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One and Done

Score the winning point in a game of Keepaway against Legendary AIs.

One and Done0
17 November 2019 - 12 guides

Achievement Guide for One and Done

  • STZ513STZ51375,754
    12 Jun 2010 12 Jun 2010
    83 7 19
    Note- This requires the Catch, Sugar Cookies, Pain Train, Bountiful Harvest, and Emperor Skulls

    Take time to build up your forces until you have 2 scarabs and a fully upgraded Arbiter to protect the flag.

    Map- Chasms
    Players- 1v1 (Arbiter v Arbiter)
    Gametype- Keepaway
    Difficulty- Legendary

    Immediately turn on the Catch, Sugar Cookies, Pain Train, Bountiful Harvest, and Emperor Skulls. Next build 4 warehouses and as soon as you have enough money to do so build a temple, then upgrade your base. Now use your money to upgrade your Arbiter and warehouses. After that you should use the last 2 openings in your base for a shield generator and a summit (Engineers and Banshees). Also, use temple upgrades such as turret strength and population capacity.

    While you are doing this your opponent will be building up their base and may occasionally send their Arbiter and some infantry your way, but if you upgrade your Arbiter a bit, you'll be fine.

    The first time the flag appears send the ghost you started with to grab it and run to the area ABOVE the middle. DO NOT go back to your base as the enemy will attack you. Don't work too hard trying to get this capture as it is just to buy more time before you start actually going for it. Don't be afraid to let your opponent capture the flag as its first to 3, however don't be afraid to go after them either.

    Once you have fully upgraded all warehouses and the Arbiter and purchased a summit and a shield generator, begin to save up money to build a scarab. While this is happening buy 2 turrets. After your first scarab is complete, begin building a second one. Use money you get while this is happening to build 4 banshees and then to fully upgrade your turrets.

    You should now have 2 scarabs, a fully upgraded Arbiter, at least 2 fully upgraded turrets, and 4 banshees. Now send your banshees over to the pit above the middle area. As soon as the flag spawns, send your banshee squad to capture it, then immediately fly behind your base (opposite the side facing the enemy base). Now when the enemy comes, simply pulverize them with your forces. Any money made at this time should be used to purchase engineers and more turrets, as well as to upgrade all units that you have. In between flag spawns you should move the banshees back over the pit and heal your units, scarabs are your first priority.
  • shinyshirtheroshinyshirthero293,404
    21 Jun 2009 21 Jun 2009 22 Jun 2009
    40 4 12
    Conbination of the other strategies, basically play as forge against cutter. 1v1 on chasms (the flag spawns are better on this map)

    Build two hogs to start, send one to the middle to wait for the flag and collect supplies and the other to collect them around the base. Also try to get the gunner as well as it helps with the first capture.

    At the base build a reactor first and as many supply pads as you can when you can. Upgrade your reactor and build an airpad. Pump out hornets as fast as you can and dominate the middle.

    Now it should be a cakewalk. What i liked to do was capture the flag and fly everyone to the top left of the screen as there is a massive chasm here and cutter very very rarely builds air units.

    Hope this helps
  • NORML RASTA MANNORML RASTA MANThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    27 Feb 2011
    20 2 3
    If you follow this guide you will more than likely win if Cutter decides not to build any barracks or airpads.

    1) Under Skirmish, Set up as 1v1 Chasms Map, Keepaway, Legendary AI, and Forge (you) vs Cutter

    2)First thing you want to do is build a supply pad and then a reactor (in that order). Build 1 warthog and send your other one already built to the nearby supplies to gather. When the reactor is done being built, make sure to upgrade the turrets on your warhogs (this will help with the first flag capture). After you get enough supplies build a second supply pad.

    3)By this time you should be looking for the first flag to spawn. I recommend sending the second warthog you built to the middle strip and gather supplies while you are waiting. When you get the first capture, go behind your base. Now build the 2 turrets on the front of your base (do not upgrade them yet). After the capture is complete build a 3 more warthogs. Then build your second reactor and last, your airpad. Start pumping out hornets and place the spawn point for the hornets out near the beginning of the middle strip. The second flag should be spawning about now.

    4) Upgrade your turrets on the front of your base now. Send all your troops to the center of the strip and prepare for a battle. Keep pumping out hornets. By this time the third (and hopefully final) flag has spawned. Place a health re-generator over your troops if you have the supplies to do so. After you capture the third flag its game over and BING ACHIEVEMENT POPPED!
  • cooki2222cooki222282,197
    19 May 2009 19 May 2009
    15 6 4
    Easiest way i found was to be the arbiter build up a base with temple and 4 warehouses then upgrade the base and put up a shield and summit (few engineers needed to heal the arbiter if he gets low on health) and just upgrade ur arbiter with whatever supplies u get and everytime the flag appears just be first to get to it and just run away. Best done on chasms flag always appears down that middle stretch
  • A Seizure SaladA Seizure Salad276,548
    18 Jan 2010 24 Jan 2010
    18 10 10
    If anyone is having trouble with this achievement and these solutions aren't helping try doing it the way I did:

    Start a game of Keepaway on Chasms as Forge and the enemy as Cutter. Next just hog rush him but dont attack his base, go BEHIND it. Just attack the reactors and Air Pad (or whatever it is he has) while one of your warthogs just keeps on getting the flag. If done correctly, Cutter won't build any units (other than his first warthog) and you'll win in no time.
  • Max LimitzMax Limitz84,321
    22 May 2009 22 May 2009 22 May 2009
    11 3 0
    On the same map mentioned above (Chasms) I used Banshees and Vultures to catch the flag and of course I used the Forerunner Supply Elevator to get resources faster. I needed many tries with different characters and maps until in the above mentioned 1vs1 map the Covenant opponent (Arbiter) started using mostly suicide grunts (why, I don't know). When the opponent was UNSC he used Spartans to catch my own Banshees and Vultures and it got too difficult for me.
  • natchnattynatchnatty88,568
    21 Jul 2013 21 Jul 2013 21 Jul 2013
    6 0 2
    **This is the simplest strategy by far**

    Players: 1v1
    Map: 3v3 (any works, I did mine on Glacial Ravine)
    Mode: Keep Away (Obviously)
    Difficulty: Legendary (Obviously)

    Your Leader = Forge
    AI Leader = Anders

    Skulls will make this easier, if you have the buffing skulls (catch, emperor, etc.), I suggest turning them on, though not necessary.

    Strategy: Immediately have this build:
    1) Supply Depot
    2) Reactor
    3 - 6) Supply Depot
    7) Reactor

    your main goal is to get the gunner ability as quickly as possible. After that, it's pretty much smooth sailing. I have supply depot first though so you at least get some supplies going. Put your warthog in the middle of the map, wait for the flag to spawn, grab, and take back to your base (hide in the back). The first one will be a breeze since the AI will not have the gunner ability at all. In the event the AI gets the flag first, just ram him and you will have the gunner ability up soon enough to finish him off. Then you will be free to grab the flag right after. For the second and third flag, simply mass warthogs and upgrade them, have turrets up (flame and rail is all you need). simply have 2-3 warthogs camping the middle of the map, and when the flag pops, grab and go back the base, rinse and repeat. I assume the legendary AI has too much to compute on a 3v3 map when it's only 1v1, so it makes this extremely easy. I had to take AI flag carrier down twice and still got this under 12 minutes.

    Happy Hunting :)
  • EXOmegaSpartanEXOmegaSpartan51,676
    30 Dec 2009 30 Dec 2009
    7 1 0
    Choose chasms as the map and be any covenant leader. Make your opponent Forge. 1st, build your temple and warehouses. Then capture the supply pad on the left. Then get citadel and get a summit and shield genarator or another warehouse. Keep building banshees and the get the upgrade. Keep it up until you win.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    5 1 1
    This does NOT have to be a 1v1. You can cheap out and get it with a friend/2nd box real easy. You + Legendary AI vs friend/dummy + Legendary AI. The other "human" player does nothing, and you just make sure you get the last flag not your AI backup. Although, it might pop either way. Didn't test that part, since I managed to get the last point myself.
  • TheRealKiithSaTheRealKiithSa44,030
    03 May 2012 03 May 2012 07 May 2012
    4 0 0
    I tried all the other guides at least twice and none seemed to help me but every game is different. While following the guides above the A.I. always ended up with 10+ squads before i was able to get up and running so i decided to try my own method which worked the first try so i though i would share:

    Skulls you need to activate: Sugar Cookies, Boom Stick, Pain Train and Bountiful Harvest.

    Game Preparation:

    Map: Chasms
    Game Type: Keep Away(1v1)
    Difficulty: Legendary
    Your Character: Arbiter
    A.I.'s Character: Captain Cutter

    *Note 1: I did activate all the skulls mentioned in STZ513's guide but Catch and Emperor are not necessary as i found they are not needed.

    Note 2: I am not sure how but i was lucky as Cutter captured the flag first and the unit was immediately destroyed. It was in the middle of the map so no rebel forces were around unless Cutter's warthog was damaged prior to capturing the flag and took damage in capturing it.

    1.) As soon as the game starts activate your skulls then build your temple followed by 2 warehouses.

    2.) Immediately send your ghost to the back of Cutter's base and attack his reactor. As soon as your Arbiter comes out send him to the back of Cutter's base to attack the reactor as well When you have the resources upgrade the Arbiters blades. As soon as the Arbiter reaches the reactor send your ghost to the middle strip and wait for the flag as it appears soon in the game.(Cutter will start panicking thinking he will lose his reactor and will begin making turrets and a barracks.) Cutter will pursue your flag carrier until your ghost starts firing on his warthog and when he realize's he can't shoot back he will run and will not attempt to assault your flag carrier again, so your free to gather resources with your ghost, upgrade to a Citadel and build more warehouses and upgrading them.

    3.)The flag SHOULD be re-spawned by now and your ghost will not get there before Cutter unless you kept your ghost close to the middle(i didn't as i was collecting resources). Cutter will also have about 3 warthogs with the gunner upgrade, 5-6 infantry, 2-3 flamethrowers and 2 Spartans. Don't panic just start popping out suicide grunts. Make them head towards Cutter's flag carrier and commit suicide on anything in there path. (As tight as the infantry and flamethrowers walk together if the boom stick skull activates at this time you will make short work of them.) Do not worry about killing the flag carrier this time your main goal was just to weaken his army.

    4.) As all this is happening build your 2 front turrets, give them plasma mortars and upgrade them if possible. Whatever your suicide grunts didn't take out will be heading to your base. While doing this frequently check on your Arbiter's progress. You will not destroy the reactor as the ghost and the Arbiters damage seems minuscule. Your goal was to get him to build turrets, a barracks, waste resources, have less units and force him to fight you with mainly infantry. When you get the reactor to about half life run your arbiter back to your base. ( Your arbiter might make it back to your base to help fend off the infantry also)You should also be able to get Age of Doubt at this point.

    5.)When you have the resources build a Summit and your last spot build a shield generator. As soon as the Summit is completed build 2 banshees followed by 2 engineers. When your first banshee is available send it to the middle to wait for the flag. Keep your second at your base to help defend it. Build your back 2 turrets and upgrade your turrets to max. After that you can build any other units you want.

    Note: Cutter's Spartans hijacked my first 2 banshees so i used Arbiters Rage on them (which was the only time i used his ability in the game) during this the flag appeared and they went for it so i made 3 more banshees and chased them. I attacked the weakest one first which happened to be the flag carrier. Since they were over a chasm the Spartans didn't survive. ( I shared this at the off chance it happens to you as well.)

    Note: During these first few steps your Arbiter WILL die be prepared at anytime to make another Arbiter. (The last time i scouted Cutter's base before my Arbiter left he had 3 Turrets 4 Supply Pads, 1 Reactor and 1 Barracks.)

    6.) As soon as the flag appears have your banshee grab it and head for the top right corner of the map above the forerunner supply point and just wait for the time to run out. When the flag spawns again use your other banshee that you kept at your base to grab the flag for a 3rd time and head to the same spot. Then you can bring your other banshee back down to help defend your base. As Cutter can't destroy your flag carrier since he has no air units he will rush your base mercilessly with all of his ground units each time you get the flag and will retreat when he sees he is losing as i know you all should have experience in playing this i will leave it up to you to prepare accordingly. You should be able to handle anything he sends at you at this point.

    *After Note 1: DO NOT attempt to build a scarab the flag appears very quickly from the beginning of the game and continues to do so until the game is won/lost. I had 30 seconds left after my first scarab was done and really didn't see use for it. Use the resources to build other things you think you will need until time runs out.

    *After Note 2: The only three times i got the Flag are as follows:

    At the beginning with the ghost and the last 2 at the end with the Banshees. The only time Cutter scored is when he gets the flag right after the ghost. All the other times i was able to destroy the flag carrier before he scored.

    After Game Note: I beat Cutter 3 to 1 and did not build a second base or take the forerunner supply point as i foresaw it was a waste of time when the flag was the main priority and it seemed i did not need them.

    This is only the method i used. It does not mean you have to follow it to the T and it does not mean it will work for everyone. It is just the method i used.
  • 7 4 0
    What I did is I was any human charater and I made hornets on blood gulch I got the flag and then just hid in the back trail behind your base and had turrets up and I got this achievement on my first try
  • Tyber ZannTyber Zann39,661
    08 May 2010 08 May 2010
    2 2 0
    Set up a skirmish match with the following settings:

    Players: 1v1
    Map: Blood Gulch (1v1)
    Mode: Keep Away
    Difficulty: Legendary
    You: Professor Anders
    AI: Sergeant Forge

    Firstly you'll want to build 1 reactor and 4 supply pads, together with 2 warthogs and 2 turrets at the front of the base with the initial money generated. This should give you enough time for the first flag to appear. Next you'll have to build 2 more warthogs and turrets, 1 airpad and 2 hornets to protect the flag carrier.

    Sgt. Forge (in my game) only sent over warthogs to the Forerunner Teleporter behind the base, which the turrets/warthogs/hornets could easily kill off.

    This not only unlocked the One and Done achievement, but also the Penny Pincher and Big Al's Scooter achievements.
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