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Brain Trust achievement in Prototype (Xbox 360)

Brain Trust

Complete all Consume Events.

Brain Trust0
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How to unlock the Brain Trust achievement

  • BraynDeddBraynDedd157,846
    27 Jun 2009 28 Jun 2009
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    This is much easier if you unlock New Game+. You begin with all the consume events you've already completed still done, and can do all the hard ones right at the start, only limited by whether you've done the mission where you fight Capt. Cross for the first time, which you need to do in order to get the very last hard one. The UAV detectors are not present on the military bases at this point, making the infiltration ones a walk in the park, even on hard. The only thing is the web target consume ones, where it's best to look at the map and see where they all are, rather than following the HUD, as it takes you on the longest route possible.

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    wvu76Yes thanks for the further explanation on the infected consumes. I am at 5/31 missions on easy+ and was wondering when the infected missions would show up. Thanks to all involved for the help.
    Posted by wvu76 on 13 Jan 10 at 18:15
    a Fi1thy CasualNot to rain on this parade here, but what exactly are you talking about with no UAV detectors on Save Game +? I burned through these already, but the infiltration ones were the worst due to the fact that I had UAV and ground detectors all over the place. This forced my method to extract the commander via running in, grabbing him, and running out while get shot but guns, rockets, tanks and copters. I then had to consume him, lose the alerted status, and then infiltrate the base.

    I am not certain if they came out with an update that changed the save game + mechanic or what, but I have to thumb this down simply because it is not correct.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 15 Feb 13 at 14:52
    BraynDeddYou're downvoting a solution 4 years later because they may or may not have patched something in? Eat a bag of dicks.
    Posted by BraynDedd on 26 Dec 14 at 19:20
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  • Jonac13Jonac1380,295
    22 Jun 2009 22 Jun 2009
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    My biggest problem in getting this achievement was the military consume events where you have to infiltrate a military base and consume a commander inside the base. The beginning half of the game practically trains you to take a stealthy approach, disabling each detector and slipping in. But with the medium and hard events, the UAV detectors are all but unavoidable. So my strategy for those later events is to land on the roof with a military disguise, switch to blade, take out the detector on top of the roof as well as the two UAVs, consume the base commander to take his key as quickly as possible, dispatch some additional detectors if you have the time, then get out of there to switch and lose your heat. With half of the detectors out of your way and base key in hand, it usually only took me about 20 seconds to get back on base and get inside.

    Hope this helps if anyone was having the same problem.
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    Tactical Rapt0ri try that and im stuck on the one where 4 are in the same general area, then 1 is on the comlete opossite side of the park. i can get to the end of the park before i run out of time. ill give it a few more tries before complaining about he air boost stragdegy.
    Posted by Tactical Rapt0r on 23 Jun 09 at 17:10
    HeyMrBassmanNice one - I knew there must be an easier way to do it. Thanks!
    Posted by HeyMrBassman on 14 Oct 11 at 22:31
    a Fi1thy CasualPretty much my strategy as well, sans the act of taking out detectors. I would just run in, grab the commander, run out and find a spot to consume him and then lose my alert status. Far easier than trying to avoid all the UAV's and detectors, or even attempting to sabotage a few of them.
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 15 Feb 13 at 14:55
  • Negative ZZNegative ZZ108,603
    01 Dec 2009 24 Nov 2009 27 Sep 2010
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    Everytime you consume the event, it gives you a random mission out of about 4. So i figured if you don't like the mission your given, you can always just click exit event, and hope you get an easier one. The Scientist ones seem to be the easiest ones of all.

    With that said, I'll give tips on the other 3.

    Consume Targets:This is easy untill you get the HARD ones, where you have to consume 5 targets. If you can't dash run, then your pretty much screwed. With that said do all of the targets in a millitary disguise so you don't have helicopters shooting rockets at you, and possibly killing the target, or knocking you out of the sky or out of a dash run. Doing the waypoint events for training seems to help build up your speed if you arent a natural platformer.

    Infiltrate:Probably the most annoying of the 4, you'll just have to have luck on your side. Sometimes the helicopters stay on your tail for miles, sometimes you'll lose them right away. If your much later in the game, or you've beat it, the helicopters will spawn right on top of the base as soon as you get near it, so youll have to air dash run to the commander, consume him, and hope to god you can run away from the helicopters. A more direct approach, if you can do it fast enough, is to just kill the helicopters on a roof about 4-5 buildings away. 2 Semi/Fully charged Y whip attacks will kill them, but if there's 4 or 5 like I seem to get, kill 2 or 3, then run away.

    Destroy Base:This one is so hassle free. In a millitary disguise, jack a tank, or better still grab the rolling thunder tank before the event, drive it to the event, consume it, then re-enter the tank and use it to kill the base in like 3 hits. Other than that, just friendly jack* a tank and blow the $h1T out of the base. Don't bother attacking the other tanks unless they'res more than 3. Also keep moving as much as possible, so the helicopters don't rocket your ass to pissed-off ville

    *For those of you who don't know, friendly jacking is where you enter a tank without killing the driver, while in a millitary disguise.
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