Applying wax: orange particles. Removing wax: white particles

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    yungmaxoMake sure you manually “wax on” the blocks by placing the copper block and hitting it with your honeycomb. Crafting the blocks in the crafting table will not work.
    Posted by yungmaxo On 24 Jul 22 at 05:44
    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo On 02 Jan at 16:16
    SpockMcCoyIEGreat solution!
    Posted by SpockMcCoyIE On 27 Jun at 11:49
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  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi
    12 Jun 2021 12 Jun 2021 12 Jun 2021
    Here's a video guide and a downloaded world for this achievement

    Shouout to MCPandagamerz for the world!

    World Download Link:

    Video Guide:
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    belgianplayer1how do you get this map on xbox?
    Posted by belgianplayer1 On 06 Sep 21 at 17:42
    JordevoirLink is broke. Please update
    Posted by Jordevoir On 01 Dec 21 at 19:12
    BiLLzuMaNaTiMy Dropbox was suspended for 24 hours due to excessive traffic. It’ll work tm
    Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi On 01 Dec 21 at 20:15
  • TheWelshTurtleTheWelshTurtle
    08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021

    items needed for this

    honeycomb & axe

    cut copper stairs
    cut copper slab
    cut copper
    block copper

    exposed cut copper stairs
    exposed cut copper slab
    exposed cut copper
    exposed copper

    weathered cut copper stairs
    weathered cut copper slab
    weathered copper
    weathered cut copper

    oxidised cut copper stairs
    oxidised cut copper slab
    oxidised copper
    oxidised cut copper
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    TheWelshTurtlei closed the realm so you got to download the world now
    Posted by TheWelshTurtle On 11 Jun 21 at 13:17
    KludgyCartoon79How do I download the world?
    Posted by KludgyCartoon79 On 11 Jun 21 at 15:15
    Goggs25How do you download worlds on Xbox one.
    Posted by Goggs25 On 16 Jun 21 at 13:41
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