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Update 1.17.0: Caves and Cliffs: Part 1

The Healing Power of Friendship! achievement in Minecraft

The Healing Power of Friendship!

Team up with an axolotl and win a fight

The Healing Power of Friendship!-57.9
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How to unlock the The Healing Power of Friendship! achievement

  • DeadOnMidnightDeadOnMidnight254,584
    08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021
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    The way to do this achievement is NOT have the axolotl kill the enemy, if you kill a mob the axolotl is attacking you will gain a regeneration effect from the axolotl. You then have to kill another mob while that effect is active.
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  • TheWelshTurtleTheWelshTurtle666,043
    08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021
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    download link in description

    items needed for this
    tropical fish bucket
    drowned zombie
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    venksbondHow can I join ur realm?
    Posted by venksbond on 10 Jun at 13:38
    TheReaper2693Put invite code on here so we can join please
    Posted by TheReaper2693 on 13 Jun at 05:52
    TheWelshTurtlei gave the buckets because that how you feed them i thought you had to feed them to help you
    Posted by TheWelshTurtle on 13 Jun at 15:54
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,673,887
    12 Jun 2021 12 Jun 2021 12 Jun 2021
  • Mr nestea 117Mr nestea 117174,358
    18 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021
    13 10 5 New
    Pretty simple to do, although finding an axolotl may prove to be difficult, once you find an axolotl, scoop it up in a bucket of water and bring it near a hostile mob, most preferably the drowned, dump the axolotl from the bucket near the mob and watch it defeat the mob

    Tip: hit the mob a few times with a sword so the axolotl can take it down more easily

    Caution: the mob can attack back and stun the axolotl for a few seconds (I think it’s only if the drowned has a trident) so make sure to assist

    Update: the axolotl can be found in the lush swamp biome
  • xVAMPMANxxVAMPMANx446,265
    09 Jun 2021 09 Jun 2021 09 Jun 2021
    6 4 0 New
    Some people are having issues so I'll explain what worked for me cause even I had issues. For starters I dug a 5x5x5 hole and filled it with water. I eventually found 2 Axolotts in a swamp and place them in the hole. The top of the water wasn't perfect so it will keep everything within the hole. They don't seem to attack anything but drowned zombies. When a drowned hit an Axolott they lay on the ground and have an effect during this time now during this time you should kill the drown and it should give you a regen effect. Achievement unlocked hopefully.
  • BobbyChezBobbyChez438,887
    13 Jun 2021 14 Jun 2021 14 Jun 2021
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    If you are similar to me, having a step-by-step guide written out is helpful. SO here goes...

    1. Get enough iron to make a bucket.
    2. Capture a tropical fish in the bucket. Almost any type of fish swimming in a tropical reef should do.
    3. Find an axolotl (there are various species of it, any will do) and swim close enough to them to feed them the tropical fish you captured in the bucket.

    **This might be the most time consuming step. I found one in a single-source water flow in a "inland" cave system and a few out in an ocean biome but never saw them in a tropical reef or swamp like others have. So you may need to explore various water sources to find one.**

    4. The axolotl should now be your "friend." Capture the axolotl in the bucket.
    5. Find a couple of "Drowned." Hopefully in shallower water to avoid drowning yourself (if you don't have a potion of underwater breathing).
    6. Release the axolotl from the bucket near the Drowned and it should attack it. Once it has done damage, defeat the first and then a second Drowned.
    7. Achievement pop?

    Hope that help with any of you that are struggling to get this.
    08 Jun 2021 09 Jun 2021 09 Jun 2021
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