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Achieve a Platinum Medal in all Events.

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How to unlock the Pt achievement

  • ICoN xLeViAtHaNICoN xLeViAtHaN410,381
    21 Jun 2009 24 Jun 2009 30 Jan 2012
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    Introduction- to unlock the ability to even get platinum medals you must first get gold in all events. Thankfully if your met the quilifications to get platinum when you got gold it will automatically upgrade as well as give you the experience. I suggest you dont try for platinum until you have fully upgraded Alex

    Glide Events- many of the glide events are still fairly easy even to get platinum on. There are only a few that are tough. Stone skipping, Go West, And wrong side of the tracks come to mind when thinking of tough ones. But if you keep trying you will eventually land directly where it wants you to. Luck is a factor.

    Race event- These are the hardest for many people. To succeed you will need to master the air dash. You need to learn how to dash into a full speed run. You must also master how to charge your jump while running. You may have to play with different routes in some races. Just keep trying.

    Kill Events- these really arent too much of a problem. If you can get gold, you can get platinum. SOme events will require that you kill things that arent maked targets. Also consider your position on the map. One mission involved me going to that base with like 500 marines walking around. Sometimes attacking military bases helped. If you weaken a base it wont regain its health on your next try. SO next time around you can one shot it for 40 easy points. Tank missions seem to be the toughest.

    War Events- Again these arent really a problem with the exception of 2. Raid is a tough one and is more based on luck. It all depends on if your tank feels like doing anything. The other one is where the super marines vs hunters. For this one spam your spike devistator. For some reason it doesnt hurt your hunter allies.

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    Fuzzy LargeSo I know this has been a while since this game has come out but for the last few weeks I've been working on this achievement. Finally got all platinum and gold on all levels. Except the only thing is I got platinums on all of them so when i got the Au achievement i didn't get my Pt achievement. I heard it's glitched some how if you do it this way but if there is a way to get around this please someone let me know.
    Posted by Fuzzy Large on 02 Jul 12 at 00:12
    fbsartsRAID (1.25sec): don't leave it for the aftergame! It's the most difficult War Event because of the inaccurate (or too accurate!) aiming: instead of targetting just the enemies you need to eliminate, the game takes in account every zombie on screen, so you waste a lot of time finding the right enemy. Same thing for the AI controlled tank: too many infected for it!
    To make the mission easier, you should destroy the nest building a couple blocks north-east of the event (the zombies will die). The problem is that this nest will appear later in the game and will disappear in the end (to me, at least)! Leaving you with the everlasting spawnig zombies and no way to get rid of them. :-(
    YOU MUST DO THE EVENT AS SOON AS THE NEST APPEARS, or start a GAME+ and playing for a couple of hours to have it back. Destroy the building and play the Raid event: it'll be waaaay easier. Good luck!
    Posted by fbsarts on 23 Aug 12 at 11:54
    AnemonemanCompleted Au today and got 24 events upgraded to platinum! Imo the most difficult are the movement (skyscraping, center of power, point to point) and the kill events where you have to use a power (especially killing infected with hammerfists). Glide is quite easy and most wars are doable, I'm just expecting trouble with Close Contact (super vs hunter). I got it before but I lost that save, haven't been able to do it since. I recommend using the whipfist for it
    Posted by Anemoneman on 11 Jun 13 at 15:00
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  • Zer0eZer0e573,768
    04 Nov 2011 03 Nov 2011 29 May 2012
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    This is NOT a solution, but more of an add-on if anyone is trying to get as many platinum medals while just having the gold times available.

    As already mentioned, heed HeyMrBassman's words. If you platinum all but one event, MAKE SURE the last event you JUST DO GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOLD. If you platinum the last event, the game will glitch and you'll have to do it all over again to unlock the achievement.

    Here are the times or score's required for each event. I couldn't really find just a quick list for them, so here you go:

    High Flying: 23.0 (Platinum) -- 26.0 (Gold)
    Eaves-Jumping: 38.0 (Platinum) -- 45.0 (Gold)
    Point To Point: 18.0 (Platinum) -- 21.0 (Gold)
    Tower Of Babel: 25.0 (Platinum) -- 30.0 (Gold)
    Skyscraping: 35.0 (Platinum) -- 40.0 (Gold)
    Among The Clouds: 58.0 (Platinum) -- 1:02.0 (Gold)
    Rooftop Runner: 36.0 (Platinum) -- 42.0 (Gold)
    Corners: 1:45.0 (Platinum) -- 2:00.0 (Gold)
    Free Running: 1:12.0 (Platinum) -- 1:18.0 (Gold)
    Center Of Power: 1:10.0 (Platinum) -- 1:15.0 (Gold)

    From On High: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)
    Over-Arching Triumph: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)
    Fountain Of Youth: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)
    On A Pedestal: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)
    Bullseye: 1.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)
    Stone Skipping: 0.5M (Platinum) -- 4.0 (Gold)
    Go West: 0.5M (Platinum) -- 2.0 (Gold)
    Curvaceous: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)
    Cloverleaf: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 4.5 (Gold)
    Wrong Side Of The Tracks: 2.0M (Platinum) -- 5.0 (Gold)

    Disembowelment: 32 (Platinum) -- 28 (Gold)
    Dismemberment: 95 (Platinum) -- 80 (Gold)
    Infected Patrol: 300 (Platinum) -- 270 (Gold)
    Grind The Bones: 140 (Platinum) -- 120 (Gold)
    Street Sweeper: 250 (Platinum) -- 200 (Gold)
    Raining Fire: 75 (Platinum) -- 65 (Gold)
    Friendly Fire: 180 (Platinum) -- 150 (Gold)
    Irony: 105 (Platinum) -- 85 (Gold)
    Explosive: 115 (Platinum) -- 100 (Gold)
    Armor: 175 (Platinum) -- 125 (Gold)
    Catch: 60 (Platinum) -- 50 (Gold)
    Projectiles: 220 (Platinum) -- 175 (Gold)
    Ordnance: 400 (Platinum) -- 325 (Gold)
    Nothing Left Alive: 100 (Platinum) -- 85 (Gold)
    Aerial Assault: 310 (Platinum) -- 270 (Gold)
    Knuckle-Dragger: 55 (Platinum) -- 45 (Gold)
    Rolling Thunder: 750 (Platinum) -- 650 (Gold)
    Clear Cutting: 125 (Platinum) -- 110 (Gold)
    Fire In The Sky: 400 (Platinum) -- 300 (Gold)
    You Call The Thunder...: 95 (Platinum) -- 85 (Gold)
    ...Now Reap The Whirlwind: 100 (Platinum) -- 90 (Gold)
    Death From Above: 180 (Platinum) -- 160 (Gold)
    Overkill: 40 (Platinum) -- 35 (Gold)
    Demolition: 200 (Platinum) -- 180 (Gold)

    Enemy Of My Enemy: 2:10.0 (Platinum) -- 2:30.0 (Gold)
    Strange Bedfellows: 1:30.0 (Platinum) -- 1:50.0 (Gold)
    Battle Field: 1:05.0.0 (Platinum) -- 1:15.0 (Gold)
    Raid: 1:25.0 (Platinum) -- 1:45.0 (Gold)
    Final Combat: 2:30.0 (Platinum) -- 2:50.0 (Gold)
    Stairway: 2:10.0 (Platinum) -- 2:30.0 (Gold)
    Power To The People: 2:25.0 (Platinum) -- 2:40.0 (Gold)
    A Walk In The Park: 2:30.0 (Platinum) -- 2:45.0 (Gold)
    Close Contact: 3:15.0 (Platinum) -- 3:35.0 (Gold)
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    Euphoric HelIt's a good idea to note that you need to get the Au achievement before you get all platinum scores or else the game will glitch and not unlock the Pt achievement.
    Posted by Euphoric Hel on 26 May 12 at 23:58
    Zer0eI referred to another solution (HeyMrBassMan) mentioning the bug Euphoric. But after looking at it, maybe I should clarify it in my solution specifically.
    Posted by Zer0e on 29 May 12 at 04:15
    LythirisI used this a lot actually. Thanks for the help.
    Posted by Lythiris on 09 Jun 12 at 12:55
  • The SilvatungThe Silvatung385,909
    16 Aug 2009 13 Aug 2009
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    Unfortunately, I don't have any tid-bits of information. But I have found a site that has been amazingly helpful so far, for me at least.

    It has videos for almost, if not all of the events, as well as tricks and tips to make those particularly pesky events go by a lot easier.

    Below is a video of the event that has been giving me the a lot of trouble. Check the site for many more ^^

    Note: None of the work on the site linked is mine. I am just linking it incase others were not aware of it.

    Enjoy, fellow achievement hunters!
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    Tm5kSuper Cheats videos are very helpful. Thanks for the link! I've gotten platinum on all events except for Raid and Demolition and these videos have helped with several of them.
    Posted by Tm5k on 19 Aug 10 at 12:41
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