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Complete The Game

Finish the game.

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How to unlock the Complete The Game achievement

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    These videos you enable doubtless finish game without too Difficulties

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    THE HERETICvery nice !
    Posted by THE HERETIC on 10 Sep 11 at 05:27
    MisterSledgeI got stuck on Mission 3 boss because the totems were moving faster than any video guide I found. I ended up killing myself and that seemed to reset the speed
    Posted by MisterSledge on 13 Jun 20 at 13:28
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    10 Jun 2009 10 Jun 2009
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    Set the game to easy and change the number of lives and continues to your needs. Remember you can save anytime so really you don't even need to use continues, just keep saving your game as often as you need, if you mess up it's very quick to just quit and reload again. Any parts you do find tricky save as soon as you get past them to ease frustration of repeating if you die!
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    LSDintensityThe last boss is just utterly ridiculous and I've already thrown my controller many times..most of his attacks in the 2nd, 3rd, (dunno about 4th because I keep dying before I even make it to the 4th) are completely unavoidable, any help/suggestions?
    Posted by LSDintensity on 06 Mar 11 at 13:30
    The BanksyHeres the solution to defeat the final boss beat he's lighting form and he's wind form(he can only be taken out of wind form with melee attacks only). When you get on he's shadow form save. If you keep dying use the save you used to save on him when he was in he's third forum. He's shadow form is the hardest the only way to take that form out is to hit the shadow he puts down so those don't hit you and kill you when he goes down make sure you hit him before he lays down a shadow. Make sure when your done with that form you save again so you can defeat he's final forum. From there on at it's trial and error. GOOD LUCK! This was the most horrific exprenses for a game with easy achievements.
    Posted by The Banksy on 21 Apr 11 at 05:54
    AllgorhythmThe final form is predictable in movements and attack patterns. Below are low-risk low-point and high-risk high-point techniques against him:

    Low risk low points:
    The final form is pretty easy with a low risk approach. Keep moving because the boss strikes where you've been. Face away from him, while moving, and shoot shurikens. The boss will jump over you and be hit by a shuriken. Turn around so you will once again be facing away from the boss. Again, keep moving while shooting shurikens. The boss will jump over you and be hit by a shuriken. Turn around to keep the boss behind you. Keep moving and shooting shurikens. The boss will jump over you and be hit. Continue these tactics until all the boss's health orbs are depleted and he is defeated.

    High risk high points:
    For expert players who want the best score, face the boss. In the beginning, he will, most likely, jump over you. Turn and face him. Crouch and kick nudging the directional stick as needed. This will stagger the boss back. Stand and the boss will run through you, bumping you but not hitting you until he is on your other side. Turn, crouch, and kick nudging the direction stick as appropriate. The boss will once again stagger back. Stand up and the boss will again run through you, bumping you but not hitting you until he is on your other side. Keep using the same tactics until all health orbs are depleted and the boss is defeated.

    Note that expert tactics require precise timing once the first kick is delivered. Note that the only attack used is the kick attack. No shuriken are thrown nor is the standing melee attack used. If executed correctly, the boss will not jump again. He will always run through you to get to your other side (if you stand following the successful kick). When you are bumped, immediately turn around and crouch so as to kick again. If you miss but manage to avoid a fatal attack, recompose yourself. Keep moving. Wait for the boss to jump over you, face him, crouch, kick, and resume the above tactics.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 27 Apr 17 at 20:19
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