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I went Commando

Finish the game in Commando mode.

I went Commando+0.3
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How to unlock the I went Commando achievement

  • The NerevarineThe Nerevarine439,081
    17 Jun 2009 17 Jun 2009 21 Dec 2011
    23 1 0
    This isn't that hard. Some tips:

    Don't get too close to a grunt or he'll one-hit melee kill you. If you do get close, punch him! Throwing grunts or things at grunts will save ammo and is more fun and sort of the whole point of this game.

    Your pistol can take down most enemies from far away relatively easy, including Polycraft and BioMechs that are looking the other way, and there's ammo everywhere. Use it a lot!

    Speaking of BioMechs, try to punch/throw anything you can find at them when they're far away, a lot of them will stupidly sit on a ledge and take the abuse without doing much in retaliation. Sometimes you can get them stuck or confused by standing behind certain objects or on cliffs at certain angles, try to find these spots if you're having trouble dispatching any of them. If there's more than one in close proximity, use grenades to take them both out quickly.

    Snipers will peg you in one shot, keep swinging when you're in their sites until you're in cover. They're more dangerous than a herd of Polycraft, too, so they're priority number one in all combat scenarios. If you can get close to them, that's the best option, but if not, you can usually counter-snipe with the pistol from behind cover from upwards of 150 yards or so.

    You can also skip sections that don't have doors so go ahead and swing on through if you like.

    You can equip and use that blue cannon thing that some of the BioMechs later in the game have to shred up armies of grunts, and sometimes the game will save that you have it if you get to a checkpoint with one, but some checkpoints don't, I'm not sure why.

    The boss at 75% progress is probably the hardest part, I've posted instruction to kill it on the "Can You Dig It" achievement.
    Bionic CommandoCan you dig it?The Can you dig it? achievement in Bionic Commando worth 70 pointsComplete "Can you dig it?" challenge
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  • StarSnapshotStarSnapshot164,490
    25 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011
    16 1 0
    The Nerevarine - I contribute my success to you.

    However, here is my take/adjustments on Commando.

    Snipers actually take 2 shots, but the shots can be spaced around 1 1/2 seconds apart. If your swinging, speed it up and you'll get too cover in time.

    When there's multiple Biomechs, never stay still for too long. They WILL get you, and it will HURT. Kiting/Throwing takes too much time to really be a viable attack, but the punch up and kick combo keeps you in cover (Technically) and hurts them quite a bit. Preferable attack there.

    As said in the previous solution, skipping sections IS possible. However, if you can see one of those odd blue barriers in the distance, do NOT get close. There's likely a 'heavy' type enemy waiting to drop in so you can open the door. If your in an area with snipers and such, make sure to kill them first. Otherwise, you're not likely too make it.

    Try and go for alot of the easier challenges, as the rewards (such as a health upgrade) are really helpful. Any ammo increases and such are great as well. However, I advise against collectibles. On Commando, it's a waste of time.

    I completed Commando in around 7 hours gametime, taking breaks here and there for food and such. It's not too hard, just follow the tips from both of these solutions.

    The Nerevarine - I contribute my success too you :)
  • MrInflictionMrInfliction723,468
    16 Feb 2013 05 Feb 2013 05 Feb 2013
    5 0 0
    Both The Nerevarine's and StarSnapShot's guides are very useful!

    If I may add a few helpful details.

    Grunts: Take advantage of the walls and covers. Most of the times, the grunts will not even bother to find a different shooting angle. They also tend to group up close to your position. A perfect example is just before fighting the 2 biomechs in front of the FSA Building in Ascension City. There will be a lot of Grunts parachuting to your location. Reach the broken-off bridge where the sniper will be shooting from and stay there. Within a minute, all of the Grunts will have made their way under you, and they won't be able to shoot you from many angles (Literaly fish in a barrel). Check the edges and simply lob a grenade over the blind spot, and it should net you a grenade-related achievement/challenge.

    Health: Very important to get all of the Health Upgrades (Light/Medium/Biotic Armor) as soon as possible. For both Light and Biotic Armor, you will have to melee a total of 30 Grunts. The Nerevarine mentionned to steer clear as much as possible from them, as they will take you out in one hit if you don't have armor. To make things easier, try this:
    1. Whenever you see a Grunt shooting at you, just shoot him once - that shot will interrupt him, allowing you to get closer.
    2. Shoot him a second time if you are covering a bigger distance or if you want to avoid the risk of meleeing him and getting zapped in the process.
    3. One punch should do it after the second step, and it will still count as a melee kill, no matter how many bullet holes the Grunt has. :)
    If you can obtain the Health Upgrades within the first few chapters, then the rest of the game will be much less difficult.

    Hope this helps! Please leave a comment should you need more explanationa or if you voted down, and I'll answer the best I can.
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