Payday! achievement in Ghostbusters: The Video Game


Be the overall top earner in each Xbox LIVE campaign setting.

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How to unlock the Payday! achievement

  • A Hungry MogwaiA Hungry Mogwai279,801
    05 Apr 2012 05 Apr 2012 19 Dec 2012
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    **Edit: 12/19/2012 Apparently the Xbox servers are still up, according to many it is just PS3 and PC servers that are down.

    There are four campaigns you have to complete and be the highest earner on to get this achievement. It is a reportedly buggy achievement. To get this you must play in a ranked match with at least one other person. The types of levels you will play on the four different campaigns are:

    Containment - You only have to capture one ghost for this level. Have the primary player capture the one ghost and stay alive until the time runs out. You can just continually catch ghosts until the time runs out but make sure you are aware of the scores so you remain in the lead.

    Survival - You have to survive one wave. Primary player can kill the enemies on the first wave to get the higher score. When you see you completed the first wave and the primary player has the highest score you can die. Be careful if you decide to just die, last player standing gets a bonus.

    Destruction - You only need to destroy one relic on this level. I recommend having the primary player destroy the one relic necessary and then just fend off the ghosts from the next relic until the time runs out. The enemies are usually pretty easy to defeat when you are only on the second relic.

    Protection - All three PKE Towers need to be raised to 100%. A great way to do this is have the person getting the achievement score one ghost and then have the other person just hold onto the other ghost so it doesn’t attack the tower. If you keep the first “wave” of enemies alive the next wave doesn’t come making it much easier to raise the tower. I would also use the second person to distract larger enemies from the PKE towers while the primary player defends while standing in the circle.

    Thief - You need to stay alive and keep at least one relic safe until time runs out. You can go down but only one person can be down at a time without failing the round.

    I hosted, beat the campaigns in order, played in a ranked match and did them in one session. There is a lot saying that this achievement is glitchy and buggy so I cannot promise this will work for you but it did work for me.

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    Dragderthla gente que jugó antes de la primera actualizacion del juego, ¿ya se pude sacar el logro payday?
    Posted by Dragderth on 28 Aug 19 at 12:24
    magmashark20Just tried to complete this on Xbox One with gamers with varying backgrounds on when we first started the game with one of us only beginning the game this year. None of us were able to unlock this. We had tried a few times and followed this guide explicitly. It seems that this achievement is still bugged
    Posted by magmashark20 on 17 Sep 20 at 02:12
    DAMAGE873SIXI am one of few that played before the patch and its locked forever i am jealous of new players haha! Good luck achievement hunters i still love playing this game! No job too big and payday will pop for new players after the patch i have tested it myself
    Posted by DAMAGE873SIX on 25 Mar 21 at 01:47
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  • AceMcCloudAceMcCloud208,589
    10 Dec 2010 10 Dec 2010 06 Mar 2017
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    Update 21/12/12: PS3 MP/Stats server has died, it was hosted by Quazal, I've not been able to find out what happened to it, not sure if it's just the server or the company completely have gone.
    Xbox version uses Xbox Live servers, so should be fine until the next Xbox console.
    Achievements are still glitchy, there's no guarantee to get 1000GS, but follow the order of achievements other people do and cross your fingers, you could get lucky if you're new to the game, if you're old timer, you're probably still stuck.
    Make some noise at Atari, Terminal Reality and Microsoft if you want things to change.
    Anyway, still a great game.

    To be clear, December 2nd was the date of the release of the Patch, however due to timezone differences, those who show as unlocking Payday! on December 1st may also be legit, however anything earlier than December 2010 is definitely a hacker.

    Update: Be wary this is still a buggy achievement, in fact research shows practically ALL the MP achievements have a chance to glitch for you, worse being No Job Too Big, Payday!, Egon's Guinea Pig, On the Payroll. Waiting for a statement from Terminal Reality.

    Just wanted to support other guides gamers, like them I've earned it legitimately after the 2nd December patch (anyone earning it before then is a hacker), and we only managed it because we didn't meet the requirements for Payday! before the patch and were lucky to avoid a "Random MP Achievement will glitch on you" bug (I've been through all this before on the PS3, it's turning out exactly the same on Xbox, just far worse due to it being 18 months instead of 2!). Do NOT report people who have earned it on or after December 2nd 2010 (or possibly December 1st depending on timezone etc.), only those who earned it before!

    I would also add the following:

    Quiters screw up a campaign for counting towards Payday! and many other achievements are affected by this.

    The game runs the Achievement check code at the end of the match before it's updated your statistics, don't be surprised if you have to do a 5th Campaign and completely suck at it, all pass out, do completely rubbish, but afterwards the Achievement unlocks, that's the reason why. I saw this on the PS3 version 16 months ago!

    The way it works is Payday! requires you to do each of the campaigns, now there are two "standards" of completion, there's "Payday! Standard" and there's "Gozer's Standard". Gozer's, you basically have to do it perfectly (except Thief, saving one artifact will do), whereas Payday! you just have to at least Catch 1 Ghost/Survive 1 Wave/Destroy 1 Relic/Save 1 Artifact/Raise all 3 PKE Towers.

    Protection you must always raise all 3 PKE Towers for it to count to anything, whereas Thief will count if you only save 1 Relic, these two balance each other out, the others are as described above.

    Saying that, you should play as well as possible and not try to speed it up:
    Try to win all the jobs
    Do NOT cross the streams, if it starts cease fire immediately
    If the job has a timer, you MUST survive till it runs out or you win
    Recommended not to use any DLC
    Recommended to host
    Recommended to play the campaigns in game order (eg start with library and end in graveyard).
    Recommended you redo a campaign until you satisfy all requirements before moving onto the next location
    Recommended you do all campaigns together, one after another in the same session
    Recommended to concentrate on one player getting Payday at a time, don't switch every campaign.

    You also need to be the top earner overall for the campaign (though you should try to be the top earner in each job to be on the safe side), this means you'll want to have the highest score (you can check during the match the current scores), therefore best to play with a friend or friends and have them distract ghosts or hold them to help you, for Survival jobs where there is no timer, you should be the last to go down as you get a bonus.

    There are 4 campaigns, now if you have done all four to "Payday! Standard" as the overall top earner and there were no quitters, the game records you've done it, and "should" award the achievement, before the patch it wouldn't, worst still it records in the game data stored on the Multiplayer servers you've done Payday! so no matter what you do, it now won't unlock it.

    Now, there is a chance, provided just one of the four campaigns has not been done to Payday! standard, you've got a chance, and many PS3 gamers were lucky in this regard, they got the patch just two months after the game, however, in 18 months it's highly likely you've met the Payday! standard on all four campaigns, unless you never played campaigns, never played a particular campaign location, etc. or never played the game at all (like some of us did once we read about the problems) or use a new gamertag.

    HOWEVER, and here's the kicker, unlike the PS3 patch, the Xbox 360 patch doesn't resolve an issue that can cause a Multiplayer achievement to glitch. So, there's a good chance Payday! will glitch on you even if you are a new player, or if not Payday! then one of the other glitchy MP achievements.

    My only recommendation is to go for Payday! and No Job Too Big first, and leave Overachiever and Gozer's Most Wanted till last, that's what I did, but it maybe just luck to avoid this issue that can cause any of these to glitch on you:
    Loans Paid Off
    On the Payroll
    Egon's Guinea Pig
    No Job Too Big

    The follow ones appear to be immune: It's a Living, Wanted!, Overachiever and Gozer's Most Wanted, however the last two ARE time consuming and can take some repeat plays as some jobs/maps may not have been counted, but with persistence will unlock at some point, make sure you have a checklist.

    Still waiting to hear if Terminal Reality are going to fix it for those affected.

    Before you vote negative (?!) reply and say why you would vote negatively, if I've missed something I'll add it, but don't think you know better than me if you've not been researching this games bugs and glitches since its release.
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    Brett Evans15I need help and I have question to all of you. On Payday! Achievement. Is that correct to use 1st place for the highest money earner will be 1st level or 2nd level on victory or both. Just tell me, is that correct on this.
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 18 Jul 18 at 13:45
    vSullyIt seems unlikely to work, but has anyone tried changing their gamertag? Could that possibly help? I doubt it since all you’re changing is the name, but you never know.
    Posted by vSully on 04 Oct 19 at 22:38
    Brett Evans15Ok, so did you think that I need to go to single player campaign and put on difficulty on Professional? You mean like Professional Ghostbuster to get this achievement on Payday! will be both of them on single player campaign first and last on second will be multiplayer campaign to get Payday! Achievement? Is that right on both in 2 campaigns on single player and multiplayer too to get Payday! Achievement on Professional Ghostbuster or no?! Is that true or not?! Please let me know it. Thanks!
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 24 Mar 20 at 13:49
  • WhistIing WolfWhistIing Wolf239,309
    11 Jan 2013 06 Feb 2013
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    First of, use the top guide if this is your first go at this achievement, it's the best one and covers it all! (healthy tip, do this achievement as soon as you can!)
    But those for those who has been trying more then 2-4-10 times at this, this guide is for you.
    I thought "WTH" and wanted to make a half guide for those who are stuck with Payday locked, and this is the hotspot of those trying to get to the bottom of this unlocking.
    I have searched so many solutions trying to get this. I have talked to a couple who has in fact unlocked Payday as their last achievement and thought it had been glitched.

    I made a thread to make things more sense to me when I was looking into this, if it's helpful to discuss between payday sufferers, you oculd just use this thread:
    Payday - To those who got it
    (just ignore the title)

    --Please don't vote on this at all until we've found out what works. I see someone votes I assume it's because it's helpful but not the solution, if it really was the solution, please please comment!-- =D


    Update, Jan 17th:
    I thought I would give it a shot but I E-mailed Terminal asking if it was possible to receive the achievement manually if I filmed myself filling the criteria. if anyone has a suggestion as to who to mail about this, I'll try them as well =3

    Update, Jan 22nd:
    No word from Terminal, but I decided to submit a Help ticket with Atari, so we'll see what I hear from them =3
    Update Jan 23rd:
    I got a reply from Atari;
    "Thank you for your report, Unfortunately we are unable to resolve in game bugs immediately or provide any in game compensation or restore losses. But we can refer this to the developing team to work a possible fix on a patch or update."
    LMAO if that's not a standard reply I don't know what. XD Really as they didn't answer my question. I asked if they could ask their developing team or if I could get the E-mail adress.
    Of course still no word from Terminal XD
    Here is the link to a help ticket to Atari if anyone else wants to bug them for a patch (never going to happen but... wouldn't hurt =3)

    Update Jan 23rd:
    I forget where I found this link, might be somewhere burried here on TA or xbox360achievement... But here it is anyway for an attempt on this achievement for you Payday sufferers

    Update Feb 6th:
    I got a responce from Atari saying it is not possible. but it was so short and blunt so I have a feeling it was a way to just keep me quiet. in the first mail they seemed very agressive about not giving out a refund for the game spite I never even breathed a word about it XD Well anyway, still no word from Terminal, I'm planning to mail them to ask if their mail is active and if so can I have a answer plz. XD


    I haven't been able to test this out yet (I will very soon, but the opportunity of more then a consecutive couple hours of gaming hasn't opened for me yet) but I have a hunch of this might just work for those Payday sufferers.

    Something is clearly very wrong with this achievements, and I do not know what needs be done to get this to result;
    But after every single match in each campaign, there are 3 sounds that come.

    No sound, a ominous sound and a victorious sound.

    My hunch is if you get all 3 levels on all 4 campaigns to sound the victory sound, it just might unlock.
    My hunch is purely based on then the game knows you have been victorious...

    Other experiences:
    Kirstyvox says this didn't work for them =[

    Please share your experiences in the comments in this guide (except, "give it up, it's glitched" That much is obvious. 8> Don't crush a stubborn fools fun XD). These are mine which has not given me the achievement;

    -I have tried doing this with 2 players only and in all in one session without leaving the game
    -I am a post patch player.
    -My boosting partner who has tried the same things is a pre partch player (story mode only) and played online post patch.
    -Doing all 4 campaigns (victoriously, naturally) in a row.
    -Doing all 4 campaigns with the boosting partner not even touching anything.
    -Doing the bare minimum ( I really believe you don't need to do Gozer requirements).
    -Doing all the campaigns with only completing Destruction, Survivor and Destruction.
    -Doing all 4 campaigns with no death.

    If you rather PM me then comment, don't hesitate, I'll happily discuss this topic! XD

    Others Eperiences that's worth a read:

    R3NEG4DE says:
    I played back in 2009 and only acquired a few multiplayer achievements. I picked the game up in 2011 and started finishing up the achievements. I tried many times for Payday!, but never got it and now I am at 990g. I've done every method you can think of, which includes the bare minimum requirements and the Gozer's requirements and still nothing. I used my alternate account, which I never played the game on and started the game up and did the bare minimum requirements and got the achievement in like 20 minutes.

    Other noteworthy mentioning's

    -Pre patch glitch say to affect those who played the online achievements before December 1st 2010. Those who played online before this date is said to never get some or all of the glitched achievements.
    -After Dec 1st 2010 the glitches are still affecting the game but it's working much better. If you started your game after this date, you have a better luck getting all the achievements.
    - To my understanding from extensive online research, doing this achievement first ( then all the online achievements ASAP before you start/ finish story mode) will make you more likely to get 100%.
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    FroZeNSouLIve also tried.
    if we could only get Atari to wipe server stats like Kain & Lynch did the other year we could get this done!
    Posted by FroZeNSouL on 04 Sep 16 at 14:26
    Big Joe 410good luck getting in contact with Atari, the only way I been able to was via email on there web site and it seemed to be more or less a auto response.
    Posted by Big Joe 410 on 08 Nov 17 at 22:04
    SPARTANKING8675Years ago I asked Atari to reset my info from their servers. They claimed that nothing was stored on their servers. Recommended deleting my game data and trying again. I deleted everything and when I joined multiplayer I still had all my unlocked outfits and stats. I am doomed to keep 990/1000 on what was otherwise a very enjoyable game. A remastered version is on xbox one and surprise!! No multiplayer at all....
    Posted by SPARTANKING8675 on 19 Apr 20 at 15:24
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