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Act 2: Ton o' Honey achievement in Wallace & Gromit 1: Fright of the Bees

Act 2: Ton o' Honey

Complete Act 2.

Act 2: Ton o' Honey0
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How to unlock the Act 2: Ton o' Honey achievement

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    Act II: Fifty gallons?! (Wallace)

    Once Wallace has made the promise to Paneer, he and Gromit head down to the basement to figure out how they're going to deliver so much honey by the end of the day. Here we get a first glimpse at Wallace's operation, with a giant contraption hooked up to an artificial beehive, buzzing with activity. However, they're not producing nearly enough to satisfy the large order that needs to be fulfilled. Perhaps they need to be fed. Grab the flowers from the work table on the left, and also grab the strange device with the antenna from the top shelf against the wall. It's the controller for the Sniffer 3000, and you'll need it later. Feed the flower into the tube protruding from the giant green machine in the center of the room. It'll produce a miniscule drop of honey, leading Wallace to deduce that he will need a lot more flowers if he's to have a chance at increasing production.

    Head back upstairs to figure out how to get more flowers. Once back in the foyer, a flyer for Rex Armstrong's miracle muscle-growth formula will slip through the mail slot. Wallace will pocket it. Before we head outside into the world, let's gather up a few objects that aren't nailed down around the house. First, reach into the basket in the corner to find Gromit's dog tags. Then head upstairs to Wallace's bedroom, and grab the Gorgonzola cheese on the nightstand. Go back into the kitchen and open the cupboard. There's a bag of Strongium tea that Wallace will attempt to pick up, but that same pesky squirrel from before will return to snatch it away. We'll deal with him later. First, grab that piece of cold toast.

    Leave the kitchen and go back down the hallway, and exit the house through the front door. Wallace's neighbor, Miss Felicity Flitt, is outside working in her garden and will greet him. Approach her and a small exchange will occur where she talks about her precious purple pansies and the time she's spent tending to them. Wallace inquires as to whether he might use some of her flowers in his honey operation, and she offers him all the flowers he could ever need, provided he grows them himself in his own yard. She tosses him a packet of seeds, at least, so go ahead and plant them in that patch of dirt along the walkway. Since Wallace needs to speed up the growth process for these flowers considerably, he pulls out Rex Armstrong's flyer again, and reckons he can mix up a batch on his own. He'll need three ingredients: Grotein, Strongium, and Energides. While he's figuring that out, Major Crum walks by and sits down on the bench at the bus stop.

    Wallace will open the fence and head onto West Wallaby Street. Walk down the street a bit and have a chat with Major Crum. He'll put forward a theory about an imminent enemy invasion, based on some evidence he's keeping inside a jar. Touch the jar to reveal his proof: a small snail he has found. He entreats you to spread the word about it using his evidence, so go ahead and pick up the snail when he's done talking.

    Before you head back to the yard, take a look at Crum's suitcase. It turns out he has a large supply of Grotein bars in case of emergencies. Return to your yard and present the snail to Felicity. She'll assume it's from her garden and wail in anguish, making Crum think an air raid klaxon is sounding (which sends him fleeing into Wallace's house)! Head into the Town Centre by exiting Wallace's yard and walking past the West Wallaby Street bus stop.


    Once in town, walk over to Mr. Paneer, who will greet you. Talk to him, and he will provide you with a map to more quickly get between the Town Centre, West Wallaby Street, and your home. After he hands that to you, make sure to grab a free sample of Wensleydale cheese from the front of his shop! Delicious!

    Next, walk over near the police station, where Constable Dibbins is dutifully on patrol. Talk to him, and Wallace will be reminded of the little stunt that the Sniffer 3000 pulled in Paneer's shop the day before. On the side of the police station, there is a barred window that peers into a jail cell, where the little rodent robot is incarcerated. If we want to get the Energides, we'll have to spring the Sniffer from imprisonment. Walk back around to the front of the police station, and look at the piece of paper next to the door. It's a petition submitted by Wallace for early release of the Sniffer 3000. Dibbins will scoff at it somewhat, but offers to interview the prisoner to see if he is rehabilitated.

    Cut to a view of the jail cell, where Dibbins conducts a brief interrogation on Sniffer. Since the robot is totally unresponsive, Dibbins is unwilling to grant him an early release. Perhaps we can get Wallace to influence the robot's actions in a more convincing way. Exit the close-up view of the jail cell and return to Dibbins. Note how the constable is adjusting his hat constantly…talk to him about his hat by clicking on it. He'll remove it momentarily. Toss in one of the slices of cheese in your inventory while he's not wearing it (it doesn't matter which, but we'll arbitrarily choose the Gorgonzola for this walkthrough). Return to the side of the station and look in the jail cell window. Use the remaining slice of cheese (in our case, it would be the Wensleydale), on the cot in the cell. It'll land underneath the small bed.

    Now return to Dibbins and Wallace will ask for another chance at the interview. When it cuts to the jail cell, Open up the inventory and pull out the remote control for the Sniffer 3000. You can adjust the dial to whichever cheese variety you would like the Sniffer to seek. In response to Dibbins' demand that the prisoner look at him, switch it to "Gorgonzola" (or whichever cheese was tossed into his hat earlier), and the Sniffer will point towards him. Next, he'll ask whether the Sniffer 3000 regrets what it did. Switch the remote control dial to "Wensleydale" (or whichever cheese was tossed under the cot), and the robot will attempt to go under the bed, causing a wailing sound that Dibbins will mistake for emotion. Lastly, the constable will ask if the Sniffer would do it again. Switch the dial to "Rotterdam"; since that cheese isn't nearby, the Sniffer will shake its head. This seems to convince the policeman, who releases your poor Sniffer from jail. The robot mouse coughs up a spare Energide battery, which Wallace will gladly pocket. Return to Wallace's home. It's probably time to figure out where Major Crum has run off to.


    Once back at Wallace's house, head downstairs to the basement/honey factory. Crum is holed up down there, but thankfully he brought his case of Grotein bars with him. Have a chat with the Major, and he'll offer to tell some of his old war stories as a way to get Wallace's mind off the "carnage" that is occurring above due to the supposed air raid. He pulls out three photographs to act as visual aids. Look at each one of them, taking special note of the ones that feature his dog tags and his helmet. Crum expresses a desire to return to the battlefield; perhaps we could convince him to charge back to the fray with the right equipment.

    Hand Crum Gromit's dog tags. He'll don them under the impression that he's been re-commissioned. Next, we need to fashion him a helmet. The top hatch of the beehive looks like the right shape, but Wallace won't be able to get to it with the bees buzzing all around the hive. Walk over to the far right side of the room, and look at the poster of the queen bee. The bees will all fly over and stand in formation, in honor of her image. While they're still over there, walk over and grab the beehive lid. Hand it to Crum, who will don it as a helmet. He's all set to go, except that he needs someone to fill in for him in keeping an eye on the Grotein rations. Walk over and click on Gromit, and Wallace will volunteer him for action. Crum takes off excitedly, leaving his suitcase of Grotein. However, if you try to grab a bar, Gromit will stop you; he takes his new role very seriously! Talk to Gromit, and he'll issue you one bar. Two items down, one to go. Let's get that Strongium from the nuisance squirrel!


    Head back upstairs from the basement, and outside. In Miss Flitt's yard, you should see that squirrel (Mr. Nutter), hanging out on a branch of a dead tree, taunting you with the Strongium teabag. Use the toast with Nutter, and he'll drop the teabag to catch the slice of bread. However, Wallace will fumble the teabag and it will land on Felicity's…ahem…blouse.

    Talk to Felicity about it; Wallace will attempt to explain the situation, unsuccessfully. Such a gentleman! No matter how many times Wallace tries, Felicity won't look down to see the teabag. Perhaps if she were to smell some of the pansies in her yard, the bag would fall off by itself, though. Comment on the patch of pansies (between the purple roses and the dead tree). Wallace will try to get her to lean over and sniff the pansies, but again, his efforts are unsuccessful: She won't do that until they bloom. Return to the Town Centre for now.

    Walk over and talk to the local Newsagents, Winnie Gabberley. She's excited about the honey business you've set up, but her husband, yelling from the upstairs window, is less enthusiastic. Take a look at the flowers up on the window ledge where Mr. Gabberley was just yelling. One plant appears to be a lovely, blooming, purple pansy. Mrs. Gabberley seems to share Felicity's love of purple pansies, but Mr. Gabberley chimes in with disgust at a houseful of the plants, and slams the window shut, knocking down the yellow plant. You can pick the plant up if you want, but it's not necessary.

    Talk to Winnie again, and she'll demand that you say a verb…then a thing… then a descriptive word, and finally another object or person. She's putting together some fresh insults for her husband, and you get to help her by selecting words from the newspaper headlines and other items for sale in newsagents. The goal of the puzzle is to get Mr. Gabberley to be so hurt that he shuts the window again (and knocking the other potted plant down). However, if you try to come up with an ultimate insult, he will not be put off in the slightest. To solve the puzzle, pick whichever objects you want for the first two words, but make sure you click on "Mouth Melters - Mild" and "Stuff for Gentlemen" (in that order) as the final two words, so that Mrs. Gabberley calls him a "Mild Gentleman". This will cause him great emotional distress, and he'll shut the window, knocking down the pansies.

    Take the purple pansies and return to your yard. Use the potted pansies on the pansies in Felicity's yard, and she'll come over to discover that her plants have suddenly bloomed. The Strongium teabag falls from Felicity's chest, and Wallace picks it up discretely.

    "Put 'em all together…"

    You now have all three key ingredients for your own batch of miracle growth formula. Head inside and go into the kitchen. On the counter next to the side-yard door, there's a Mix-o-Matic machine that will be perfect for blending these items together. Put the Grotein, Energides, and Strongium into the machine. Once they're all in, Wallace will hit the button and blend them up. After Gromit saves his master from yet another catastrophic accident, Wallace will take the formula outside and use it on the patch of dirt in the front yard. Amazingly, the formula does the job, and several giant flower stalks emerge from the dirt. Grab them and take them back to the basement, and feed them through the machine. This provides the fuel to generate enough honey to fill Paneer's order, but things get a bit complicated when Wallace discovers that the formula has also made the bees giant-sized! They've completely taken over the house, and the whole town!
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