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No Job Too Big

Defeat all Most Wanted Ghosts.

No Job Too Big+0.1
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How to unlock the No Job Too Big achievement

  • Batman5273Batman5273294,053
    21 Jun 2009
    61 20 55
    Most Wanted Ghost FaQ


    Setting: Library
    Levels: Reading Room, Basement Stacks, Twisted Stacks
    Ghosts: The Book of Pain, Captain of the Guard, Olga the Terrible, Dredge

    The Book of Pain: complete any job in any of the library levels.

    Captain of the Guard: Capture book of pain and kill 20 paper enemies.

    Olga the Terrible: Capture the captain and complete 5 jobs in the library.

    Dredge: Capture Olga and complete 10 library thief jobs.

    Setting: Times Square
    Levels: Streets, Office, Rooftops
    Ghosts: Smelly Ned, Dolnasky the Foreman, Grimgreave, Binky

    Smelly Ned: Complete 5 containments in time square maps.

    Dolnasky: Capture Ned and collect 50 powerups.

    Grimgreave: Capture Dolnasky and kill 20 gargolyes and/or cherubs using slams.

    Binky: Capture Grimgreave and complete 10 survivals on timesquare maps.

    Setting: Museum
    Levels: Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt
    Ghosts: Grundel, Sharpshooter Bailey, The Maestro, Grand Pappy Sargassi

    Grundel: Complete 5 museum protections.

    Sharpshooter Bailey: Capture Grundel and capture 15 civil war ghosts.

    The Maestro: Capture Bailey and complete 10 museum survival jobs.

    Grand Pappy Sargassi: Capture Maestro and complete 15 jobs on museum levels.

    Setting: Cemetary
    Levels: Graveyard, Altar, Lost Temple
    Ghosts: Mad Mad Minimo, the Darkest, the Clawed Menace, The Uprising

    Mad Mad Minimo: earn 50k in any cemetary job. (must be in a single match, survival recomended)

    the Darkest: Capture Minimo and kill 15 black slime monsters.

    the Clawed Menace: Capture Darkest and kill 50 cemetary crawlers (they are the spider like tombstone things.)

    the Uprising: Capture menace and complete 10 survival jobs in the Cemetary.

    Setting: Any
    Levels: Any (except for slime dunk)
    Ghosts: Rotten Slimer, Wee Slimer, Polar Slimer, Glutton Slimer.

    Rotten Slimer: Capture 10 slimers.

    Wee Slimer: Capture Rotten Slimer and win at least 3 slime dunks.

    Polar Slimer: Capture Wee Slimer and achieve 20 slim dunks on each of the slime dunk maps.

    Glutton Slimer: Capture Polar Slimer and complete 60 jobs.

    Notes: I have never had a ghost appear on a slime dunk level.

    I have seen the most ghosts show up on containment followed closely by survival.

    You don't have to be the individual to capture it as long as someone does while you are in the game you get credit for it.

    If somone triggers a higher ghost in the order while you are in the room you still get credit.

    If someone else is in the room and they are on a lower ghost than the one you need the ghost they are on almost always shows up.

    courtesy of xrouge 5x

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    JeffGOMESWickedWitchWest / sean2k5 - The tip i can give you i remember is that i played a lot of campaign, i could not find through my searches on the internet never found a way to make the ghost appear first. I played a lot even for several hours the game has a failure to unlock achievement: the achievment PAYDAY does not unlock for me and I tried more than 20 times by various methods. Make sure you have PAYDAY because it may not be able to unlock. I chatted with several players with this problem the game unlocks one of the 2. (or PAYDAY or NO JOB TOO BIG).
    Posted by JeffGOMES on 01 Oct 18 at 03:28
    no no yes sir sthis still obtainable?
    Posted by no no yes sir s on 20 Dec 18 at 14:27
    Brett Evans15Last in 2 years on July 16th, 2019 at 3:54 p.m. I did I got the last most wanted ghost already is Glutton Slimer and I got the achievement. But it did worked for me. So remember, just be careful to get those most wanted ghosts because it will cause glitched on you. Happy Hunting!
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 14 Oct 19 at 21:29
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  • AC1DGro0ve 3o3AC1DGro0ve 3o3464,324
    19 Feb 2012 29 Feb 2012 04 Jan 2013
    19 2 6
    Here's some information I'd like to share with the TA community based on my experience with the multiplayer portion of this game.

    A majority of the 'Most Wanted ghosts will appear when going for:
    Ghostbusters: The Video GameGozer's Most WantedThe Gozer's Most Wanted achievement in Ghostbusters: The Video Game worth 116 pointsSuccessfully complete each Xbox LIVE job in every location., I suggest making that achievement your priority, then circle back to this one and complete the requirements for the remaining ghosts.

    Key Points
    - Always play 'Ranked' matches.
    - The difficulty scales based on the number of players you have in the match. Complete matches with a minimum of 2 players, you and one other person, to ensure easier victories.
    - You need to see 'VICTORY' at the end of a match, for it to count towards your achievement progression.
    - Each 'Most Wanted' ghost has specific requirements which need to be met in order for the ghost to appear.

    Below is a link to a checklist I've created, to help you track your progression for 'No Job To Big'.
    Adobe PDF format

    If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

    Good Luck.
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    PrimeBigTimeAt least that's what it seems like although I could be wrong...
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 04 Jan 13 at 06:01
    PrimeBigTimeAt least that's what it seems like although I could be wrong...
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 04 Jan 13 at 08:02
    Doctor Lollypopjust so you know you dont need to see victory for the ghost to count towards no job too big. i definitely failed a protection job when i caught one of the ghosts but when i got the last ghost i needed then it popped
    Posted by Doctor Lollypop on 23 Mar 13 at 04:31
  • ForteblastForteblast120,314
    04 Dec 2010 04 Dec 2010 27 Mar 2017
    15 8 24
    This achievement is OBTAINABLE as of 12/3/2010 if you download the patch.

    The only Most Wanted ghost I had trouble finding with the criteria listed was Wee Slimer. He didn't show up until I had played on EVERY Slime Dunk map as well as having won four times (not three).

    The Most Wanted ghosts are viral. That means if you play with somebody who has one, that ghost can show up for you even if you haven't fulfilled the requirements. I got Polar Slimer and Glutton Slimer that way.

    If you leave a game early, the Most Wanted ghost kill/capture will NOT be saved. However, you get the achievement as soon as you kill/capture the last one you need. You can then leave the game if you want. :P

    EDIT: Anecdotal evidence suggests that if you had every achievement except the two previously unobtainable ones (this one and Payday) for 980G before the patch, you still can't get this one even if you capture all of the Most Wanted ghosts. Beats me why.

    Apparently there's interest in whether obtaining 1000G in this game is even possible. Some people have even started new gamertags on this for that reason. Before the patch, I was missing four achievements: This one, Payday, Overachiever, and Gozer's Most Wanted. To get the other three, I would need some SKILLED players willing to help me boost for a few hours. Most of the (random) people I've played with are not very good or not consistent enough to help me with those achievements. If you're willing to help me, send me a message on Live or here on TA.
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    UNeakOneI agree 2017.... still only game i can't complete
    Posted by UNeakOne on 07 Jun 17 at 10:00
    JeffGOMESServer working ... i I picked this up in April / 2018. music
    Posted by JeffGOMES on 17 Apr 18 at 04:23
    WickedWitchWest@JeffGOMES No matter, you still lack an achievement that you can never achieve: "Payday". The game is broken.
    Posted by WickedWitchWest on 15 Dec 19 at 13:14
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