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How to unlock the Revolutionary achievement

  • DanyDanmanDanyDanman51,498
    24 Jun 2009 23 Jun 2009 22 May 2013
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    This solution contains a list of all 28 Radio Missions that will pop up during the game. This achievement will be much easier if you do it on a fresh game, as repeat radio missions will not happen unless you beat the game - so it will be easier to mark off the ones you have done. When you liberate an area, radio missions will not appear for that section until you beat the game.

    First will be a visual version.


    * Green - Convoy
    * Pink - EDF Assault
    * Blue - Interception
    * The Dots represent where the missions START. They are not where you should be. Spawn points vary, and the general consensus is that as long as you are within the general area, that particular one will spawn.

    Red Faction Map

    Next, a text version. In my descriptions, I mention "spawned" as the general area where I was when this appeared. As said before, as long as you are around the general area, it should spawn no problem. If you miss or fail a mission, it WILL come back. Interception missions will NOT repeat if you have already completed it. Only Convoy and EDF Assault will repeat. If you get a mission you do not want, warp to a Safehouse, or quickly go fail a Demolition Master or Transporter.

    Parker Radio:
    * EDF Assault - Red Rock, central Parker
    * EDF Assault - SW area in a little nook

    Dust Radio:
    * Convoy (Destroy) - Headed to Parker, starts at very top - spawned after first mission (Rally) near the pit.
    * Convoy (Capture) - Leaving Chem Depot, ends at very north - spawned on the path to the bottom safehouse, just after that spot was destroyed (could be coincidence)
    * EDF Assault - Bottom area in the center, the housing complex in the caves
    * Convoy (Destroy) - Leaving old mohole comm station (the long squiggly road in the NW corner) - spawned while in the bottom section near the central housing caves
    * Interception - Starts up north in Wind Farm - spawned just below while near the Guerilla Raid icon
    * EDF Assault - Bottom area in the center, the housing complex in the caves (yes, this spawns two times at this spot)
    * Convoy (Capture) - Starts at SE House Arrest, heading to Oasis - spawned after unlocking Dust Liberation Mission
    * Interception - Starts near the SE corner - spawned while near the House Arrest nearby
    * Interception - Starts next to the pit in Dust - spawned on right side of Parker near Dust/sensor towers

    Badlands Radio:
    * Interception - Starts at SW entrance to Badlands base (first one) - Spawned while at the Ore Deposit near the NE Transporter mission - up on the ledge, not at the curve
    * Convoy (Destroy) - Leaving Badlands to FFZ Artillery Base, cuts through Dust

    Oasis Radio:
    * EDF Assault - NE corner
    * EDF Assault - Safehouse
    * Interception - Starts at NE corner - spawned while at the ore nearby
    * Interception - Starts at SE corner - spawned while heading towards the Liberation Mission, around the entrance to the Residential Area (SE corner)
    * Convoy (Capture) - Starts in Oasis, ending in Dust Chem Depot
    * Convoy (Destroy) - Starts in Oasis, ends in Badlands Outpost

    Eos Radio:
    * Interception - Starts to the right of the NW corner - spawned just above the high priority bridge
    * Convoy (Capture) - Starts at FFZ Artillery Base, ends at Martian Council - spawned around middle of map
    * Interception - Starts at NE corner - spawned just below the entrance to Martian Council (near the monument / Story
    * EDF Assault - Nearby the House Arrest in the SE corner
    * Convoy (Destroy) - Starts at Martian Council, ends at FFZ Artillery Base - spawned while waiting around at Jenkins mission on right side
    * EDF Assault - SE corner gas station
    * EDF Assault - North of Memorial Bridge
    * EDF Assault - To the right of the previous EDF Assault (has a blue statue in the middle)
    * Interception - Jenkins (can only be done once all collateral damage missions are complete - Jenkins talks about killing the Red Faction) - starts in Martian Council near the Heavy Metal mission *may only be accessible after you beat the game*

    Vogel Radio:

    Thanks to

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    B Scrizzle21Any new maps available for this achievement?
    Posted by B Scrizzle21 on 23 Jul 17 at 08:46
    GsO LightI'm stuck at 103/104 and I've spent so many hours looking for the last one, I'm pretty sure it's the Jenkins interception but the stupid convoy from EOS to FFZ keeps spawning even after clearing cache, starting to wonder if I missed another radio mission facepalm
    Posted by GsO Light on 31 Oct 17 at 00:59
    Vengeful VoidHave anyone good ways to get the Parker Radio missions ?

    cry pls help
    Posted by Vengeful Void on 22 Nov 17 at 23:04
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  • Rusty3538Rusty3538110,561
    20 Aug 2009 14 Jun 2010 14 Jun 2010
    27 6 3
    Ok, this is something I found out while trying to get this ach. Like many others I didnt do all radio missions until after I completed the game and then I was stuck on 102/104 for ages and realised that if your not sure which radio missions you have and havent done, just drive around (trying to cover most of the map, or using some of the guides above for areas) and then when a radio mission pops up look on your main map and if the mission icon is dark green then you've done it so just spawn to the nearest safe house and avoid that area for a while. If its light green then you need to do it, I have confirmed this with other players and they all agree. Hopfully this will help alot of people who are stuck. Good luck!
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    Gr33nEggsNSpamA good point to make, but hardly a solution, even back then. I know this post is 4-1/2 years old, but with the recent GWG offer a few months back, players new to the game should know that this is not a way to get the job done on the last 1 to 5 radio tags necessary.
    Posted by Gr33nEggsNSpam on 23 Jan 15 at 05:43
    Rusty3538Thanks for the input! Shame you didn't offer anything better!
    Posted by Rusty3538 on 07 Sep 15 at 20:20
    KillersquirelzIt's actually very good information and, while it's not a full solution, it's important enough that it deserves it's own posting. Otherwise people like me, for example, wouldn't have seen it and known it. +1.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 16 Jan 18 at 22:34
  • MEGAMAN962MEGAMAN962348,209
    25 Dec 2012 25 Dec 2012 25 Dec 2012
    12 2 4
    Alright, I just got this achievement, and I think I can help everyone having trouble getting the Jenkins interception mission to spawn. I read through the comments on DanyDanman's solution and the solution itself and this lead me to my method.

    First, clear your system cache. When you start up the game, do not redownload the update.
    Start up your save file that you no doubt have soooo close to complete.
    Fast travel to your safe house in the southwest (bottom right folks) of the EOS zone (light brown/tan color).
    Go into your map and place a beacon with the A button on the Heavy Metal mission straight north of your safe house (in between EDF Central Command and Martian Council)
    Now, just drive. You will no doubt still get crappy convoys that you have already done. I even got an EDF Assault mission radioed to me, but I also got Jenkins rather quickly. I was in the crappy garbage truck with the cannon on top the first time. He outran me. So I just kept fast traveling back to that safe house every time I got a mission that wasn't my interception.

    In the name of full disclosure. Jenkins popped up for me the first time I tried this. When he outran me, multiple tries (around 7-9) resulted in useless bull*$@+. I got frustrated and paused the game, selected quit game, then loaded up a save I had made right before trying this the first time. When the game loaded, I resumed this grind. Jenkins popped up on the 3rd or 4th try this time. I cannot guarantee you will get him quickly, but I am 99.9999% sure you will get him doing this. Hope this helps my fellow frustrated gamers.

    Seeing as I built this solution using information compiled from other peoples info and efforts, I do not take any credit for this.
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    cjr stoneBest guide for the Jenkins interception I could find on the internet. Did exactly as the guide said and got Jenkins to spawn the first time. One hit with a thermobaric rocket and *bleepbloop* Thank youv very much MEGAMAN962!
    Posted by cjr stone on 26 Jun 15 at 15:46
    GsO LightI've been stuck at 103/104 for 3 days now and the Jenkins mission just refuses to appear (I keep getting the convoy that heads to ffz), this clearing cache method will probably work but not redownloading the update will mean my achievement will have no time stamp cry
    Posted by GsO Light on 30 Oct 17 at 18:56
    NMANOZWorked first go, finally got it. Thanks. smile
    Posted by NMANOZ on 10 Dec 18 at 10:41
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