Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler achievement in Wallace & Gromit 1: Fright of the Bees

Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler

Complete Act 1.

Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler0
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How to unlock the Act 1: Breakfast Wrangler achievement

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    Act I: Breakfast! (Gromit)

    The episode opens with Gromit in the dining room, while Wallace is waiting to be let down from his bed. Use the lever that's on the wall next to the potted plant and dustbin, and Wallace will be dropped down and dressed using his signature contraptions. It's Gromit's turn to make breakfast, and Wallace is keen for eggs, toast, and honey. Shouldn't be too complicated, right?

    There's a tap next to the dining room window that appears to pipe in honey from some as-of-yet-unknown source. Use it to get a jar full of honey, which takes care of one third of Gromit's breakfast quest. Exit the dining room and head into the foyer.

    As you enter the foyer/hallway, a pile of letters will drop through the mail slot on the front door. Pick up the post, and bring it back to Wallace in the dining room. Wallace will look them over with deep concern: They're all bills. Gromit will insist (in his non-verbal way) that Wallace take care of one before breakfast, so he'll trigger an overly complicated pen-holder to glide down out of the poster, held aloft by a stuffed badger with a pulley in the middle. While he's preoccupied with the bill, grab the badger. You'll need it in a moment, honest!

    Exit the dining room and go down the hall to the furthest door at the end, which leads to the kitchen. Walk over to the refrigerator and open it. There's some butter in there (and not much else!), so grab it. Walk back over and open the bread box next to the toaster (in the foreground). When you grab the slices and toast them, a pesky squirrel will nick the slices and escape, leaving a greasy set of paw prints on the counter. Place the butter where the squirrel tracks are, and grab two fresh slices of bread. This time, when the squirrel tries to steal the toast, he'll slip on the butter before he can grab it. Two thirds of Wallace's breakfast is now handled. Good work, chuck.

    Next, let's get to work on the eggs. On the stovetop, there seems to be an elaborate frying pan setup, and there's an enticing red button next to the refrigerator. Push the button, and what follows is a rather elaborate egg-cooking device involving boxing gloves, chickens, a mallet, a funnel, and more. However, there's nothing to convey the lain egg to the next phase of preparation, so it breaks on the top of the cupboards. While you're still in the close-up view of the contraption, use the badger on the wire. Exit this view, and move over to the dial next to the pantry door, and switch it from "Bash" to "Tap". Reset the machine by hitting the button once more, and hit it again to get another egg going through the works. If everything goes correctly, you'll get a beautifully served egg squarely on the plate.

    Take all the breakfast items back to Wallace in the dining room and give them to him, one by one. Before he has a chance to tuck in, though, Mr. Paneer appears at the window with a business proposition for Wallace. Due to Wallace's Sniffer 3000 cheese-detecting prototype running amok in Paneer's shop the previous day, he's looking for a rather large favor as repayment, and it's related to Wallace's latest business idea: Honey. Fifty gallons of it, in fact—by tonight. For whatever reason, Wallace accepts the offer.
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    You need to make Wallace his breakfast, he wants honey toast and eggs.

    Click on the honey tap behind Wallace to get a jar of honey and give it to him.

    Take the butter from the fridge and place it on the butter dish beside the toaster (where the squirrel lands). Click on the bread bin to take out the bread and make toast with it. Bring the plate of toast to Wallace

    Nag Wallace about the bills by clicking on them (located on the dining room table), this will cause the badger on string to come from the picture. Take the badger and click the button next to the fridge. This will cause the chicken to lay an egg which will crack. Use the badger with the wire and set the dial next to the cupboard with the crackers in to 'tap'. Reset the machine and use it again which will cook the egg. Take the egg to Wallace to finish Act 1.

    (I have written this from memory so if you believe i have missed any important information i should add in then just leave a comment or message me)
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    This success is not very complicated but with this video you will end without thinking a second level. Be sure to follow step by step video did not forget too quickly because something could make you lose time.
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