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Ace Doctor achievement in Surgeon Simulator 2 (Windows)

Ace Doctor

Win a multiplayer match

Ace Doctor0
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How to unlock the Ace Doctor achievement

    20 Jan 2023 23 Jan 2023 23 Jan 2023
    Pretty easy achievement, kind of baffled by how extremely rare it is on both PC and Xbox tbh.

    Obviously you'll need a 2nd player for this, unless you have a 2nd PC/Laptop to play this game on. The game luckily has crossplay between Microsoft Store/Steam/Epic, so if you have a friend who owns it on a different store then you're in luck... unless they have it on console, to which yeah there's no crossplay between Xbox and PC.

    Essentially invite your friend to your lobby and go to the central console and select "Free-for-all". Then both of the players just have to ready up by going to the tubes.
    In my experience I only found other players about 10-15% of the time, the other times the game would just start with 2 players, usually takes about 10 seconds for each game to start.
    Once you're in, simply win the match and boom, easy 10G. Keep doing this 10 consecutive times and you'll also be able to get these achievements:
    Surgeon Simulator 2 (Windows)Surgical ProdigyThe Surgical Prodigy achievement in Surgeon Simulator 2 (Windows) worth 453 pointsWin 10 multiplayer matches

    Surgeon Simulator 2 (Windows)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Surgeon Simulator 2 (Windows) worth 932 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Then repeat again with your boosting partner.

    Below i've listed each mode that I came across, with an explanation how to win them if you need:

    Anatomy Theft
    Activate the three pillars around Bob. You'll see 3 lights around you with drop off points for certain organs/limbs. Put the right organ/limb into the right place to activate the pillars and win.

    Heading Out
    All you got to do here is throw as many heads into the target as possible to win. You have 2 options, either try throwing it from where you pick the head up through the target. Or you can simply walk and place the head in the target... however, you can't just walk up to the target as it becomes locked. Instead pick up a head and behind you there'll be a scanner which requires a head. Activate it and it will block the column that locks the target for 5 seconds, meaning you can walk up to your target and place the head in there.

    Limb Ripper
    Pretty simple, just rip off the limbs of your assigned Bob, and place the correct limb into your drop off point at the sides of the map. First to 4 wins.

    Match Four
    Simply put the items in your assigned color boxes. You'll first have the bear to place in the first zone, then an arm, then a leg. You'll then be given a head, go back to where you spawned and there will be a door that you can now go through, continue through the area to find the last scanner, scan the head and you win.

    Panel Smash
    Find and activate all of your color assigned panels that are jotted around the map. Once you've got your first 3, you can open a staircase that'll take you to your last required button. Downstairs you'll see another area with your colour, and a colomn blocking a scanner. Too move the column, you'll see a wire leading to another button. Press it to move the column, and you'll see a certain card required for the scanner. These are in the ball pit at the side of the downstairs area, simply find your keycard and scan it to open the door to the last button. Press it and win.

    Surgery Relay
    Now idk why, but I struggled with this one. The objective is too simply heal as many Bobs as you can. Dotted around the map are replacement arms, legs and head which to activate you must get the unhealthy Bob limb and take it to one of these drop points. For some reason the game doesn't tell you which drop off point is yours though, so it's just a matter of trial and error in that aspects.

    Top of the World
    A race to the top. First place the organ into the drop off point to then be able to jump to the next section with Bob. Heal Bob to then advance to the next area where there'll be an object to spin around in the centre. Doing this will allow you jump to the final button and win.

    WASD Heroes
    Chase the target on the display by running around the gameboard. There's a board ahead of you with a light on it, this relates to it's position on your colour tiles in front of you. Simply walk on as many as you can, and you win.
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