The Battle of Steeltown

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The Battle of Steeltown

Perfect Pacifist achievement in Wasteland 3

Perfect Pacifist

You settled Steeltown’s problems without killing any workers or Ghost Gang members.

Perfect Pacifist-3.5
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How to unlock the Perfect Pacifist achievement

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    The first fight with the ghost gang is irrelevant. Disrupter guns have not been introduced to you yet therefore using lethal weapons when you encounter the gangs will not matter. Engage only the gangs with lethal weapons and avoid hitting the civilians.

    The next big encounter is with the first group of workers who are being threatened by the robot dog. Talk to the workers and tell them you are trying to work things out with Crow and to stand down. Tell Ludlow to pull back the dog and that is it for this encounter.

    (Having companions will make this achievement slightly more difficult but it won't void the achievement as long as they kill anyone during a battle such as shooting the last round to deplete their health. I had the golden toaster and even though he fired many shots he didn't kill anyone)

    The next section involves using computers to build the robot in order to get into the room with Crow. Make sure you have disruption weapons when you encounter the first group of workers with the giant mech. Use your speech check to threaten them to give up or you will kill them. This will cause a good chunk of the workers to back down making the fight much easier. Takedown the mech and remaining workers with disrupter weapons.

    Repeat the use of disruption weapons in the next room with the workers and mech. This one will be a bit more difficult but it's manageable.

    The next combat encounter is inside the room with Crow and Ludlow. I sided with Crow and ended up having to fight Ludlow and his robots. Use lethal rounds here as disruption weapons will not do anything to Ludlow. Focus every single attack on him until his HP depletes. He will surrender and you will have the option to arrest him. Do this to avoid any deaths.

    After this, your next task will involve finding the ghost gang hideout. They will be in the scrapyard to the West of the Steeltown gates. You will have to deal with the ghost gang in the scrapyard so use disruption weapons here as well. If you have equipped your vehicle with the disruption rockets you can then use it to help you out. After all of the gang members are nonlethally taken down you will get instructions on fighting the garage hideout.

    The next interaction will be in the garage. Go straight to the intercom and tell Blue you want to talk instead of fight. As long as you're able to talk to him you will avoid a battle. Agree to have Di fixed up but imply you want Di to have a say in this.

    In the battle at the gates where you will choose who to side with (Crow or Markham), I chose Crow. You will have to use lethal rounds to kill all the robots and Di in this section. Avoid hitting the workers and causing them to die. Take care of the robots inside the Steeltown with lethal rounds but avoid collateral damage against the staff. You can talk to Markham and get her to step down instead of killing her.

    Finally you will be at the spire. I dont think any choices matter here unless you're trying to get Blue back in Steeltown. Free the synths and do what Blue asked you to do. This may or may not be necessary but I did it and this is how I unlocked the achievement. When you go back down the elevator you will be greeted by Blue if you followed my choices. The achievement will unlock here if this guide was followed.

    If you have any further questions, comment so I may answer them. Cheers!
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    You have to use disruption weapons all the time or/and negotiate with workers and Ghost Gang members. Make sure to:

    The very first tip has been patched recently. Ignore it at your own risk
    -First fight at the gates against the Ghost Gang: The trickiest part as you don't have access to disruption weapons here so, take cover and let security handle them. This fight is very buggy and took me 3 hours to complete it. At least one Ghost has to be knocked out in every turn otherwise there is a high possibility that the fight will freeze, forcing you to reload. This depends on the AI though only.lf you have high dmg companions like the honey badger or the Soviet bot, its better to dismiss/kill them.

    Here is how to get disruption weapons before visiting Steeltown. Comment by Dustagnor:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    -In the factory (sub)level equip disruption rounds to the war bot after assembling it and side with Ludlow. Or you can keep lethal rounds and side with Crow and arrest Ludlow which is a better choice. DI will trigger this choice.

    -If you are using disruption weapons so far, Ghost Gang and Blue will avoid to fight you after a 5 Kiss Ass skill check, but you can still knock them out if you fail it.

    Achievement unlocks after completing the main steeltown questline. Using lethal weapons against robots at the Factory sublevel and at the Spire is totally okay. Knocked out enemies cant be killed by AOE lethal weapons like grenades etc.
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    KhurstI've gonethrough this quest three times now without killing anyone. I've gotten a couple of disrupters from Santa too. Achievement STILL has not popped for me.
    Posted by Khurst on 26 Feb at 17:41
    Daelus1The other solution is correct, the first fight does not count towards this.
    Posted by Daelus1 on 17 May at 03:35
    SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛThe first fight used to count on release. Maybe its patched now. This solution was made early on in release.
    Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 17 May at 10:10
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