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The Battle of Steeltown

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The Battle of Steeltown

Blue’s Back achievement in Wasteland 3

Blue’s Back

You welcomed Blue back to Steeltown.

Blue’s Back-1.1
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How to unlock the Blue’s Back achievement

    13 Jun 2021 14 Jun 2021 14 Jun 2021
    Make sure to:

    -Use disruption weapons all the time against humans.
    -Side with Crow at the factory sublevel.
    -When you infiltrate the Ghost Gang garage, don't fight but go west down the cave like path and disarm the traps so you will be reaching the intercom. Interact with the intercom and after a Kiss Ass 5 skill check, you will be negotiating with Blue. Agree to reprogram DI, agree to free the synths, take the quest item from his desk in the room behind him and leave for the steeltown gates.
    -Side with Crow at the gates battle*
    -After reaching the spire, free the synths and when you go back to the admin level, Blue will be there and achievement will unlock.

    *I also did another playthrough where I sided with Crow at the factory sublevel, sided with Markham and incapacitated Crow at the gates, was nice with humans generally, used disruption weapons all the time and freed the synths but made them to keep working for Markham. This is considered the fourth and best Steeltown ending. Unfortunately, Blue didn't appear in the admin level. That's why I advise you to side with Crow and make her the leader of Steeltown.
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    JG666666I don't know for certain, but I think your reputation and prior decisions, even before the dlc, may matter. Using a save where I had a very low refugee reputation, and didn't help many people along the way, I could never get Blue's conversation to trigger. But using a different save, with much higher reputation and being 'good' to everyone (before and during Steeltown) I got Blue to talk to me.
    Posted by JG666666 on 23 Nov 21 at 08:17
    SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛI think you are right. My refugee reputation was liked and I have no problems.
    Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 23 Nov 21 at 12:07
    B0YD0You can get this without using disruption weapons. Probably depends on main game decisions though, blue gives a big explanation of why he trusts you.
    Make sure to mention di should have a choice though.
    Posted by B0YD0 on 05 Jan 22 at 14:12
    Level 75 NoobI couldn't get Blue to talk to me because I talked my way out of the fight with the Ghost Gang squad in the scrapyard. It took me overloading the turbine in the hideout before Blue's disposition monologue changed to positive. My guess is the game check for how many you have killed versus how many you have knocked out. Since I killed the squad at the gates, but didn't knock out the squad in the scrapyard, my disposition was still in the negative.
    Posted by Level 75 Noob on 21 Jan at 20:41
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