War Veteran achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla

War Veteran

Earn 100,000 XP in Multiplayer.

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How to unlock the War Veteran achievement

  • ScreensterScreenster346,794
    03 Jun 2016 03 Jun 2016
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    An alternative to the damage control method:
    Go into a custom match with a friend and select the following settings:

    Game Mode: Capture The Flag
    Map: Quarantine
    Score Limit: 10
    Time: 10 minutes (doesn't matter as long as it's more than 5 minutes)
    Movement Speed: 130%
    Backpack: Fleetfoot
    Weapons: Thermobaric Rocket and possibly the Nano Rifle

    1. Start by clearing a path between the two flags with the rockets (no need to destroy all the buildings). You could also use the Nano Rifle to clear any small pieces of debris which are obstructing the route.
    2. Player 1 grabs Player 2's flag, and scores. Player 2 then does the same. Both players should run alongside each other to quickly grab each other's flags once the other person has scored. Use the Fleetfoot packs to run faster.
    3. With the score at 9 flags each, one player should finish the match by scoring the 10th. Swap roles for the next match.

    This will earn the winning player about 440xp per match, and the losing player 380xp. On average, you will earn 410xp per match, which will last between 2 and a half minutes and 3 minutes once you get the hang of the method. This adds up pretty quickly and you'll earn about 7000xp per hour.
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  • Seanrock101Seanrock101440,044
    01 Jul 2009 11 Jun 2009 21 Sep 2009
    25 10 13
    Players: 2 (more if they stand there)
    Private game
    Type:Damage control
    Map:crash site
    Score limit:900
    Weapons:Nano rifle,Reconstructer

    1.As soon as the game starts one player run to the cliff and the other jump on the large rock in the middle of the map.
    2.Shoot the wall with the nano rifle so it is no longer in your way.
    3.One player reconstruct the tower to 85%
    4.The other player shoot it Twice(or once) in the middle to top section and the other player will lose their contol over it.
    5.As soon as (4.)happens the reconstructing player repairs it.
    Repeat 4+5 until the time is around 10 mins when the reconstructing player takes all towers over(earning maximum exp)

    The reconstructing player ends with around 2500-3000 exp
    The shooting player ends with around 2000-2600 exp
    If some one stands there they can bag around 700-1000 exp (reconstructer team)
    or 500-800(Shooting team)

    Hope this helps :-)
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    The Fury I84IThis is a slow boosting method and you get nowhere near the amount of xp you mention in your solution.
    Posted by The Fury I84I on 29 Jul 14 at 19:55
    Seanrock101Well at the time me and friends decided that this method is roughly the same speed as the CTF one. But it seems like that method is more favourable.
    Posted by Seanrock101 on 29 Jul 14 at 20:34
    NonKosherSaltDon't bother with this until after you have earned:
    Red Faction: GuerrillaCourier of PainThe Courier of Pain achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla worth 178 pointsScore 5,000 kills in Multiplayer.

    Otherwise, you will duplicate a lot of effort. Kills alone will get you 2/3 to 3/4 of the way there.
    Posted by NonKosherSalt on 06 Oct 16 at 14:56
  • Dr MartyDr Marty835,529
    01 Oct 2017 17 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2019
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    Here are some tips for the 100,000 XP grind and 5,000 kills. You only need one buddy or a dummy account for this.

    Set-up if you're below level 50:
    - Map: Quarantine on an unranked custom map. (This is the smallest map)
    - Mode: Capture-the-Flag. (Because you don't have many of the special event points unlocked under level 50 and flag running gets you the most points in any given time)
    - Equipment: Fleetfood backpack in custom match settings and thermobaric rocket.
    - Movement speed 130%.
    - Flag spawn time to the lowest value
    - Number of points to the highest.
    In the beginning of the match use your thermobaric rocket launcher to clear some of the buildings between the two flags. No need to be too thorough. You just need a path.

    Set-up if you're level 50 or higher:
    At this point it is more efficient to do Anarchy with at least one other account. In Anarchy you get your 5,000 kills out of the way AND get lots of XP, because of all the bonus event XP you get.
    - Set kills to 200,
    - time to 30min,
    - Health to 50%,
    - choose any starting backpack (you want this for the Doppelgänger bonus points),
    - respawn time to the lowest,
    - primary weapon is arc wielder,
    - secondary weapon is rail driver.
    The bonus points you will receive at around level 50 (some few require level 56) are: Headshot, Unstoppable, Doppelgänger, X-Ray, Sharpshooter (sometimes, depending on distance), Camper, No Problem, Blind Side (rare). You should get around 14XP per kill for 2800XP and 200 kills per ca. 24min. (this will still take you 14h per player to reach 100,000 XP). That's why you want to do the following:

    What to do during Anarchy boosting:
    - Have the secondary account rubberband RT. (You need to select arc wielder as your primary weapon so that the secondary account spawns with it. This is the only weapon that fires automatically after respawn while RT is continuously pressed.)
    - This will remove spawn protection from the secondary account.
    - Your secondary weapon should be the rail driver, with which you can headshot him through objects.
    - After a match ends the secondary account will automatically enter the next match with you again.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if I forgot anything. Thanks
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    Dr MartySpawn protection disappears when the dummy rubberbands RT. This only works when the primary weapon of the dummy is arc wielder, since it continuously auto-fires
    Posted by Dr Marty on 23 Jun 19 at 03:41
    DadmixIntresting. Props on that one as that would make it faster with two.
    Posted by Dadmix on 23 Jun 19 at 04:04
    DadmixIntresting. Props on that one as that would make it faster with two.
    Posted by Dadmix on 23 Jun 19 at 23:45
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