Yosumaphiliac achievement in Yosumin! LIVE


Clear Yosumin! Battle mode within 13 minutes without continuing.

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How to unlock the Yosumaphiliac achievement

  • KMetalmindKMetalmind196,168
    03 Jun 2009 03 Jun 2009 06 Dec 2009
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    I´ll tell you what´s the best way to obtain this achievement: Play with Goldmin. Goldmin is a wonderful character because his power: He can freeze completely the other player for a few seconds. That´s a really nice power, and a huge disadvantage to your enemy.

    But there is one greater thing about him. Not only you freeze your opponent. If he was making a group of yosumins, he will stop doing it. Do you realize what that means? You can then go by yourself, and make the exact same group he was going to make, and then some more. This is the key for beating this mode easily.

    You have to think that probably, you will screw up on some battle or another, taking 1:30-2:00 minutes. So try to beat as many opponents as you can at 00:30-00:45 seconds. It´s specially important on the first two-three battles, because it´s easier to just restart than to try to get better times on harder matches. You have to count that on every match, the CPU starts making a group. Sometimes is small, sometimes is bigger, but it can severely damage you from the start.

    Your strategy will be to make as much big groups as you can, at least until filling you power bar. Once it´s full, you are nearly saved. Just keep playing and watch for you opponent´s cursor. If he´s going to make a great combo, use your power and make that combo yourself.

    Try not to use the stop power if it´s not necessary, because it stops them from dying too, but the timer keeps counting. Only use the power when you see that the CPU will make a great combo, or that he´s going to make a group that will fill his power bar. You don´t want them to use powers, or you will lose a lot of time.

    Playing like this, you should be able to make it in a few tries. Be really careful with the last combat. It´s Goldmin too and it can severely hit you with the same tactic. Against him, focus on getting the power from the start. You don´t want him to use his power, or you will have a big problem.
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    15 Aug 2011 15 Aug 2011 17 Aug 2011
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    I'd like to provide an alternate solution for those of us who really aren't any good at this game! Using Goldmin, as suggested by KMetalmind, is probably the best method if you're actually good at the game.

    For those of us who aren't, Orangemin is by far the easiest one to use. Its special attack is creating "cross-mins," I think they're called, that create mins of the same color along a square grid. You're basically using its special to create more and faster sets.

    Just follow this method for every opponent:

    * Allow the enemy to make his unfair opening set. You'll never beat him to it anyway.
    * Try to create a fairly large set, or go for as many smaller ones as you can.
    * When your special is ready for use, find any set you can regardless of size, but launch your special before you make the set.
    * This will create a "cross-min" in the vacuum left by the set. Use it to create as large a set as you can.
    * This set will almost always create a new cross! Just keep going and you'll have constant crosses to keep handing you sets.

    You should be able to clear most opponents in 30-60 seconds using this method. I had 3 spare minutes to beat Goldmin on my second attempt!

    Beware that the AI in this game is a cheating bastard and that you probably will fail for reasons beyond your control a few times before you win. That's basically the ticket - you have to have a session with as few AI cheats as possible to win. Since they can see sets and begin to make them before they even appear on the board, and so on, they sometimes end up messing up your crosses and losing you time. Also watch out for Bluemin and Goldmin, as their specials can absolutely destroy your time. Try to stop them from creating large sets if you have a special ready. (If you launch your special as the AI is making a set, he will stop.)

    If you're like me and have zero patience for poor, cheating AI, I suggest you bring a camera or your phone for the last 3-4 opponents. Just pause the game, snap a picture and find a large set to save time whenever you hesitate and can't find any quick sets.

    (This tip was originally posted by Pooty on X360A.)
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