Act 3: Buzz Cutter achievement in Wallace & Gromit 1: Fright of the Bees

Act 3: Buzz Cutter

Complete Act 3.

Act 3: Buzz Cutter0
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How to unlock the Act 3: Buzz Cutter achievement

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    Act III: Fighting the bees (Gromit)

    Major Crum has commandeered the dining room and porridge gun to try and fight the bees off who are loitering in the front yard. He orders Wallace out of the room, and Gromit takes charge again. While Crum battles the bees in with the porridge gun, exit the dining room and enter the foyer. Wallace will stop Gromit and wonder aloud whether the growth formula had anything to do with the preponderance of giant bees that have now taken over West Wallaby Street. Before he can finish that thought, though, a lone giant bee wanders in from the kitchen and goes down into the basement. Wallace realizes his involvement in the situation, but before he can get to fixing it, the phone rings and he rushes off to the kitchen. Follow him back there; he's on the phone with a quite irate Mr. Paneer, and goes off to try to talk some sense in to these hooligan bees.

    It only takes a few seconds for Wallace to rush back in (this time without trousers on), after being accosted by his former employees. Just then, Constable Dibbins calls Wallace, and in his panic, he knocks the answering machine down from the wall. Examine it, and Gromit will hear a somewhat conciliatory message from Mr. Gabberley. Gromit will pick up the machine. Next, pick up the spring-loaded frying pan timer on the countertop. Exit the kitchen and return to the hallway. Wallace's clothing is in a pile on the floor in front of the basement door. Have Gromit paw through it for any useful objects: there will be a map, as well as the Sniffer 3000 remote control. Pick them both up. Head upstairs to Wallace's room. There seems to be a giant bee all tucked in for a long nap in here. Pick up the tennis racquet next to the nightstand. If Gromit tries to pick up the lullaby record from the player, the bee will stir and be quite irate with him. We'll have to get it a little later.

    "Bees in the yard (and the bedroom)"

    Go back downstairs and exit through the front door. There are three bees circling round the yard, but we can't do anything to them directly from here. Felicity is stuck in her tree; go over and talk to her, and she'll give you an SOS note to give to Wallace. Walk over to the left side of the yard where the two lawn gnomes are standing guard. It looks like the leftmost one is missing his standard cricket bat. Use the tennis racquet as a replacement. He looks much more fearsome now! Return to the relative safety of the house, and enter the dining room. Remember that sleepy bee from before? Give the bed lever a pull, and it'll send him hurtling down from upstairs, and into the wall. Gromit will dispose of the stunned bee in the dustbin.

    Crum doesn't seem to be making much headway on the front yard situation, so let's give him a hand by clicking on him. The game will switch to a turret view, and you can fire porridge at several targets in the yard. The object is to not just hit the bees out of the sky, but trap them so they cannot return to the skies. First, let's set up all the traps. Aim for (and hit) the gnome holding the Stop/Go sign to flip the driveway over and reveal a small pond. Next, shoot the metal dustbin (some would say garbage can) to hurl the lid over to the loose fence boards. Third, shoot the little house on top of the tree to disturb Mr. Nutter and hiss stockpile of nuts. He'll emerge and sit on the branch where Felicity is hanging. Finally, shoot the shed door to the far right of the screen to unleash the infamous techno-trousers.

    Now, getting the bees requires a bit of timing. Wait for one to hover close to, and stall over, one of the traps. Shoot one as it buzzes over the dustbin, and if you time it correctly, the bee will fall into it. Next, hit Mr. Nutter, who will angrily jump down onto the fence, flipping the lid back onto the bin; one bee trapped! Shoot another bee as it lazily buzzes over the top of the trousers. Then, shoot the trousers to back them into the shed, trapping it in there. Next, shoot the one that slows down over the pond, and then shoot the Stop/Go gnome again to flip the pond back over and hurl the bee into the other gnome's new racquet, which will fling it, finally, into the large hole in the tree. With all the bees dealt with in the yard, Crum will take a well-deserved nap.

    Head back to the kitchen and attempt to give Wallace the SOS note from Miss Flitt. Unfortunately, he's too distracted with the angry caller to pay you any mind, so Gromit is on his own to deal with the bees in town first. Wander over to the Town Centre now.

    "Bees in town"

    A small gang of bees is harassing Paneer at his shop. Soak them a bit by grabbing the loose drainpipe to the left of the screen. Unfortunately, this doesn't do much good. The bees clearly don't like getting wet, but Mrs. Gabberley will shoo them back over to Paneer's. Gromit will have to convince her to close up shop if he's to free Mr. Paneer. Take the answering machine that was picked up in the kitchen and use it on Edwina. She'll assume the message was for her, and will head upstairs to give her husband a big kiss.

    Gromit will need to set up another trap for these bees. Place the frying pan timer device on the stack of newspapers underneath the awning support. If you've left the area and then came back, you'll need to reset the timer by clicking on the frying pan again. Then, return to the drainpipe and jiggle it once again to send the bees over there. They'll go under the awning, which will then shut once the timer goes off and the frying pan flips up. Paneer is freed, and the bees in town have been dealt with.

    Before returning home, pick up a sample of Wensleydale from the front of Paneer's shop. Then, go over to the police station and scratch the door (by clicking on it). Dibbins will come out, slightly annoyed, and drop off the Gorgonzola slice that Wallace left in his helmet. Pick it up, and return to the house. Go back to the kitchen and talk to Wallace. You can finally show him Felicity's note, but if he attempts to go out to save her, the bees still in the house will attack him. Gromit will need to deal with those guys first.

    "Basement bees"

    Now that the bedroom bee has been dealt with, go upstairs and grab the lullaby record off of the turntable. Then, go downstairs to the basement. The giant bees are having a giant dance party down there. Gromit won't be able to walk past the end of the upended table without being chased out of the room. He needs to get to the party record on the turntable on top of the hive and shut this party down, but he can't do it without a substantial amount of protection.

    The Sniffer 3000 is sitting over on the table. You can summon it by selecting one of the cheeses in your inventory on the Sniffer's remote control. As it approaches you, the bees attack it, but their stings are useless against its metal frame. However, we can't steer it to where we want to go just yet.

    Head upstairs and exit the house. In the yard, walk over to the side of the house with a tall wooden gate. Walk through the gate to the side yard with an open coal door (next to the kitchen entrance). Drop one of your slices of cheese (let's go with Wensleydale this time, just for kicks) down next to the turntable, and then return to the basement. Once there, climb into the Sniffer 3000 by clicking on it, and select "Wensleydale" (or whichever cheese you dropped down next to the record player) on the remote control, and you'll cruise through the hive to the very top. Swap the dance record with the lullaby record; all the bees will doze off, and you can safely exit the hive and return upstairs. Go back into the kitchen and report the victory to Wallace.

    It looks like all the bees have been dealt with now, but just as Wallace is recounting his bravery to Miss Flitt, the giant queen bee swoops in and snatches him away. It looks like Gromit will have to save him, yet again.

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    klobeastIt's worth noting that following your instructions would render the player ineligible for the 'No Go Gorgonzola' achievement in which you cannot touch Gorgonzola during Act 3. I recommend NOT picking up the gorgonzola from the constable...or even talking to him at all as its not necessary.
    Posted by klobeast on 10 Apr 11 at 02:01
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    This success is not very complicated but with this video you will end without thinking a second level. Be sure to follow step by step video did not forget too quickly because something could make you lose time.
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