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Map Pack 2

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Big Baller

Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombie game. (Map Pack 2 only)

Big Baller0
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How to unlock the Big Baller achievement

  • AvisoleAvisole237,315
    18 Jun 2009 18 Jun 2009 04 Nov 2010
    95 2 32
    Follow the video's strategy in solo play. Basically you just need Juggernog and a decent gun, If you can get Speed Cola aswell it is also very useful.

    The achievement is the TOTAL amount of points you earned throughout a single game, not just the amount you have as your score at a given period of time so dont worry about conserving points, buy anything you can that will help you. Also, the achievement pops as soon as you reach 75k so keep playing until it pops.

    Here's what I did in solo:
    Rounds 1/2 - DO NOT buy a gun. Shoot a zombie 5 times around the waist then knife it. Then when you run out of ammo (middle of round 2) just starting knifing them, it takes two knife hits to kill a zombie in round two. Also, remember to repair windows for more points.

    Rounds 3/4/5/6 - Open the stairs and buy the Thompson off the wall (its directly across from the random box). Go to the entrance to the "Doctors Quarters" but DO NOT open it, turn around and zombies will be coming at you from only two ways, just start headshotting with the Thompson. Repair windows between rounds for more points and just save your points until the Hellhounds come. Go to the "Storage" entrance and camp in the corner for the dogs (The last dog always drops a Max Ammo so you know when it is over) if you dont think you can make it through the dogs with the Thompson buy the shotgun that is on the wall right by "Storage".

    Rounds 7/8/9 - At the end of each round throw a nade at the last zombie and make him a "crawler" you should still be fine with the Thompson, now go around to the Fishing Hut/Storage/Doctors Quarters and hope for Juggernog, if you have enough points buy Speed Cola after you have Juggernog. Take a few spins at the random box (save 1000 points) and try for a Ray Gun, the PPSH/Browning/MG42 are also very good just make sure you have a smaller gun that doesnt slow you down while running but after each round keep trying for that Ray Gun. Get Bouncing Bettie's as well because they help a lot against the dogs.

    Now, open the entrance to Comm Room when you have a nice set of guns but DO NOT open the actual building, its makes it alot harder while doing the strategy in the video due to zombies coming from the building and the dogs also spawn in there. Then just follow the strategy in the video to easily get through the rounds and rack up the points. Skip to 6:39 in the video see the strategy.

    -Repairing Windows - 10 Pts.
    -Shooting a Zombie - 10 Pts.
    -WonderWaffe DG-2 Kills - 50 Pts.
    -Body killing a Zombie - 60 Pts.
    -Headshot killing a zombie - 100 Pts.
    -Insta-Kill Kills - 110 Pts.
    -Knife killing a zombie - 130 Pts

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    SpeedBumpVDropGot it on Round 28! Sweet!
    Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 30 May 19 at 01:20
    SpeedBumpVDropAlso, please mention the Fertilizer Man and Deadhead achievements here, because it's possible to get them simultaneously.
    Posted by SpeedBumpVDrop on 30 May 19 at 01:25
    ZBrosSpecYa I got to round 21 and got killed by a dog just to realize I only had 49000 points
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 05 Mar at 15:16
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  • Some SortSome Sort26,171
    21 Jun 2009 22 Jun 2009
    30 7 3
    Getting this achievement isn't just about playing as well as possible, it's about playing as point-consciously as possible. It's not enough to just kill zombies, you want to milk them for as many points as you possibly can first. Also, remember that while going nuts in the early rounds is nice, you're going to get the overwhelming majority of your points in the later rounds. You might get 40,000 points in the first 16 rounds, and another 40,000 in the next 8. A big key to getting Big Baller is simply getting to high enough levels. Level 20 minimum, level 22 or 24 is even better.

    Maxing out your points is about using the WEAKEST weapon that you can possibly kill with fast enough to keep up with zombie horde. Why? Because every zombie kill is worth the same number of points no matter which gun you use, but you get an extra +10 points for every shot you land, meaning you want zombies to take as many shots to kill as possible. As a result, say no to the Panzer, the Shotguns, the n00b t00b, the Colt, the PTRS, the Wonder Waffle, and even the Ray Gun. Until level 5 or 6, the Pistol is your weapon of choice. After that, the PPSh is a point MONSTER thanks to its RIDICULOUS rate of fire, though any SMG will also do very nicely. In later rounds (maybe 15+), it becomes about getting more from your guns between Max Ammo drops, and the Browning and MG42 reign supreme with up to 625 shots each (6250 points if all of your bullets hit).

    In the first 3 rounds, use your pistol and your knife for each kills. In round 1, 5 pistol shots to the leg and a knife nets you a kill (try to always kill with the knife, because knife kills are worth more). In round 2, 7 shots and a knife. In round 3, 9 shots and a knife. Make sure to let zombies into the building, too, so they can drop Double Points and Max Ammos and so you can repair the windows after you kill them. Avoid Instakills, because they lower your point total (remember, you want it to take MORE shots to kill, not fewer). Go ahead and grab Bombs, because they're worth 400 points each. After round 5 or so, start hitting the box and getting better guns. The Thompson downstairs is a great gun to start with, and try to get a PPSh and/or an MG42/Browning from the box. After that, follow the box around the map and start stocking up on perks.

    Around level 14 or so, it's time to get down to business and start really racking up the points. If you read my guide to the Dead Head achievement, it has a long strategy on maximizing headshots. That strategy works great here, too, since it relies on the Browning and MG (which, as I've mentioned, are point monsters) and headshots (another great source of points). The balcony is also a great defensive position which you can easily hold until level 22+ once you get good at it. Have your buddy who is holding the window to hold a zombie at the end of every round, which gives you time to buy any perks or weapons you might need, and also lets you repair some windows before the next round (after round 10, you can get up to 1,000 points from repairing windows every round- 10 rounds worth of that = 10,000 points, or 13% of the required total without getting a single kill). Try to avoid bombs unless you're really getting overrun and you need all the help that you can get. While trading 400 points for every zombie on the map is a good trade in early levels, by the later levels those zombies could easily be worth several thousand points if you kill them with your guns instead of the bomb. Also, zombies killed by bombs can't drop Max Ammos or Double Points.

    The big key here is just perseverance. If you follow those guidelines and can manage to consistently make it to level 22+, it's only a matter of time before Big Baller is yours. Don't be frustrated if it takes a while- there's a reason why no other achievement in the DLC has a higher true score. This is the hardest achievement to get, and there are no shortcuts.
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    Nevergoindown24vote positive ill vote positive
    Posted by Nevergoindown24 on 24 Jul 09 at 19:03
    iLazorzYou said avoid insta-kills but grab nukes? Each insta-kill kill is worth 110 points, more than a regular headshot, but nukes only give you 400? I'm pretty sure a nuke is not worth 400 for that many zombies it kills, but Insta-kill is definately worth it.
    Posted by iLazorz on 17 Aug 09 at 03:11
    Some SortI advised to grab the bombs in the section dealing with the first 3 levels, because 400 points x 4 players = 1600 points awarded (which will usually be more than you'd get from killing the zombies by hand). Later in the guide I advised to avoid bombs unless necessary for your continued survival, and explained that it's only a worthwhile trade in early levels.

    Instakills may be worth 110 points per kill, but unloading two clips into a zombie and then knifing him is worth twice that.
    Posted by Some Sort on 23 Aug 09 at 04:11
  • JacobEnosJacobEnos76,225
    29 Sep 2010 29 Aug 2010 03 Sep 2010
    21 1 0
    In several months of working laboriously on this achievement (only to get cockblocked by a network timeout, or falling short by a thousand points, and on and on) I've found one strategy that consistently gets me above round 20, without fail.

    As everyone attests to, the loop outside of the Comm Room is magical, and playing solo is the only guarantee of not getting flooded from two directions.

    In the opening rounds, you can maximize your points however you'd like, but as long as you can grab 2500 before dogs, you're just fine. Don't worry about an accidental pistol kill, or a nuke with a handful of zombies left (often the nukes come out with <4 zombies anyway). Once you've hit your 2500, open the debris, and go grab a trench gun. The trench gun will be with you the whole time, and it will really be your best friend. Accrue another 1K, and you can get through the Comm Room gate, and then begin your loop. You can wander freely for the next six rounds, gathering perks (you'll be best off with Speed and Nog). Buy a Thompson off of the wall, as your second weapon, before round 10, and start boxing when you have free time. If the box goes somewhere stupid (anywhere but Comm, really) don't sweat it; between the Thompson and the STG, your ability to go far is limited only by your agility and quick-thinking.

    Ideal weapons from the box are submachine guns. These guns, with the best being the PPSh, do their damage in round-count, not in stopping power, so the points earned from every kill are as high as possible.

    Doing the loop, fire as little as you can in the body of the round, only pop off trench gun rounds when you feel your path is going to be dangerously blocked by a zombie (and of course, you better get a headshot). At the end of the round, when you see no more zombies trickling out of the center building, turn around wherever you feel you can safely walk backward, take head-level aim, and fire as many controlled bursts as you can. Your points will start to skyrocket, after round 15 you should be able to earn 7-8k per cycle, and increase from there.

    One thing that gets a lot of people is dogs, but a lot of people also seem to keep an all-automatic arsenal. The great thing about the trench gun is that, if you have good aim, you'll never need to get bitten by a dog. Get your trench gun out, go crouched, and slowly pace around your preferred hiding spot, always backing away from the dogs (when a dog lunges, it calculates only for the area you are in at the beginning of the lunge, and if you move far enough out of its bite radius, you'll take no damage, and have a still-standing dog to blast).

    Keep your guard up in the loop, and pay careful attention to aim, and you'll get your achievement in the mid-twenties. Higher if your aim is shaky, or if you get a lot of nukes on accident.

    Resist temptation to have a friend help you, or to play with matchmaking. It may seem nice to have a safety net, someone who can revive you when you make those terrible, easily-avoided mistakes, but they will be your worst enemy when they go down on round 22, after stockpiling an apocalypse of zombies, and you have to cut through those, while being pushed by your own crowd between two fences.

    Good luck!
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