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Black Belt

Win 100 Ranked Matches with a CAF or UFC fighter in Xbox LIVE.

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  • EffordEfford642,001
    28 Jun 2009 08 Apr 2011 04 Jan 2012
    15 0 5
    Legit : If you want to do this achievement legit there are a few things I suggest you do.

    1. Stay away from CAFS. Usually they are stack with 100 everything.

    2. Stay away from people with good records.

    3. Dont toy with anyone. Flash KO's do happen and are extremely frustrating. Remember, youre going for wins not XP.

    4. Pick or stay away from Damien Maia. His submissions are crazy. If you get matched up with someone in middleweight and they pick Maia. There is a good chance they will try to submit you early.

    Boosting Partner
    1. Pick Middle or Heavy Weight.
    2. The Winner pick Damien Maia or Frank Mir. Noguira would also work for Heavyweight.
    3.Meet in the center of the Octagon and hold the LB and push the right stick towards your opponent. (You should be single collar clinched)
    4. Click the LB and Right Stick. (Pulls the flying Armbar)
    5. Your partner should let you submit them.

    This is the quickest method.
    -Hope this helps.
  • BootlessScottyBootlessScotty145,879
    10 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011 21 Apr 2011
    5 0 0
    Easy way of doing this is caf and put his kicks to 100 make sure your fighting style is kick boxing and have a friend do one and leave all hes stats at 0 now when the fight starts walk up to your friend and stand at head kicking distance and have your friend punch the air as soon as you see him get tired give him a head kick one hit knockout most of the time great way to earn fans as you receive the one hit gold medal each time i managed to get from level 30 to 50 in less then an hour useing this method hope it helps.
  • Shad0w Killa 93Shad0w Killa 93130,159
    05 Jul 2009 05 Jul 2009
    2 3 2
    this is very simple. i prefer you use a fighter with boxing and bjj skills for ground and pound and submissions. it would also be wise to create a fighter with those fighting styles.

    this would take about 1 week maybe even 2 weeks. so just be pacient
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