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Gold Digger!

Obtain all the gold medals in a Xbox LIVE Ranked Match Weekly Mission.

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Achievement Guide for Gold Digger!

  • Z0mbieKittehx3Z0mbieKittehx3118,147
    11 May 2012 16 May 2012
    19 7 12
    I bothered thq and they told me Please do not reply to this email. To help ensure a prompt response, please click the link at the bottom of this email to refine your question.

    "On 5/15/2012 you posed a question to THQ which was noted as inquiry 189077.

    The question you posed and our response are listed below.

    Your Question, Comment or Feedback:
    So what do i do to get my achievement? if i can't get it then
    why did you mess up your programming for the patch and not
    fix it? thanks i will not be participating in any other thq

    Response :
    Thank you, Ryan , for contacting THQ Customer Support.

    The developers are not going to revisit this issue with any patch and there is no way to obtain it currently.

    Best regards,

    Chris B
    THQ Customer Support"

    so they won't fix this and in a previous message he stated they were aware of the glitch and sorry for the inconvenience.

    so assuming that this is said. its 100% unobtainable for us consumers of this product that has had a problem since 2009. Fuck you thq.
  • MegaManSurvivesMegaManSurvives358,531
    08 Oct 2018 09 Oct 2018 02 Jun 2019
    13 5 18
    Update! As of 10-11-2018 this achievement's status is back to unobtainable. The only reason it was obtainable for a short period of time was because a leaderboard service named TrueSkill that went down for about two weeks, during this down time the achievement was obtainable. It's back up now so no clue as to when it would be down again if it does go down again. Any related info would be great and I'll add it to the solution.

    Update!! As of 10-7-2018 it is now Obtainable!
    The skinny: you need to get 5 Gold Medals:

    #1 Gold Reviving from Defeat- this is for winning a round after you've been "rocked" (when the screen turns grey) that same round. To do this just have your friend use the LB while punching you and that will perform fierce punches, these are powerful and will rock you easily. To increase your chances of getting "rocked" create a fighter with NO stats, also counter-attack your friend if your still struggling.

    #2 Gold Submission- this is for submitting your opponent without missing a hit and while doing it on preferably your first submission attempt (I got it on my second). To do this flick the right stick in the direction of the opponent to get into grapple mode near them, I found that by holding LB and aiming for a low dash I could increase my chances of taking him down (I'm not too good at the grappling/submitting). Then when you are on the ground press IN the right stick to change to a better position. Keep changing till you get ahold of an arm-bar or something like that. Then I just rotated the control stick while pressing LB n a bunch of buttons. (This was a frustrating part for me, add any successful info and I'll add it to the guide).

    #3 Gold 10-in a Row- this is for winning 10 fights in a row (by knock-out or TKO, or tap-out), also they don't have to be in one setting.

    #4 Gold 1-hit Victory- this is for your opponent in 1 hit only.

    Part 1:
    First create a new fighter (go to basic information>general information, then name them so you can keep track of them). Make sure his weight is Heavy-weight by changing his weight with the right stick. Then change his grappling to Wrestling in techniques, as well as striking to Muy-Thai under techniques. Then go to attributes and Max out strength. You should have 4 points left, put them in speed or cardio, I did speed. Now save, overwrite if need be, then finish.

    Part 2:
    Have your create-a-fighter fight your friend with his new zero stats fighter. Have him gass out and empty the yellow bar by punching. Do a flying knee at this exact moment to 1-hit K.O. him. May take a few tries. To do the flying knee, stand mid distance away, double flick the left control stick towards your opponent and upwards at an angle, immediately followed by holding LB and pressing the B button.

    #5: Gold The Beast- for this one you need to do 70% damage to your opponent, then K.O. him. You'll want it 5 rounds to be safe.
    Round 1: kick his legs only (to do this I believe it's hold Left Trigger while pressing B for kick). Remember to keep a moderate distace away.
    Round 2: kick/punch his body, you are aiming for the ribs, you'll see them turn red if you are doing it right eventually.
    Round 3: have opponent block face strikes (RB I think) while you stand mid distance away and punch his blocking arms, just do jabs.
    Round 4: punch face whole round but only using jabs, no strong strikes and don't touch the directional stick either when you are punching.
    Round 5: go to town on him holding LB for fierce moves and K.O. him right from the get go.

    I got a Silver Trophy (I assume for inadvertantly getting all the required Silver medals while trying for the Gold's) but I'm not 100% sure that that's the case. And I also got a Gold Trophy right when the achievement popped and I received my last needed Gold medal. If you have any questions or see a way I can improve this guide just message or comment and we will make it happen. Thanks and enjoy your newly now obtainable achievement thanks to THQ Nordic.

    If you leave a negative vote, please explain why so I can improve it.
  • Shad0w Killa 93Shad0w Killa 93130,243
    14 Jul 2009 12 Jul 2009
    17 13 41
    Without further do, HOW TO GET THE GOLD DIGGER:

    You must have a friend help you with getting the 5 gold medals required to get the trophy, you help him, he helps you.
    (I believe you also need the 5 silver and 5 bronze medals to get the trophy, but these are easy and you dont really need help with them).

    It is obviously best if both of you have mics to communicate, almost necessary. In order to FIND EACHOTHER in RANKED ROOMS (necessary), one person host a room with these settings and have your friend search these settings: 2 rounds, heavyweight, CAF ONLY, OFF, OFF

    That is how you find eachother, now for the medals:

    1 punch KO (or win with a single attack):
    the hardest medals to get.
    Create 2 CAFS each. Both of you go create a heavyweight fighter with MUAY THAI striking style and WRESTLING grappling style. MAKE SURE you put all points for strength (at maximum strength possible and remaining points to either speed or cardio, doesn't matter). MAKE SURE you put all attribute points for STANDING KICKS OFFENSE (it shows 100 but it actually gives you a boost to 115 because of the Muay thai style)
    Make another heavyweight CAF, but this time with absolutely nothing, no increases and no points (doesnt matter what fighting style).

    So you should both have 2 CAFS (1 heavyweight muay thai wrestler with max strength and max standing kicks, 1 doesnt matter style with the weakest ratings WITHOUT any boosts)

    Now, find eachother (as mentioned above) in a ranked room. You select the Muay thai with max kicks and have your friend select the weak no attributed fighter. When the fight starts, have the weak fighter simply keep punching or kicking until stamina is completely down and yellow. Then you as the muay thai fighter simply run across and give him a strong flying muay thai knee to the face (while his stamina is at the lowest possible). Guaranteed you will get the single attack knock out!!!! GUARANTEED !!! (if you did it correctly)

    10 wins in a row: easy, just help eachother win 10 times in a row (better yet, get it normally by playing online)

    Win at 70 % damage: You and your friend find eachother in a 5 round fight (preferably with UFC fighters). Round 1: keep kicking his legs the entire round. Round 2: keep punching and kicking his body ONLY (if he gets rocked, just wait for him to recover and continue. Round 3: have your friend block face strikes the whole round while you punch his arms (to hurt his arms, avoid strong strikes to the face even if hes blocking to avoid an accidental knock out). Round 4: punch his face the whole round BUT AVOID strong strikes, simply punch without holding any direction (jabs). Round 5: GO for the KNOCK OUT!!!! (hurt him some more if you like before the KO)

    Win when ROCKED: very easy, just have your friend kick you in the stomach until you are rocked, once rocked make sure he lets you recover. Once recovered, simply KO him (this is easier if you fully mount him and then guarantee the finish)

    Finally, submit on your first try without missing any strikes: Easy, you actually don't even need to strike once (although if you do strike it cannot miss not even once). YOU MUST submit him the first time you try to submit, Simply have your friend let you take him down and submit him and tell him not to press any buttons, you will GUARANTEE SUBMIT him if he lets you.

    And u should have Gold digger in no time. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Big EllBig Ell847,256
    06 Oct 2018 27 Jun 2011
    15 16 12
    If everyone could please visit this website

    and leave a NICE message about the achievement being glitched, and what it would mean to communities such as ours to have it fixed, that would be great.

    I personally told them that I did not buy UFC 2010 and would not buy UFC 2012 until they patched UFC 2009.
  • Viva La BarkerViva La Barker80,929
    12 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009
    8 9 5
    Me and Gon AWOL found a awesome way to get that OHKO, we created two players, HeavyWeight, make one as tall as poss with max strength and max kick off (kickboxer) then make the other as small as poss with no stats. enter the match up, meet in the middle, the timing has to be bang on. the weak fighter go for a low kick and the strong go for the head kick. if timed right you will knock your mate right out. we tried many times and this method is perfect. we both now have gold digger :)
  • Soulfly94Soulfly94101,174
    04 Feb 2010
    8 11 5
    this achievement is now glitched and cannot be unlocked due to a patch they did, i got all gold trophies about 3 times within 1 day, and it didnt pop up. so to everyone who is tyring to get te achievement your out of luck for now until they finish, hope i could help anyone out with this
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