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Veteran Commander

Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty

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How to unlock the Veteran Commander achievement

  • Batman5273Batman5273301,508
    28 May 2009 01 Jun 2009 29 Jun 2009
    188 48 86
    How to beat this game on Easy and get the Medium & Hard achievements

    *You will need TWO 360 controllers and a backup account signed in to do this trick.

    Step 1 - On your MAIN PROFILE/first controller (the one you want the 1000gs to go to), beat the entire game on Easy. On this difficulty it will only take you 4 hours or less

    Step 2 - After you beat the game go ALL THE WAY OUT to the main title screen. With the BACKUP PROFILE/second controller start a NEW GAME on HARD, choose Co-Op, and join with your Main Profile/first controller when the game screen tells you to press start. Right after the new game begins (when you get control of John Connor and hear a guy ask "John are you okay?") quit out back all the way to the main title screen again

    Step 3 - With the Main Profile/first controller, select Replay Scenario. Choose "For The Resistance" on Hard and Co-Op, joining with the Backup Profile/second controller when the game tells you to press start. Now beat this level. If you don't have anyone to play the Backup Profile/second controller, just have it idle while you do all the killing. It's a very easy and short level, even on Hard. After you beat the game the Backup Profile will get the achievements "For The Resistance", "Seasoned Commander", and "Veteran Commander".

    Step 4 - Now exit out to your Dashboard, go to My Xbox / System Settings / Memory / Hard Drive / Games. Scroll down to your Terminator Salvation save file. You will notice both of your accounts that played the game have a save file created now. Now, DELETE the save file for your MAIN PROFILE. If you own a memory card, back up the save first if you aren't sure about this or don't trust me. After you delete the main save, this will only leave the save for your Backup Profile

    Step 5 - Boot the game back up again. With the Main Profile/first controller start a NEW GAME on Hard and Co-Op, joining with the Backup Profile/second contrller when the game tells you to press start. Again, right after the new game starts quit out just like in Step 2 and back out to the main title screen. I cannot stress how important this step is, if you don't do this you WILL NOT get credit for the Medium and Hard achievements

    Step 6 - With the Backup Profile choose Replay Scenario and select "For The Resistance" level on Hard in Co-Op, joining with the Main Profile/first controller when the game tells you to press start. Again, beat this level. This time when you complete it your Main Profile will get the achievements "Veteran Commander" and "Seasoned Commander" and you will now have 1k in this game without having to play all the levels on Hard.

    credits to YouStayClassy at x360a

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    A bit complicated but thanks.
    Posted on 19 Apr 20 at 03:27
    xMorettiWorking just fine.
    Posted by xMoretti on 05 May 20 at 02:15
    WolfcryGamingHappy to confirm that this method still works in Jan 2021 clap
    Posted by WolfcryGaming on 21 Jan 21 at 01:53
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  • Ruthl3ss ReaperRuthl3ss Reaper301,757
    21 May 2009 21 May 2009
    45 8 9
    Hard is actually really easy pretty much the thing not to do is run out like a badass & shoot like crazy.

    Key tips to passing hard mode.

    1) Make good use of the cover system where you can slide from one cover to another.

    2) Dont waste ammo by that i mean when you fight the spiders dont bother shooting the front of the them cuz all it really does is shut them down for like 5 seconds.

    3) Use grenades wisely they can be a life saver in hard mode, The pipe bombs are really really good so dont waste em your better off saving them for the T-600's & skin jobs considering regular grenades do very little damage against em.

    4) Keep the shotgun dont switch it for anything, i say this because it helps more than machine guns & they take the aerostats out in like 1-2 hits so you dont have to waste machine gun ammo on them.

    5) Make great use of the rockets dont bother using them on the spiders unless you got a supply nearby because rockets do alot against the T-600's & skin jobs.

    Hope this helps it's really simple it should'nt take that long to finish the game on hard but it all depends on the type of gamer you are.
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    Ruthl3ss ReaperBefore you started the game on hard did you test out a level on hard via mission select?
    Posted by Ruthl3ss Reaper on 05 Aug 09 at 01:03
    Iceberg082006Beat it needed second controler a few timed but not much. I enjoyed the game it's not that bad.
    Posted by Iceberg082006 on 30 Jul 10 at 04:51
    Daggertoes83The shotgun is a beast in this game. Especially against those flying robots.
    Posted by Daggertoes83 on 23 Jan 12 at 02:30
  • Caxton8Caxton8188,543
    05 Dec 2009 12 Aug 2010
    16 0 0
    If you want to solo this, (like i did), i recommend not even starting the game on medium. This way you get both achievements when you complete the game on hard mode, hit two birds with 1 stone.

    In my opinion ard mode is pretty easy, just take your time and use cover to your advantage (the enemies are pretty stupid)

    Always use the shotgun, its range is unreal. The shells go about the same as an assault riffle. I use this to take out those anoying flying things. Never waste ammo, you need it more than you think, the terminators and skin jobs take alot of firpower to take down.

    The level where you are in the robot tank thing (forgot the name) is pretty anoying, just watch your surroundings and kill as much as you can.

    The enemies that you need to flank (t-600 i think) are pretty easy, use rockets or just get behind them and let your enemy grab their attention. When you see its pack just spray the weak point.

    When this is all done, you will be 1000 gamescore richer :D
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