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Perk-a-Holic achievement in Call of Duty: World at War


Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies. (Map Pack 2 only)

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How to unlock the Perk-a-Holic achievement

  • OnlyIf ImSallyOnlyIf ImSally77,742
    12 Jan 2010 12 Jan 2010 12 Jan 2010
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    In all honesty, this achievement was not as hard as I had first thought. It took me a few tries, but I did this solo. And I think I got it around round 13ish? I won't lie, I got lucky with my rolls and within the first five random box rolls, I had a PPsh and an MG42, which is what I recommend, but each person has a combo that works for them.

    First things first, I stuck up in the main area until I had enough for the stairs and at least two rolls at the random box (though if you want to do the thompson/trench, thats up to you). I used my pistol and unloaded one full clip into the legs/feet (anything below the waist really) into the first round zombies, and knifed them for the kill. I used an Arisaka for the next round, aiming one shot for the body (I think it's two to the leg with the arisaka) and either knifed them if they were inside (for possible drops of max ammo or 2X, didn't really bother with nuking unless there were no zombies and didn't bother with the insta-kill as I was trying for the DeadHead achievement [failed by 3 on that one]) or knifed them if I was sure that I wouldn't be downed. Otherwise I just headshot them with the arisaka.

    After that, I went down the stairs, not through the gate, (though I'm sure either can work) and made my two rolls [three if I had enough and didn't like my other guns]. Then I just followed the strategy of the video down below and instead of waiting, I opened up anything (but Storage) and bought the other three perks until I made a crawler and ran out into the final area once I had enough point to open the gate, hut and buy the perk.

    One thing you want to remember is that each door/gate to the area (i.e. comm room, storage, etc.) is 1000 points and each door to the rooms themselves is 750. Then speed cola is 3000, juggernog 2500, double tap 2000 and quick revive is 1500. This means that aside from the initial cost of getting downstairs, you're going to need 16,000 points all told.

    The video was not made by me, but is an excellent strategy for Soul Survivor, DeadHead, Perk-a-Holic and Fertilizer Man.

    Good Luck! Any questions, just ask.

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    ZBrosSpecYou should probably try for a Wunderwaffe to go with either your PPSh-41 or your MG. The PPSh and the MG do basically the same thing.
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 05 Mar 20 at 15:14
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  • x2ix2i128,883
    25 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009 24 Jun 2009
    17 1 0
    This one can be quite tricky so your best of doing it in a group of 3/4. If you refer to the map at the loading screen you will see four outer areas in the swamps, each of these area's will spawn a random perk machine when you get to them. You will need to save up enough points to actually get to the huts by unlocking the doors and to buy each perk (they each cost between 1500 and 3000 points)

    You will need to have all 4 perks (juggernog, double tap root beer, quick revive soda, speed cola) activated all at once - if you die or even become incapacitated, you will lose your perks.

    A good trick is if you are sure that there is only one zombie left in a round, throw a grenade at his feet to blow them off and turn him into a slow crawler, this will then give you as much time as you need to wander off to each of the huts and grab the perks. If possible try to designate one player for the achievement, he/she saves their points for the perk itself whilst the rest of the players open up the routes and huts for them.

    When you decide to do this is up to you but for it to work you will need quite a lot of points, therefore try not to waste them on unessecary weapons, once your downstairs (get a friend to open this up too) a trench gun and/or the thompson should be enough to bag you lots of points, as will boarding up some windows. Do not mess around with the random box unless your feeling lucky, it might give you a rubbish weapon which will then result in you wasting more points to compensate.
  • TheRickMoranisTheRickMoranis108,686
    12 Jun 2009 13 Jun 2009 26 Jun 2009
    17 2 2
    First, check out "l Absolution l"'s solution and my comment to the "It's a Trap!" achievement. Doing that should help you get at least two perks, and if you play your cards right, eventually two achievements.

    Call of Duty: World at WarIt's a Trap!The It's a Trap! achievement in Call of Duty: World at War worth 42 pointsKill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Map Pack 2 only)

    Now that you've read that, continue on here.

    If you haven't, shame on you. But here's a very quick rundown anyway of which way to go: Fishing Hut, Storage, Doctor's Quarters, Comm Room.

    It seems like two or three players is best, as the points are divided less with fewer people, meaning more points early on. THAT can certainly help you out, but not a must.

    Don't worry too much about getting a great weapon from the Random Box if your goal is to get this achievement. You want to get this achievement as early as possible, and you should be fine with the Thompson and the Trench Gun. Keep your points for the doors and the perks.

    Next, you want to leave the Comm Room hut for last because you'll want to leave this area for a safer fall back position. I call this area simply "The Comm Room Spot." It's just the small entry way/hall to the Comm Room with the stairs to your right (DON'T OPEN UP THE STAIRS IN THE FIRST ROOM! LEAVE THIS BLOCKED!). Zombies don't surprise you from behind, and the Devil Dogs can come from only one direction. It's a great spot to run to and breathe or acquire more points in between hut runs.

    Part of this is also luck of the draw as the Perk-a-Cola machines are random at each hut. You may have to get Sleight of Hand first, which costs the most, or Quick Revive, which costs the least. Whatever happens, when you get to a hut, stay there until you get enough points to buy the perk, that's obvious. Hopefully you will, you'll have covered the entry to the hut and whatever windows are in there, and once you get a feeling that the round is almost over, take off and either go back to the Comm Room Spot or, if you have enough, the next hut in the same round, as zombies will be few. Repeat until the Comm Room is your last destination.

    Make sure you have enough ... 1000 to open the doors, 750 for the huts, then the perk itself.

    Good luck!

    Let me know if this worked or didn't for you. I did it with just one friend (Benito Arf), so you should be able to!
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    AdamRawrrdoes it have to be in one round? like..

    use all perks used in round 7. for example

    or can i use one perk at round 7, one at 9 etc?
    Posted by AdamRawrr on 19 Jul 09 at 00:08
    AdamRawrrignore that, i got it already ^^
    Posted by AdamRawrr on 19 Jul 09 at 16:58
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