Wrecking Ball achievement in Red Faction: Guerrilla

Wrecking Ball

Score 25 million points worth of destruction in Wrecking Crew.

Wrecking Ball0
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How to unlock the Wrecking Ball achievement

  • YinYin994,802
    06 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009
    73 9 27
    When going for the Wrecking Ball achievement, I recommend you use these settings:

    Mode: Total Chaos
    Map: Complex
    Weapon: Thermobaric Rocket
    Building Collapse: High
    Barrels: On

    Players, Backpack, and Rounds to Win are insignificant.

    Right when the game starts, immediately begin shooting rockets at the nearest building, aim at the lowest level to get the most points. You can easily rack up to 100,000 to 150,000 every round.

    Every players score counts towards this achievement.

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    M00SEYou see how many points you have by loading up the campaign and then looking under achievements for it.
    Posted by M00SE on 04 Nov 12 at 20:38
    Mobius EvalonIf you're like me and wondering if any of the other methods have any merit -- they really don't. Thermobaric rockets have the most consistent point output that doesn't rely on pure dumb luck like whether or not a building will fall over in the post-match "break" phase using singularity bombs. The DLC map may be worth a look as XLR8ING 76131 mentions in his solution if you're willing to spend money on it (I certainly wasn't for a single achievement), but thermobaric rockets are certainly the way to go otherwise.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 11 Feb 15 at 23:03
    Mobius EvalonI would also like to add that very high scores are a matter of simply learning the physics. Somewhere around the halfway mark to this achievement you start to recognize how empty the bottom floor has to be to trigger a collapse, though the rule of thumb is that interior walls are much more critical to the building staying up than the exterior walls.

    I've been running a 4 player/5 round matches for a while now using the normal rocket launcher, and my worst rounds are 155k. I fire 9-12 normal rockets and turn to the next building without waiting to watch it fall over. I've gotten a few 200k+ runs but I'm not entirely certain how -- it seems as though every round ends the same way with the fourth building collapsing or having already been collapsed under its own weight, but it's simply worth more sometimes for reasons I cannot discern.

    At any rate, I would call consistent 125k runs a success. Any less than that means you're simply not doing it right. Consistent 160k runs mean you're at peak and you can't intentionally do much better (since the last 40k or so is just random.)
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 17 Feb 15 at 00:32
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  • MastahMattMastahMatt110,487
    20 Jan 2010 20 Jan 2010 20 Jan 2010
    30 3 7
    Here are the settings I'd recommend:

    Mode: Total Chaos
    Number of Players: 1
    Map: Complex
    Weapon: Singularity Bomb
    Pack: Rhino
    Building Collapse: High
    Rounds to Win: 5

    Your main goal is to attempt to destroy the entire Complex map. To do so, run around the outside of the map following the edges of buildings, leaving a singularity bomb at each building corner. Use the Rhino Pack when moving along from corner to corner and between buildings.

    Drop a bomb at the edge of the stack when you run by as well. If done right, this nets 150k to 190k points each time.

    This achievement is not difficult, but is extremely tedious. Using any other map besides complex means a much lower score and a much longer time to net the achievement. Also, setting the number of rounds to 5 means less loading time to start the map in between games.

    As a side note, you might want to first do the achievement Can't Get Enough, which involves playing all modes on all maps in Wrecking Crew. This will not get you that far along, but will save some of the tedium at least. Expect to spend around 200 minutes (around 3 hours) of doing the same thing, minute by minute to get the achievement.
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    MastahMattBeen a long time, but I don't see why your points would just go away.
    Posted by MastahMatt on 22 Jun 13 at 08:55
    Chris1984ukI can't stress this enough

    Best method ever! Before I was doing the Thermobaric Rocket launcher and making just over 100k a match. With this method I am consistently hitting 130- 150k per match.

    Thank you for the perfect method.
    Posted by Chris1984uk on 23 Dec 14 at 13:14
    Diesel FoleySoooooo much better and easier.nice
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 13 Jan 15 at 00:23
  • XL VENOM R8XL VENOM R8221,299
    13 Jun 2011 14 Jun 2011 11 Aug 2011
    25 0 5
    If you have the DLC for Wrecking Crew use the following.

    Map: Expansion
    Mode: total chaos
    weapon: Thermobaric Rocket
    pack: jetpack
    collapse: high
    barrels on

    If your player starts on the ground you can easily get 280-325000
    if he starts on the bridge you can get 250000 easily

    just start by shooting all the braces at the ground where they meet. I started on the far ends then shot the ones in the middle and the bridge pretty much collapses on its own. You may need to shoot the bridge where it meets the cliff to help the ends fall.
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    XL VENOM R8it is a dlc map
    Posted by XL VENOM R8 on 22 Feb 12 at 01:03
    MastaGusSmasher Pack?
    Posted by MastaGus on 01 Nov 12 at 17:42
    Owen H BrownYes The Smasher Pack, you'll need to pay.
    Posted by Owen H Brown on 19 Jul 18 at 09:47
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    17 4 2
    Abridged Version: Do it on the map COMPLEX. Use THERMOBARIC ROCKET and TREMOR PACK. Soften up the buildings with rockets and be sure the tremor finishes them off. Other settings don't really matter.

    Some people recommend different tactics, most of whom suggest the mighty THERMOBARIC ROCKET because of its big explosions. However, it seems you get more points for letting the building collapse on itself, and that the SINGULARITY BOMB, ROCKET LAUNCHER, or NANO RIFLE are the best.

    In my opinion, and I tried all of these, the thermobaric rocket is the best, and easiest to use. I scored decent points with everything else, but (this is most previlient for S.Bomb) I had trouble taking down all the buildings within a minute. The thermobaric rocket may not yield the BIGGEST scores, but you'll consistently score high.

    As for the backpack, most people say it doesn't matter. However, a good amount of people suggest the TREMOR PACK. Since you score bigger for making the buildings fall down instead of go BOOM, this is true. If you weaken the supports on the building(s) and leave one or two, then finish it with a tremor, you'll get (on average) 10-20k more than you normally would.

    With a combination of THERMOBARIC and TREMOR, I was consistently getting scores around the 130k range, with 150k tops. Not nessissarily as high as some of the others, but a decent score that's very easy to reach.

    Lastly, even if you set it to 4 players @ 5 rounds, it counts EVERYONES score to the achievement. And if you quit out before it ends, it counts everything up to that point as well. It unlocks after the round where you surpass 25 million.
  • StevannoStevanno861,516
    02 Jul 2012 02 Jul 2012 02 Jul 2012
    8 1 0
    I know most of the solutions for this are very similar, but I'll offer my take anyway and add a few more things.

    Mode: Total Chaos
    PLAYERS: 4
    Map: Complex
    Weapon: Thermobaric Rocket
    Backpack: Tremor
    Building Collapse: High
    Barrels: On

    Each round will take about 5 minutes, with each player I was averaging between 115K - 125K for score while firing the rocket and using the tremor backpack as frequently as possible.

    So every round, this will gain you 460K - 500K give or take. It is possible to do less and more per round.

    All players scores in this count towards the progress of one's gamertag.

    If you're smart doing it this way, you can have each player win 4 rounds each, making the longest game at max, 17 rounds.

    460K X 17 rounds will score you: 7.82M
    500K X 17 rounds will score you: 8.50M

    This should take roughly 1.5 hours to run through completely to achieve these scores in one game.

    If you can achieve the higher scores on the spectrum, this might take you 3 games to complete the objective, if not then it should take no more than 4 games.

    Time wise, you should be grinding this one for at least 4.5 - 5.5 hours to get this achievement.

    Hope this helps!
  • Novaan VerdianoNovaan Verdiano145,199
    04 Dec 2014 04 Dec 2014
    6 0 1
    Since this game was free now and I just unlocked this achievement, I think I should add my way of doing it too. As already mentioned in other solutions, you can set the game to 4 players with 5 needed wins, but in the end, it doesn't change anything (except you having less loading times).

    Of course, most settings are pretty generic:

    Mode: Total Chaos
    Map: Complex (You could also pick Vista if you want to mix things up, it can yield the same scores but it's more difficult to achieve them and relies more on your spawn)
    Weapon: Thermobaric Rocket
    Building Collapse: High
    Barrels: Off
    Backpack: Tremor

    Buildings give more points if they collapse, Barrels destroy more parts of the building, i.e. less points. Thus, if you want the tl;dr variant: Make sure to keep as much of a building intact but make them unstable enough so they'll collapse on its own at some point.

    What you want to do is to shoot a Thermobaric Rocket at the corner of the buildings and then simply keep pumping rockets straight through the hole you just opened until the rockets hit the opposite corner (you start shooting the lower left corner, you shoot rockets from that hole into the building until you destroy the upper right corner and everything that was in the way, for example) and then move on to the next building to repeat the same. Try to keep the rockets at ground level. Usually destroying most of the "indestines" and two corners of the building is enough to make them collapse with the setting at high. In case the building still stands after you let it be for a bit, pump more rockets into it or finish it off with Tremor (it doesn't really matter, just watch out that you don't get hit by the collapsing ceiling). Also, don't forget to pump a few rockets into the pipe behind the largest building and finish it with more rockets/Tremor. Collapsing buildings during the 10 second break still give points too.

    I rarely dropped below 140k points/character, with my highest score being 170k. This would accumulate to a minimum of 560k each round if you play with four characters. You'd score 9.52m in a 17 round game this way, while having a pretty much failsafe method.

    The achievement fill pop immediately after you finish the one-minute rampage which bumps you over the desired 25 million.

    If you have any questions or negative feedback, just ask/give me said feedback in the comments!
  • CrandyCrandy703,344
    14 Apr 2016 16 Sep 2013
    1 0 0
    This video details one of the most efficient ways to unlock this achievement.

    Match Settings
    Mode - Total Chaos
    Map - Complex
    Weapon - Thermobaric Rocket
    Building Collapse - High
    Barrels - On
  • Lycan NoxLycan Nox211,760
    13 Aug 2012 15 Sep 2011
    1 4 0
    I've been playing around a bit and i think I've found the best soultion.

    Mode: Total Chaos
    Map: Complex
    Weapon: Nano rifle
    Building Collapse: High
    Barrels: On
    Backpack: Tremor

    The backpack is the most important thing here. When you start start blasting randomly at the nearest building to clear a door into it. Walk through the building while fireing using the most indirect route, while your doing this make sure your backpack is on. Only stay in each building for the duration of one firing of the backpack otherwise you wont get through them all.

    Two things to note the buildings wont always collapse right away but usally do before you run out of time, also it might fall on you or barrels might exploded (killing you) don't worry you should still have enough time. Even on my worse run i was getting 120K best coming out at 178k it's a little luck but requires no skill.
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