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Children Of Blacklight achievement in Prototype (Xbox 360)

Children Of Blacklight

Complete the Supreme Hunter Boss Battle.

Children Of Blacklight0
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How to unlock the Children Of Blacklight achievement

  • Wildboy WileyWildboy Wiley470,562 470,562 GamerScore
    13 Jun 2009 14 Jun 2009
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    To get this achievement, you need to defeat the "Supreme Hunter" boss, this battle comes at the end of missions 22 where you escort a tank to 3 buildings, kill any infected in the area trying to hurt it, and then let it blow up the hives.

    Killing the supreme hunter is not a simple task, even on normal difficulty. The method I used was simple...

    1) Jump around with the whipfist upgrade and use the "Y" attack (Which is like an extension attack) to hurt the supreme hunter. A minute of this, and the hunter will summon more enemies, along with some tanks busting through the walls.

    2) Get to a tank, and try to hijack it (B). If successful (Sometimes the supreme hunter knocks you off), lock onto the supreme hunter (LB), and start shooting every missle (RB) you have at it..When you run out, get to another tank and repeat..

    3) If you start running low on health, avoid the supreme hunter and consume the little infected, as the regular hunters take too many hits to weaken, and by the time you get them down to consumption point, the supreme hunter will be over beating the snot out of you.

    4) I'm going to make an assumption and say it takes about 83 missles to kill the supreme hunter, I did not have to use more than 4 tanks (They start with 25 missles each) to take out the supreme hunter.

    After he dies, you will recieve this achievement.
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  • blomphil2blomphil2167,480
    12 Aug 2009 12 Aug 2009 12 Aug 2009
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    This is not as hard as it might seem. A lot of people have suggested using the whipfist, which puts you on the right track. If you upgrade to the streetsweeper this fight will be a piece of cake. Execute the street sweeper by X + Y while you have your whipfist equipped. If you land it on the Supreme hunter it will stop the fight for a second and show you that he is stunned by this attack. Then run up to him when he is stunned and hit the B button. This makes you climb on his back and it will prompt you to hit the X button to attack him. Just spam X for as long as you can before hit knocks you off. I did this 4 or 5 times and he was dead. You don't need to jump in a tank, and unless you are on a harder difficulty you shouldn't even need to consume smaller enemies in order to survive. I also found that equipping your armor made me too slow. Good Luck.
  • K0mradeK0mrade133,215
    06 Oct 2009 06 Oct 2009
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    This is actually a fairly simple battle, if you're patient. This fight follows directly after you destroy the armored hive with the Thermobaric Tank.

    The fight will begin with the Supreme Hunter and you alone in a room. Do charged jumps to gain altitude and then charged whipped fists using the (Y) attack. Just jump about like a mad man attacking until a short cutscene appears showing the Supreme Hunter summoning allies.

    Now, on the end of the room opposite where the tanks spawn, so opposite the large doors covered with debris, there is a small platform along the wall covered in the organic red material all across the room. Jump and sprint up to this platform. It's next to a metal scaffold. Simply spam the charged (Y) whip fist attack, breaking away to kill the occasional enemy that wanders your way. If the Supreme Hunter throws something it will generally bounce off the lip of the platform, though occasionally you may need to dodge. This will take several minutes to finish the fight, but it makes the fight extremely easy.
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