Are You A God? achievement in Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Are You A God?

Complete the game on 'Professional' difficulty.

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How to unlock the Are You A God? achievement

  • Der RoiDer Roi987,553
    27 Jun 2009 26 Jun 2009 29 Sep 2010
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    You can get this achievement after finishing the game on another difficulty. After you have beat the game, if you go back through and just replay through the last chapter of each act you will unlock this achievement when you beat the final boss. When I did this I also made sure to cover a little after the bosses of each act, like if they go back to the station then do whatever you need to do so they end up going to the next level. For each of the last chapters, which are the 7 boss fights, I would suggest using strategies found in the above posters' solutions.

    Using this strategy you bypass a lot of the hardest sections and save a tremendous amount of time and frustration.

    Edit: If you're having problems getting this to work, consult the comments to this solution.

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    AKfoy0facei guess im the only one who got it legit. game was'nt that hard
    Posted by AKfoy0face on 08 Oct 13 at 01:36
    Hamfam9598Still works as of 12/20/13. Just got it tonight. Played "You're Hired" until the elevator and quit out. Played each boss mission and two minutes into the next chapter and got it!
    Posted by Hamfam9598 on 20 Dec 13 at 05:48
    GsO LightThanks so much... thought I'd never get this achievement but defeating all the bosses was fairly easy except the 3rd boss but thanks to the person who posted the tip about the boss below!
    Posted by GsO Light on 23 May 14 at 01:32
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  • Wildboy WileyWildboy Wiley502,699 502,699 GamerScore
    21 Jun 2009 21 Jun 2009 21 Jun 2009
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    To earn this achievement, "Are you A God", you need to beat professional difficulty, however, that is not as easy as it sounds.

    First off, let me just say, that worrying about your health status is only important if you are alone without any other ghostbusters, or you are partnered up with Ray (Dan Ackroyd), as Ray's A.I. build is lazy.

    Professional difficulty isn't that much more difficult than the Medium difficulty, but there are a few parts that may get you stuck.


    The 3rd boss battle in the library fighting the collector can be a pain. My suggestions are as follows:

    - When you first start the battle, switch to your Slime sprayer, and spray the collector's mask as normal.

    - When Egon says "All Clear" Run back to where you originally started and switch to your Proton Pack. Pull of the collector's mask using the capture steam (LB).

    - Now, start using the Blast power on the proton pack (LT) and fire on the collector's face. If he comes near you, jump in the portal on the left or right and you will be teleported to the other side of the map. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!

    - Keep beaming him and venting your pack. If Egon or Ray fall, DO NOT REVIVE THEM. Luckily, the game does not force you to pick up your teammates, so just forget about them, and focus on the boss. I suggest this, because they'll only stand in one place and get knocked down again.


    The 4th boss battle under the museum, facing the guy in the sewer like area can be difficult do to limited area of movement.

    To easily beat this battle, when you first walk up to the platform where the battle starts, Destroy all the sides that can be destroyed to prevent the boss from taking cover.

    Next, aim for the yellow ball on the bosses chest when he pops up, using the LT shooter on the new gun you received when you entered the basement. (It's the gun bound to Right on the D-Pad)

    If the boss starts to throw blue like balls at you, STRAFE to the right, and you'll avoid them, this is extremely important as it causes instant death 90% of the time.

    If your teammates fall down, revive them. When the pink portals open, close them using your slime gun. Then focus on the boss again.


    The final thing that might make beating professional difficulty difficult, is the part in the cemetery level in which you must use your slime tether to slam flame stone angels into a gate wall....

    My advice is to forget about using the slime tether, and use the proton capture steam (LB) and the slam ability (LT). Keep strafing in an oval shape in the middle of the area, facing the gate where the Ecto 1 is (The car). When Peter (Bill Murray) says: "12 O' Clock High" This means the angels have spawned, look up above the gate, and you should see them (They're on fire).

    Grab one and slam it straight down into the gate. You need to do this 5 times total for the gate to break open. You will know you have 3 successful hits if Winston says "Its almost there".

    If RAY falls, do not revive him, he's a waste of time, and 95% of the time you get to the "Revive" status, he doesn't pick you up.


    Believe it or not, the last boss battle, is actually strangely easy on the hardest difficulty, just as long as you do not revive the other ghostbusters, and focus on the mayor by proton pack'ing him, and then using the ball rocket (LT) on the Proton Pack to destroy the green crystals when they reveal themselves.

    Then when you have to fight the architect, just shoot him with the Mason gun (RIght on D-Pad), using the Right Trigger attack. Shoot three times, then vent, and repeat. When he enters the middle hole, he tries to recharge, just shoot the vase looking things to the north, south, east, and west, and he won't recharge, then repeat until his health is gone for the achievement!


    So following those tips for those difficult parts, just play through the game as normal, and you should get this achievement pretty easily...
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    ejenngsthank you for the amazing tip for Shandor.... repeatedly trying to do it with the Proton Pack had me SO MAD. I did Azetlor on my second try, but was on my seventh try on the last boss... died EVERY TIME when he had one last sliver of health and there were a billion gargoyles and rocks flying around one shotting my retard team mates. The 1-2-3 punch with the Meson Collider was a million times better. Thanks again!
    Posted by ejenngs on 28 Jul 11 at 04:14
    This was a great guide. The last boss was making me want to kill myself till I read to use the Mason gun and then it was just STUPID easy, the extra ghost didn't even have time to spawn in.
    Posted on 08 Apr 12 at 07:19
    AssassinGnomeThanks on the last boss tip the mason gun helped alot took me a few minutes to kill compared to past hour using random weapons :O.
    Posted by AssassinGnome on 02 Dec 12 at 23:35
  • Timeless MagicTimeless Magic422,532
    22 Jun 2009 22 Jun 2009
    10 2 0
    The guide to the 'hard' parts on professional above is pretty accurate, I'll just add my thoughts on it and some other suggestions:

    I had a ton of trouble with the Opera singers in the Times Square mission and found that it was easy to focus on them at the start then as soon as the flaming golems came, immediately turn my attention to them, take them out with the slam, then turn back to the opera singers.

    When fighting the Collector, I found it useful to revive my teammates, as it allowed me the time to blast the eye while he was distracted. That being said, using the back and forth portal warp worked great to keep a distance. Even then, it's very difficult.

    As far as the Stone Angel part is concerned...there's no easy way to do it. Slime Tether was MUCH easier than the Proton Pack to slam the Angels into the gate. I'd wait until they charged, side step, then tether them into the gate. It is god damn hard and took me 90 minutes to actually succeed. It definitely requires a bit of luck.

    Those are the most difficult parts, some overall tips:

    - In any battle, always keep moving. If you've played first/third person shooters before and are familiar with the value of strafing, it should come in plenty handy here. As soon as you stand still, you're finished.

    - Use your proton stream/dark matter generator/mason collider's stream to your advantage; ie - get used to the timing on the streams. If you can fire six seconds consecutively without overheat, fire the Proton stream (RT) for the first 4, then a Boson Dart (LT) at the end of the stream, maximizing damage. Your stream runs out anyways, make full use of it.

    - Whenever possible, manually cool your proton pack, it's quicker than the overheat function (similar to manual reload vs. auto reload in games).

    - Come to the realization that your AI teammates are quite stupid but are very accurate at times and if you revive them, they'll do the same for you. I found no point in the game where not reviving them served me better.

    - You'll have plenty of money to buy all the powerups about halfway through the game and many of them are worth it - the fast trap/slam dunk upgrades, as well as the proton stream/boson dart upgrades are the first purchases. The PKE scanner can go last.

    - Overall, outside of the select few rage inducing parts described above, the game should flow fairly smooth and you'll have yourself 100G more by the end of it!
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