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A Winner is You!

Win 250 matchmaking games.

A Winner is You!+0.2
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Achievement Guide for A Winner is You!

  • Oki GatorOki Gator237,987
    03 Jul 2010 06 Jul 2010 05 Nov 2013
    40 2 14
    There are two ways you can get this achievement: playing legit or boosting. I believe these are the best ways to do both.

    First of all, I fully recommend doing this achievement legit because boosting can be more troublesome and time-consuming than it is worth. However, if you find getting the wins to be too difficult, here is what you should do:

    1) Get a party of a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12.

    2) Break into two teams split down the middle. Depending on your numbers this is what you should do, 4v4: Team Anarchy, 5v5 Team Objective, 6v6 Siege.

    3) Have the two teams search for each other in whatever playlist. (You'll have more success if one team creates a new game lobby and the other team searches right when that happens) Back out whenever other players start to join in before you get locked into a game. If you keep finding the same randoms, then don't keep joining because your chances of getting locked into a lobby with them will just increase and you'll either have to dashboard or wait til the game starts to quit out.

    4) Once you have both teams in a game together, have one team quit out and the remaining team will get an instant win.

    5) Rinse and repeat.

    RFG has some problems with host migration right at the start of games so don't have everyone on the team quit all at once because it could boot everyone out of the game with nobody getting a victory. Instead, pick an order in which everyone should quit. Also, one player on the team will tend to always be the primary choice for host. It'll become obvious who it is because everyone will get kicked the second that guy quits so when you find out who it is, make sure that guy quits last on the team.

    If the team are uneven go with the following setup: 5v4 should play Team Obj, 6v5 plays Siege. Once you're about to get into a game just have all the players ready up (press Start) and you hopefully can close the lobby out to randoms before the game starts.

    If you do end up getting randoms in your game while both teams are present, then just have the team without the random quit out. Unfortunately, the randoms don't always quit even when the whole rest of his/her team leaves and you could be stuck playing for 10 minutes.

    Playing Legit:
    (Update: Please keep in my that the methods here are based on the multiplayer climate in 2010. My guess is that the community has probably shrunk significantly over the last 2 years so your results may vary.)
    I find this to be the best method to get the achievement the old-fashioned way. Not only will you win often, but you'll also get kills and XP towards other achievements. Plus, its just good ol' fun.

    1) Get together a team of 5.

    2) Play the Team Objective playlist. I've chosen objective because half the RFG community doesn't know how to play the objectives well or at all. If you have a full team playing the objective it is really hard to get beaten even if you're not the best at getting kills. I don't recommend Siege because the games are twice as long.

    3) When the option appears to ready up, do it as quickly as possible and you can usually make it so that it is always a 5v4 so you already have the initial advantage.

    4) Win. Here's what I recommend:

    Team Objective has three gametypes: Capture the Flag, Demolition, Damage Control.

    Capture the Flag - This is not only the easiest one to win, but it is also the quickest. Have at least one team member play defense (knowing where proximity mines are located helps a ton). The rest run the enemy flag. Try to have one player hang out at the enemy flag spawn to get a quick grab after you score. These games can be finished in two minutes if you're good enough.

    Demolition - This will probably be the longest gametype to win, but it isn't hard. Most Demolition maps have one or two structures that can be taken down for hundreds of points (Ex. Fall Factor's bridge, any building with multiple stories, etc.). Instead of running around breaking everything in sight, bring that primary structure down and have your teammates rebuild it, but rebuild it in such a way that it can be taken down again easily. If it is a two story building for example, just repair the stairs on the first floor and only repair the second floor. Once that is mostly rebuilt, a couple hammer swings can bring the building down again. Rinse and repeat. The destroyer should take advantage of certain weapons and backpacks: singularity bombs, remote charges, nano rifle, thermobaric rockets, Rhino, Firepower (esp. with the hammer), Thrust, and Tremor. Always have at least one teammate watching the destroyer while the rest go after the enemy. Also, if the enemy destroyer gets close to taking down a building, send your destroyer over and steal the finishing blow to snag some easy points. Remember, if you don't want to be the destroyer, hitting the Y button will pass it to your closest teammmate.

    Damage Control - An interesting take on Territories, if you're having a problem dominating all three points, just take two of them and play defense. Too many teams get into the habit of just running around the map in circles, repairing, destorying, repairing, and destroying. That is not how to win. Again, knowledge of proximity mines is key. My favorite tactic is to grab the jetpack and nano rifle/rocket launcher, then fly around taking out control points from afar. It'll keep the enemy occupied with repairing the point while your team swoops in for the kill.

    If you don't have a team of five then keep playing and partying up with people that you meet along the way. Everyone likes winning so most people are usually ready to join you.

    Using these methods, I've gone on winning streaks that lasted 30-40 games over just a few hours. Since the community is small, people will start recognizing your team and quit out at the beginning of games, making it even easier.

    Also, keep in mind there might still be people out there that play this game and are seriously good. You'll know when you see entire teams of people with the red bars with black stripes. I came across one or two teams like that and they wiped the floor with us. You won't see this too often, but I would say just be wary of them.

    Sidenote: Hitting people with an ostrich can be terribly demoralizing. Try it sometime!

    Some people have been unlocking this achievement at 249 wins or earlier. If so, then good for you.

    If you have any suggestions on how to make this solution better, please drop me a line in the comments. Good luck!
  • dez1729dez1729371,918
    26 Jul 2011 26 Jul 2011 26 Jul 2011
    5 0 0
    Just want to add towards the boosting section of the following great solution:

    Solution for A Winner is You! in Red Faction: Guerrilla

    - If you have 10 or 12 people then split into two parties with one person in each party assign to be party leader (if 8 people then sticking to one party is fine though you have a higher chance of party crashing due to bad connections etc.). The party leaders go into private chat and they will communicate when to search for the relevant games. The 5v5 and 6v6 lobbies have a easier time finding each other than the 4v4 where most people still play Team Anarchy.

    - If one party keeps getting into some randoms (but not enough randoms to start the game) then let the other party start searching and immediately the first party backs out and start searching. More often than not you will be match with your group instead of the randoms. This is probably because matchmaking tend to match full groups instead of several randoms. It might even go so far as to say if one team encounters randoms let them "collect" as much randoms short of a full lobby then back out and re-matchmake to lock the randoms out.

    - during the quitting out process you may encounter that too many people quitting out at the same time and if one of the quitters is the host and it tries to migrate to a different host who is also quitting out then the game ends and nobody gets the win. If this occurs more than once have the quitting out team quit one person at a time so the host migration can finish before the next person quits etc.

    - If you have your party split up as above then for the team quitting out its a lot easier for the party leader to quit out first, then invite the party to your game, in which case each of the party members accept the invite and it'll quit you out of the game. The host migration problem may still apply though so keep that in mind.

    If both the party leaders are organized and have good communication then you can potentially get about 25-35 wins per hour. On average day with issues and hiccups then you're looking more like 15-20 per side max.
  • MaathyasMaathyas167,333
    27 Aug 2009 29 Sep 2010 29 Sep 2010
    4 0 0
    I found that Matchmaking games are easier to win when everyone is communicating & working together, so I suggest playing Damage Control matches. Plus the added XP from repairing and destroying Control points will contribute to the other XP achievement.

    If your team wins the match and you have players who aren't part of your matchmaking party, you can quickly invite them to join your matchmaking party during the post-match screen. Doing this will net you the good players and together everyone can work towards finishing this achievement.

    Strategies to winning Damage Control:
    Holding the Control Point (CP): Plant proximity mines either around the CP, especially in chokepoints where the opposing teams have to approach. One strategy I love is to plant the proximity mines ON the CP itself, you do this by facing the CP, kneel and plant the proximity mine. Most enemy players don't check and just rush in, thinking it is safe to hammer the CP or using the Rhino backpack but their first strike would usually detonate the proximity mine, killing themselves and usually the CP is still left standing, albeit in critical condition. Of course you'll be nearby, hopefully cloaked and able to repair the Control point and replant the proximity mine.

    Some may think this is camping, but I actually suggest after reparing the CP to assist your party to capture other CPs and leave nice presents for the opposing team when they come to destroy your CP.

    Using this strategy you buy time for your team to either capture more CPs and deny the opposing team of the CPs you hold, thus ensuring that your team plays and wins the match.
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,017,703
    01 Dec 2014 20 Nov 2014
    7 3 2
    Games Won* & XP while you sleep or work clap

    First, you REQUIRE a turbo controller.

    For this achievement you are required to win MATCHMAKING games, and not custom games. Join a 'Team Anarchy' game session. This game type is made of primarily randoms (who seem not to be using mics) and requires 6 out 8 people to ready up.

    Turbo the cn_Y button, rubberband the cn_LS in any direction and turn off the tv.

    Wake up to find:

    *The number of games won depend on the actual players playing. In my first night (8 hours), I got 2600 XP, 44 games played, 18 games won. Not bad for a good sleep! This game type awards XP for your team mate's kills. (I am not sure if these kills counts towards your 5000 kills, I will update if it does).

    I wouldn't suggest playing other playlists. I was disconnected because the hosts left the game both times I attempted this.
  • Krystman DEKrystman DE42,342
    13 Dec 2009 26 Nov 2009 26 Nov 2009
    8 6 3
    This will take a LOT of time so consider if your REALLY want to make that commitment. I would suggest not bothering about it so much at first and concentrate on other achievements and hidden challenges.

    Finally, there are some considerations to be made as to which Playlist to choose (Anarchy, Team Anarchy, Team Objective or Siege).

    Anarchy has the lowest player threshold to start a game so you can do more games in a short amount of time. But winning can be tricky. It might be the preferred solution but only if you have the skills. It will also typically yield much more kills which is good for other achievements / bonus events.

    Team Anarchy is also quite popular. If you have a good selection of teammates, your chances to win are descent regardless of how much you are able to contribute. If you aren't pwning n00bs left and right, you might want to stick to this. Also, you can collect assist kills to get the "500xp in one" bonus event. It takes a bit more time to start a game, though.

    Team Objective and Siege have a higher player number threshold - especially Siege. I also think they are not quite as popular, so you will have to spend more time waiting in the lobby. On top of that, Siege also takes longer than the other game modes. You might want to avoid them if you are grinding away for this achievement.

    But otherwise, there is fairly little you can do to soften the blow. You will need to win 250 games.
  • Evil ToastEvil Toast713,323
    10 Apr 2013 08 May 2013 08 May 2013
    2 0 0
    The best way I've found was essentially by trial and error, this is what I ended up doing:
    Session: set if for 12ppl. If only 10-11 show up, that's fine' it's just faster with 12.

    Session host designates a 6 party sub leader, with parties of 8 that leaves sess host in the same party. Sub leader invites all into their matchmaking with party; session leader and the remaining person in the chat party ignore this, the other 6 are now in 1. Party B.
    Session leader gets the 4 remaining players to send an invite via text, and when they reply you'll have your 4 most recent text msgs to invite them via. Party A.

    Now when party A is going for the win: both party leaders must be ready; party b search for an empty lobby. Once you're in one, tell party A and they'll join instantly (as long as teams are 6-6, 6-5, or5-5. Doesn't work 6-4)
    Team B will be on attackers* , team A will be on defenders. Defenders net up to 125 xp for letting the other team quit out.

    Party B leader quits, invites the chat party to his half lobby. Yes, if everyone accepts at once there's a chance the match could end with no winner; if this happens then make sure people accept the game invite one at a time, in order they appear on the screen to avoid 2 ppl leaving at once and losing the host migration.... NEVER quit when you see the host is migrating

    party A stays, gets the win and over 100xp. Then they wait until party B has all 6 members back and is ready to search; this time party A finds the empty lobby first and then informs party B To join so now B will be defenders, rinse and repeat.
    No host migration worry when party A leader quits this match, since you'll use recent messages to game invite. Just invite one at a time and if party B says there's a host migration, wait until that's done.

    *xp depends on which of the 6 maps; 15xp per siege target defended + 20(? I forgot the exact number) for the win. Framework only has 2 targets, so veto (press y during the countdown when both half lobbies join up)
    Also garrison has 7 siege targets, so if garrison is the other option (veto always shows you what the next map will be) then always choose garrison. (The others range from 4-6)

    This came from more ppl joining and friends asking to join... I had originally out sessions up for 8, 11 or 12 would show up. We discovered which ever team created the half lobby first was always attackers (except one day, when the lobby hosting team was always defenders). Either way, alternate join order (ie party A or party B takes turns creating the empty lobby) and alway make sure attackers quit out (siege targets in red for attackers, blue for defenders)
    When we were done our 250 wins (and ranked games played) we had all accrued almost 30k additional xp, just from quit wins
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