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Red Belt

Reach level 50 or higher in a Xbox LIVE Ranked Match.

Red Belt+1.2
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How to unlock the Red Belt achievement

    25 Mar 2010 25 Mar 2010
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    The key to achieving this quickly is the medals you receive after the match. I have found if I earn enough medals post match I will get a silver trophy which doubles the xp of the match. Of course this is easiest with 2 friends.

    The medals are as follows

    Special One Hit
    Counter Kill
    Lightning Fast
    Fierce attack
    No Injuries

    Basically wail on the other player with a jab straight combo. This earns you the fierce attack medal. After they are around 70% health, the losing player starts throwing jabs. Start throwing haymakers (LB+Y, or LB+X). The goal is to time the punches so that the jabs get countered. If all goes well you'll KO him with a one shot. Typically the match will be over within 2 minutes.

    I know there is a gold trophy available but I have been unable to earn it. If anyone knows a better technique to earn more medals and hence get that gold trophy (3x multiplier) please let me know.

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    DSTEW DASThese are all of the medals-
    Mount - During the match, obtained the mount position = 5 points
    Reverse The Situation - sweep out from the mount position = 5 points
    KO - Win by KO = 10 points
    Tapout - Win by submission/tapout = 10 points
    Mesmerizer - Get 1000+ fans in one game = 10 points (and 1000 fans)

    Fierce Attack - Use 5 combos within 10 seconds = 15 points
    Counter Kill - Win by KO with a counter strike = 20 points
    Special One Hit - KO the opponent by using one technique = 20 points
    Lightning Fast - Win within 1 round = 20 points
    No Injuries - Win with no wounds and at least 80% HP = 30 points

    The Beast - Win with the opponnent's entire body's HP reduced to 30% = 50 points
    Submission Award - Win with no missed hits and a submission on 1st try = 50 points
    Revive From Defeat - Win when you are rocked = 50 points
    10 in a Row - Win 10 consecutive games = 100 points
    One Hit Victory - Win with a single attack = 300 points
    Posted by DSTEW DAS on 07 Jul 10 at 00:56
    troyoyIf you can boost with a friend you trust I recommend having 1 guy get his 100 wins in a row then switch. I am currently using 2 boxes and 2 copies. Getting multiple wins in row also helps. Besides the extra 100 for every 10 in a row at about 50 in a row I get a extra 120 a match. For being on a 50 win streak and the # goes up a little with each consecutive win I keep getting. I think I am level 33 from just 50 straight wins and no one hit victories.
    Posted by troyoy on 21 Mar 12 at 15:49
    monkeyboy3009I never get my combos done :/
    And I have don the counter one so manny times and no Ooh, in ya face cheevo :/
    What do I do wrong?
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 08 Apr 13 at 19:24
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  • nanoc1111nanoc1111160,515
    24 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2015
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    IMPORTANT: you need to know how to make a takedown and how to so the Mount Position. I can't Upload pictures because i dont want to get in trouble with Copyright & other Stuff.

    I used some methods from SPARTANKING8675's Solution and i tried some other ways to boost it faster, thats what i did: if you Follow his Solution You will get 100-200+ Points

    If you jab (X+Y) until the Time gets 1:20 or Less, then you should take your Opponent in a takedown and do the Mount Position (you should sit on his Body) and now you should make a Submission (Press the right stick for the Arm Bar) and win the Match. If you did everything right you should get 6-8 medals (the Submission gold medal, and sometimes the 10 wins in a row medal will coming too) with 200-300+ points. I dont know if you get more XP when you are in a high level but i get always 200-300 points so thats all i know. Its hard to Counter a jab for the 2.0x multiplicator, i tried my Own way and i am Level 40 now.

    Original Solution is from SPARTANKING8675 all credits to him, i just tried to Write my Own Solution. If you vote negative please let me know why so that i can help you out. Sorry if you don't Understand everything, i am german. Happy boosting toast
  • SwopeyxSwopeyx188,102
    20 Jun 2012 15 Jun 2012
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    Beware, if you fight people who are low levels, and you win, with no bonuses, you will get very few points. If you lose, you will lose a lot of points. Sure, the guys at higher levels have a great chance at beating you, but the rewards for winning (and losing) are much, much greater, especially in comparison.
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