Revenge Revisited achievement in Prototype (Xbox 360)

Revenge Revisited

Complete Story Mode on hard difficulty.

Revenge Revisited0
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How to unlock the Revenge Revisited achievement

  • ICoN xLeViAtHaNICoN xLeViAtHaN410,381
    26 Jun 2009 19 Jun 2009
    51 6 24
    1) Your going to want to avoid the military as much as possible. Roaming the city in a military disguise at all times is the best way to do this.

    2) Upgrades are the best way to ensure your survival. If you havent found all 250 collectables yet, now is the time. The EP you get from them will spare you from doing events you probably have already done.

    3) Boss fights will be the hardest part of this mode. But they come down to one simple tactic. DEVISTATORS! Use your devistators as much as possible. Run away and consume people in order to fill Critical mass and use them again. Evading hits is also key. For this reason dont use your full body armor because it makes you too slow.

    4)I find that using muscle mass during boss fights works best. It makes it easier to grab people on the go than having your blade out and you do more damage when you throw things which is also a key part to some fights.

    5) On the final boss make sure you have full critical mass when you weaken him enough to start the timer. Then try to use the critical pain devistator as much as possible to finish him off quickly. The boss will recover from the stun sooner than you will be done using it and may hit you just as you get out of it. This is what i call unlucky because it is possible to use it and get away without getting hit to use it again. If you do get hit remember that you can also use 1 free one when your near death.

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    DrewI remember doing this without much problem, but then again, I am awesome.
    Posted by Drew#6849 on 03 May 13 at 09:05
    Tucky90For the final boss, very simple, Whiplash, Armor and evade. His attacks are very slow and predictable and therefore easy to evade, in addition to this half of his attacks leave him stationary for a couple seconds. Doing this you can get him stunned and the grapple and pummel him. Had over a min to spare and never came close to death.
    Posted by Tucky90 on 21 Jul 14 at 03:57
    Segendary Tycan you add as step one that the game has to be beaten on NORMAL as easy doesn't unlock Hard difficulty? I missed that so I assumed easy would unlock it and now I'm stuck going for a 3rd playthrough :(
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 11 Sep 14 at 17:31
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  • o KeyserSoeze oo KeyserSoeze o335,942
    18 Jan 2013 16 Jul 2013 07 Aug 2013
    27 3 12
    Here’s a solution from the graveyard! I wrote this over six months ago and never got around to posting it here. Enjoy, and skip to the end if you want to get to the good game-breaking stuff. smile

    There are some great tips here already, but I feel that my own advice regarding this achievement warrants more than a simple comment—more specifically, the second half. I’ve divided this solution into two parts, the LEGITIMATE SOLUTION and the EASY MODE SOLUTION.


    General Tips:
    You’re going to want to upgrade Whipfist and Musclemass for offense, invest in the Critical Pain Devestator, and then purchase all health, critical mass, throw, and movement upgrades. The rest is basically gravy.

    Boss Fights:

    First Encounter with Hunters:
    Take your time, avoid damage, and just whittle them down by any means. These guys took me a while to finish off, and I used the guns scattered around even though the damage was less than spectacular. This is the first time Hard difficulty bares its teeth, so be ready.

    Captain Cross:
    Whipfist is your friend, but watch out for Cross’s stun baton. It will fry your whip, and you by extension, if you attack him while he’s brandishing it. Keep your distance, dodge, and smack him when he doesn’t have his baton out. Once you get the timing down, he’s not too tough.

    First Encounter with the Leader Hunter:
    Jump around and use charged whip attacks while avoiding damage. He goes down rather quickly.

    First Encounter with the Supreme Hunter:
    Jump around and avoid his attacks, using charged whip attacks in mid-air. When the military arrives, hijack their tanks and whittle down his health. If your disguise is compromised, jump around the corners of the map until you can safely disguise yourself again.

    Elizabeth Greene:
    Be prepared to spend about a half-hour during this one. Use charged whip attacks while jumping to bring down Greene for the first time, and then switch to a military disguise once the military joins the fight. Hijack tanks easily while undetected in a military disguise and get in as many solid hits as you can before your tank explodes; be sure to fire your secondary turret at all times to maximize your output! Run away when you’re close to death or your disguise becomes compromised. When Greene’s armor is down and she’s vulnerable, use your tank to dish out as much damage as possible. Rinse and repeat.

    The Final Confrontation:
    All of the other solutions here have great tips; I have absolutely nothing to add. Musclemass charged throw and critical pain generators are your friend during the 3-minute countdown.


    Six Simple Steps:
    1.) Buy soap—lots of soap. You may need it later to rid yourself of the dirty feeling.
    2.) Start any KILL or WAR event in which you are not in a vehicle.
    3.) Let the enemies whittle you down until Alex is almost dead and Adrenaline Surge activates.
    4.) Pause the game, select “Restart Event” from the QUIT menu.
    5.) Once the event starts again, select “Abort Event” from the QUIT menu.
    6.) Alex is now invincible; devastators will remove critical mass, but enemy attacks of any kind will not hurt him and achievements are not disabled.

    As far as I have explored (which, admittedly, is not much), the only methods of deactivating this glitch is either quitting the game or failing a mission or event. I can confirm that this glitch turns any boss or mission into a cakewalk, as I watched my roommate defeat the final boss on hard, finally nabbing this achievement after giving up long ago.

    I do not claim the initial discovery of this glitch, but I happened upon it quite innocently while doing my zero death playthrough on Normal. I wasn’t paying attention and started an event with virtually no health and quickly found myself near death. I panicked and restarted the event, then quit. I was then invincible, but didn’t make the connection between the two events until my roommate expressed interest in the exploit; we then brainstormed and testing on his profile confirmed that achievements are not disabled.

    Once invincible, “Hard Mode” quickly devolves into a laughable affair. Just be forewarned that this method has the tendency to remove any satisfaction or sense of accomplishment.
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    o KeyserSoeze oIt's something like 500 EP, IRC. You'll have more than enough for it just progressing through the game.
    Posted by o KeyserSoeze o on 23 Oct 15 at 10:30
    MugenKairoYep, you can buy adrenaline surge before the first war/kill event opens up but the hard part is Chapter: Under the Knife. You lose your invunerablility and can't get it back until you cure the infection.... Some very hard parts, even on normal mode.
    Posted by MugenKairo on 26 Oct 15 at 03:46
    xShoot4WarAmpsxFailing any mission causes the glitch to be undone. Failed a bunch of missions where vehicles cant be destroyed and lost my invincibility
    Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 19 Sep at 18:38
  • GoukensamaGoukensama245,840
    17 Oct 2009 17 Oct 2009
    13 2 0
    If anyone gets really stuck there is a set of video walkthroughs for the hard difficulty by
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