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Got Any Fingers Left? in Red Faction: Guerrilla

Got Any Fingers Left?69 (15)

Beat all Pro times in Demolitions Master.

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Posted on 10 April 11 at 02:28
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These are the general locations, pro times, and strategies to complete this achievement.

Parker 2 sites

One site located at the southern center of the town near the safe house. The other is directly north near the center of town.

At the South site, you have a pistol and propane tanks. You will not need every tank. To save time, try to throw the tanks where you want them with RT. Throw a few tanks in the door and shoot them. See what the largest sections of wall are that remain and throw a tank right next to them. The tanks can be outside the building. At this point shoot it immediately after placing it and hope it causes the collapse, but prepare to get another tank in case it needs it.

At the North site Pro time is 16 seconds. You are only given a rocket turret. The only way to do this is to shoot the five wind turbines and destroy them in about one shot each. Aim near the base and move on to the next. Shoot all five as quick as you can.

Free Fire Zone. 2 Sites.

These are located near each other in the south corner of the Zone near Parker.

The first site on the left has a pro time of 1 min. It is a fairly easy site. Run to the Walker and get in it immediately. Hit the building in front of you. Run though the walls and hitting RT as you run through it. Use the jump pack with “A” to go to the little building in the middle next, then the final building. The building sites seem to stay red until all buildings are destroyed, so when you think a building is destroyed move on to the next. You should get this with just a few tries.

The second site is to the lower right. Pro time is 20 seconds. You have a hammer and 12 charges. It is just a matter of knowing where to place the charges. Run to a side of the building. The building is supported by three walls, the large back wall and one on each front corner. Place two charges on the outside and one on the wall inside that is connected to them. Do that for both corners. Then run around the back and place 5 charges spread around that wall. If placed well when you blow them the building should collapse. Note you should have one charge left. Place this anywhere you like if you have time, preferable somewhere where you are not sure you placed the charges well. Also be sure to detonate a few seconds before the 20 second dead line. It usually takes a moment to the game to register that you were successful.

Dust 2 sites.

First is in between the North safe house and the town of dust.
You only have your hammer for this one. Run to the door way of the building and start smashing the walls. Pick a direction and just move around the wall systematically destroying the wall. Be fairly through as it does not take much left connected to keep the building from falling down. Also, be careful about how much time you spend in the building. Do as much as you can from outside so the building does not kill you in the fall of even knock you down and cost you time.

The second site is at the very Southwest of Dust across from the second safe house. Pro is 25 seconds. You are given 9 rockets. Fire all of the rockets at the base of the building. With each reload, fire one in the middle and one on each end. Do this with all nine rockets and with a little luck the building will fall before the time runs out.
BadLands. 5 sites.

The first two sites are located near the center, just west of the Mohole and near another big hole. Be careful not to fall in this hole as you approach these sites.

The south west location of these two gives you 12 propane tanks and 10 demo charges. Pro time 1:15. The building is far down the hill and you cannot reach it on foot as it is out of bounds. The propane tanks must be thrown down the two tubes to the building. In order to set them off, you must first attach demo charges to the tanks, then throw them in the tubes. I attached two charges to two different tanks and threw one in each tube. The white dots on your radar are the charges. When those two had arrived at the building I detonated them. This opens the walls so the following charges can get inside the building. I then attached charges to most tanks in one group and threw them in the tubes. Throw ones with charges on them first and from as far as you can. This second wave finished the building. Again be sure to detonate well before 1:15 so there is time for the building to fall. Not every tank or charge has to be used. I had three tanks left.

Site two is just north of the first and right on the edge of the big hole. To get pro time it is easier to wait until you have liberated Oasis. You get a new piece of equipment that makes this mission much easier. Stop reading this guide if you do not want to spoil what that item is.

Officially you are given the hammer, a walker, and 0 charges. Pro time is 2 minutes. You must destroy the three pairs of pipes spanning the big hole. If you waited till after you complete Oasis, then you have the jet pack. With this you can completely ignore the walker. It was just there to fly you around, but takes up a lot of time getting in and out of it.

While you have no charges, at the bottom level is a supply crate that will give you 30 charges. Head to the bottom dropping down to each level of pipe and get these charges. Now you have few options how to proceed. If you don’t have the jet pack, then you should get in the walker and fly to the top pipe. Place several charges on the far end of the pipe then several more on the end you started at in the beginning. When you detonate, the upper pipes should wipe out most of the pipe below. For me, a large section of the second pipe remained. I was able to throw a charge and destroy it from the top.

If you have the pack, then you can set some charges at each end to help weaken these pipes. You have more time since the walker takes time to get in and out of. Be sure to jet up from the higher end of the pipe you are standing on to the pipe above. Otherwise you will not reach the top.

Site three is between site 2 and the safe house.

You have one demo charge and 25 proximity mines. Pro is 50 seconds. You will set the mines in a line and cause a chain reaction when you set off the demo charge. When you start outside under the porch like area, move to a corner and place the demo charge. Then line the building walls with the mines like you were setting up dominoes. Space them three or four along a wall. Be sure one is in each corner and near anything that looks like a support. You should have time to set all 25 mines before the timer says 50 seconds left. Get out of the building and detonate by 45 seconds. If you spaced things properly you should destroy the building instantly. Otherwise run out of the area and time out to start again. You only get one shot each attempt so use all of the time you can to set the mines.

The Fourth site is just south of the safe house. You have a hammer and one demo charge. Pro is 15 seconds. Looking at the top of the building it has a high tower on it. You must throw the charge as high on the tower as you can. Inside that top tower is explosive material that can destroy the building in an instant if you are lucky. It may help to jump and throw. Detonate immediately. Sometimes the explosion is delayed a few seconds. Switch to your hammer and start smashing walls. If the times goes past 15 seconds and the building is still standing run out of bounds and start over. If you can get the charge high enough this is fairly easy. Until then it seems impossible.

The fifth and last site is in the south of the Bad Lands near a marauder camp.

You get 4 demo charges, a singularity and your hammer. Pro 45 seconds.

This one is fairly easy. Most strategies can work. If you are having trouble, use the hammer to get inside the building. Place a couple charges on the ammo crate and the other two on a wall. Set the singularity inside by the opposite wall. Run outside, set off the charges, and switch to your hammer. Smash walls starting with the strongest looking wall that remains and the building will fall before long.

Oasis 3 sites.

These sites are all grouped near each other in the north central part of Oasis. There is a south west site with other sites to the north and east of it.
The southwest site gives you one Propane tank and 3 bullets to destroy the smoke stack. Pro time is 10 seconds.

To do this, immediately grab the tank and throw it at the smoke stack as high as you can. Then, while it is high in the air, shoot it. The explosion should blast the stack in half and the collapse of the top part should destroy the rest. It may take of few tries and a little luck, but this is how you do it.

The site to the north gives you a hammer, assault rifle and explosive barrels in the building. Pro is 20 seconds. This is one of the easiest ones. Shoot the barrels inside the building as fast as you can. Be careful not to go in the building or even too close as the building may fall on you. Make sure to shoot all of the barrels.

The East site is one of the hardest to get pro time. Pro 10 seconds. You are given a hammer and 8 explosive barrels. You must get the building to fall with just the barrels. The trick is to hit the barrels with the hammer by using LT. This will to a vertical swing which will launch the barrel forwards. If aimed right they will hit the building and destroy it. It takes two or three nicely aimed barrels to bring it down. Once you are out of barrels, if the building is not down, you will not get pro time. When this happens, run to the nearest out of bounds location and time out. Repeat until you succeed.

Eos. 2 sites Both just northeast of the eastern safe house.

The southern of the two locations has you demolish everything with a walker. This is fairly easy. You must destroy the two buildings. The cranes and boxes should be toppled over as well. Jump in the walker and head straight for the left building. Knock over everything you can on your way, but make the building the priority. The pipes against the hill cannot be damaged, but smash everything else. Head for the other building. Take out both cranes on the way. Smash that building. If time is still going, look for any remaining intact boxes.
Pro time 50 seconds.

The northern site is one of the harder demo jobs. You must destroy the building with the hammer, 5 nano rifle, and 2 thermo rockets. Some of the base supports are invulnerable. One trick is in the building there are ammo crates that will give you 30 nano shots. Also on each level there are some pillars spaced in between the indestructible ones that can be destroyed quickly by the nano rifle. Shoot the bottom floor supports near their tops. This will eat that support and the one on the floor above it. Then grab the ammo crate on the bottom floor. Now sprint up the stairs. On the fourth floor shot the bottom of those same supports. This will leave the top floor free of holes, but eat all four supports inside the building. Now go to the top floor.

The key to destroying the rest of the building is to collapse the top beams of this building. At the very top of the building is a “crown” of small beams. Use the rifle to shoot all of the supports where this crown is supported by the lower beams. Once all are destroyed the beams will collapse destroying most of the building. The instant they start falling, jump out the nearest window and use your jet pack to break your fall. As the destruction starts to settle, look for the two largest sections where the concrete walls are still connected and shoot one rocket at each of them. Switch back to your rifle and shoot any remaining wall pieces. With any luck the mission will be completed after a few shots.
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