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Call me "No Touch!"

Complete Career Mode and retire undefeated.

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How to unlock the Call me "No Touch!" achievement

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    07 Jun 2009 08 Jun 2009 08 Jun 2009
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    Start out as the Heavyweight class. When ever possible, spar with your sparring partner. After the training match, you can upgrade your attributes. Then what I did was I maxed out my stats on standing strikes punches. Also when you choose to fight some one always choose fighters with Kick Boxing, Wrestling, or Boxing. If you chose a BJJ fighter or Muay Thai fighter, they will take you down and keep you down. Unless your an expert on the ground game, then go ahead and fight them. Since I'm not, I always choose Boxing and/or Wrestling. When the fight starts, land a few leg kicks and then land 2 power punches, keep on repeating and you should get him on the ground for a TKO, or even knocked out. Today I got the achievement, Call me "No Touch!" I went 35-0, so I'm guessing you just have to play 35 matches to get the Hall of Fame Achievement and the Call me "No Touch!" Achievement. One more thing, if you know that you are going to loose to the point where you see your mouth guard on the mat, then press the Xbox Guide and Press "Y" to go to the dashboard. From there, load up UFC 2009 Undisputed, the last save will be after the last sparring session or even sooner depending if you manually saved the game.

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    BPBPBPBPBPBPBPSo did I, The faster you rank up the more time there is between fights. More time in between fights equals a lesser amount of total fights before your contract expires. Mine expired July 2016.
    Posted by BPBPBPBPBPBPBP on 09 Jun 09 at 03:15
    BkLiveWireYea, mine was June or July.
    Posted by BkLiveWire on 09 Jun 09 at 05:14
    monkeyboy3009You can retire before this, so i went to retire and did it but no achievement popped if i choose to retire myself :/
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 18 May 13 at 09:44
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    29 Jun 2009 29 Jun 2009
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    I followed a build a good caf guide from Games Radar. Basically, The first few years, i spent nothing on Skills, and maxed out my Welterweights Cardio first, then speed. Once they were maxed, I tghen began the Strength, and once the strength was up I started sparring once my partner was upgraded to level 5. You can win all your fights entering with no stamina, Eitehr get mount and gnp them or body blows incessantly untilt hey are rocked regularly, then take yoru time with whatevr finish you want. I went through the entire career, (Maxing Bjj first then Kickboxing) and I had a total of 5 submission victories,( i tried for many more they are hard..) Once my guy was at max, in my final Retirement fight title defense, I chose Kyro Parisian,( I had submitted him before) And I ran straight out clinched, one uppercut followed by fying armbar submission. Got my first ever sub of the night, and clinched the bonus cheque as well as the mno touch achievements. Only had to restart matches 11 and 12 but once over that tough fight zone it was plain sailing. (on beginner)
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    GHENGISEANIEPh yeh dont forget that when you make your career guy, Clone a previous character which has already unlocked training camps etc. If you set the shorts up first,(before copying the fighter) you will get the max cred per fight thus never having to go through all those crappy menus again.
    Posted by GHENGISEANIE on 29 Jun 09 at 15:40
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    what i did was i chose lightweight kickboxer/wrestling ( i made urijah faber) i started out by maxing out my strength then i sparred and got my standing kicks maxed out. then i maxed out speed then sparred and maxed out standing strikes then cardio then maxed out the rest of my skills. once you get strength and standing kicks up u shouldnt have to worry about losing and restarting...when you win the title NEVER face bjjfighters only wrestling and judo.... striking technique doesnt really matter b/c if you do kicks and superman punches they wont be able to get close to there special moves like muy thai clinch and ducking hook and stuff like that. but if you do happen to lose then either restart your 360 or just press xbox guide button then go to dashboard
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